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Security or Unreasonable Search? Stop Treating Americans Like Suspected Terrorists Comments

It is unreasonable to subject every passenger to being seen virtually naked and/or groped by a government official. 3 year-old girls are not the enemy. 7 year-old boys are not the enemy. Elderly nuns in full habit are not the enemy. The overwhelming majority of people in the United States are not the enemy. Continue Reading

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  1. Pete Brady
    4 years ago

    The starting position for "Americans" is "LIBERTY." And that means the right to be free from the police action of the state. There is no such thing as an "administrative search" under the Constitution. A search is a search, is a search, is a search. And unless you're being arrested or are materially suspected of having committed a crime the government does not have the power to detain or search you. It is time that those empty, "cold and timid" souls that are the pols/bureaucrats in Washington learn that the American people DO jealously cherish and guard their inalienable rights!

  2. TJ
    4 years ago

    Bulbajer, you don't seem to understand the meaning of profiling. It is not simply looking at race or skin color. It is looking at the whole picture. Country of origin, suspicious behavior, suspicious story, paid for ticket with cash, etc. The man with the mask wasn't caught precisely because they aren't profiling. If someone had noticed his suspiciously young-looking hands maybe they would have been tipped off something was up, but they were too busy looking through their machines and patting down 3yr-olds. Profiling would take care of everyone, including the dangerous "strawman christian terrorist" that everyone likes to throw in our faces any time this is brought up.

  3. simon
    4 years ago

    For me , an Indian is the BIg problem is the way Americans invade other countries and treat the locals there as terrorists --resulting in tragedies like the Baghdad Church massacre

  4. felice
    4 years ago

    Americans are beginning
    to wake up, finally. Our
    good nature has been apparent as we try
    so so hard to not offend a muslim,
    rather stupidly showing our largesse by
    molesting a mexican nun, or 7-year
    old christopher in front of his parents...
    are we crazy or what?

  5. Mario Vargas
    4 years ago

    Why not use the same method that El Al is using??? Or is this country (USA) too proud to learn from what other nations have successfully accomplished? Hmm?

    I agree with the author's point of view. It's very disturbing to have to go through this, whether being seen virtually naked or being touched *all over* by a stranger (God only knows what goes through their minds).

    For Mr. President it's too easy to say that these measures must be applied for our "security" since he has Good Ol' Air Force One. :-) Lead by example! He he.

  6. Bulbajer
    4 years ago

    Although I agree that the full-body scan is questionable and that groping is not necessary, the enemy is NOT easy to identify. Didn't you guys see the article a while back saying how a young Asian man on a flight disguised himself as an elderly Caucasian and was not detected? Fortunately it seems he had no especially malign purpose. But if he can do it, terrorists can do it! And disguises aren't all. Islamic extremists aren't the only terrorists in the world; they're simply the most famous at the moment, and maybe they hold a simple majority. But there are Hindu extremists and Christian extremists (I don't mean to say that extremists who claim to advocate Christianity are truly Christian). The Tamil Tigers, the Irish Republican Army... I could go on. And the Islamic extremists do use female suicide bombers, you know. Privacy does not come before public safety.
    And I didn't hear you folks complaining when Bush initiated the Patriot Act. Basically the only difference between Obama's and Bush's policies on the war on terror is that Obama underemphasizes the part of "Islamic" in "Islamic extremism" while Bush overemphasized it with his "Axis of Evil" campaign. For those interestd in music AND politics, I suggest briefly checking out "Songs from the Axis of Evil"; it's basically some traditional lullabies from the "Axis of Evil" countries like Syria, with the lyrics translated into English. You might be surprised.

  7. Dan
    4 years ago

    Another word for "profiling" is "statistics." Statistics will tell you that my 2yr old kid, my 50ish yr old mother, and me, showing a military ID and speaking with my KY accent, are not terrorists. I also read more of the interview mentioned in the article, and passengers on El Al airline can expect to get out of their car at the airport and be sitting on their plane in 25 minutes or less. They have the capability, in the event explosives are found in a bag, to secure that bag in the screening area; evacuate 3 or 4 inspectors; and remove the bag from the airport to be picked up by the bomb squad--they don't shut the airport down and try to evacuate several thousand people. Flying is definitely out if I am travelling with my family--I will never allow a TSA agent to see my 2yr old naked on the scanner nor touch her during the "grope-down" they're doing now.

  8. Christian
    4 years ago

    Ok, so how do we get Napolitano and Obama to change their minds and listen to reason? We need real change here and they're unwilling to listen. It is very frustrating to have to put up with the nonsense of people who hold "power" over us when you know damn well they will refuse to budge on any issue that contradicts their politically correct agenda. The scanners and pat downs are just the latest examples of the total disregard this administration has for the American people. They don't give a you know what! Should we call our congressmen, write letters of protest, file a complaint? Give me a break! They are pathetic and they don't seem to be listening either. This administration is abusing power in an unprecedented manner and short of voting it out of office we seem to have very little recourse.
    Imagine, a country that sanctions the groping of children by government employees in the name of "safety." That is sick and twisted! What about their safety? What about their innocence? What about their dignity as persons?

    I for one am very willing to stay on the ground for the time being. I have no desire to subject myself or my family to the state sanctioned abuse that is being perpetrated on the willing American people. I'm safe on the ground so far, but how long will it be before the long arm of Obama and his henchmen (forgive the non-inclusive language) can reach into my home and wreak havoc there because I'm a Christian let's say? It has not come to that yet, but it is coming. All the signs are there. Obama seems to have a love for the muslim terrorists and a hatred for God and His people. State sanctioned persecution of Christians seems to be on the horizon. I don't trust him. The sooner he's out of office the better. God have mercy on our country! God have mercy on our soul! Deliver us from such madness!

  9. Dirtdartwife
    4 years ago

    I find it very interesting that it's also Muslim groups that are demanding, and instructing, other Muslims to not allow TSA's to inspect anything below the neck. They also demand that the TSA's allow the Muslim person to pat their own necks and head to show that there is nothing under their hajib.

    If you think for a second that I'm going to allow my daughters to be sexually molested while the group that is primarily at fault for all the terrorist attacks get to slide right on through, someone smoked some crack.

    I see this being so very dangerously close to what Hitler did before he gained power. Slowly but surely take everything away while condescendingly telling the "little people" that he knows what's best for them. Even though they're screaming "no", he doesn't care. Nor does his henchmen.

  10. PhilipEdmund
    4 years ago

    You knew what you were getting with George Bush and the "Patriot" Act. You wanted it, you got it. Now take it!

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