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Security or Unreasonable Search? Stop Treating Americans Like Suspected Terrorists Comments

It is unreasonable to subject every passenger to being seen virtually naked and/or groped by a government official. 3 year-old girls are not the enemy. 7 year-old boys are not the enemy. Elderly nuns in full habit are not the enemy. The overwhelming majority of people in the United States are not the enemy. Continue Reading

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  1. robert
    4 years ago

    You know I dont remember, making a big deal about TSA regulations under bush or calling them unreasonable for us to go through.... oh yeah thats right BECAUSE THEY DIDNT! This is yet another example of once again using a so called religious site to descrate catholism by using partison attacks. Forget the fact that these full body scans (that by the way have been proven to not do as good of a job as a dog... id rather pay the dog) and that these were mainly purchased during the Bush administration as yet another kick back to his coorperate alies (like haliburton amd the black water mercinaries)... forget all of these facts.... And just remember that rich people need more tax cuts and this website will go to no ends to ensure they get them. Thank you, you former advisors to Republican Steve Forbes.

  2. mgm.
    4 years ago

    EL AL services three million passengers on average in an entire good year for them and they expect you to show up three hours before fight-time ,that's one weekends work for our airlines,comparisons are silly.The people who complain about pat-downs and X-rays would be the first to cry the President was not doing his job when a jumbo jet spills it passengers across the mid-west because some bad-guy hid a plastic explosive up the crack of his ass.

  3. sj
    4 years ago

    Put on your big boy/girl pants, people and deal with it. The whining about scans and calls for "profiling", whatever that may be, seems to boil down to the wish not to have to make one single sacrifice in the fight against terrorism. Profiling, if it was carried out El Al style, involving interviews of significant length of every passenger would be alright but I suspect that there would be whining about that too from people who just couldn't see having to get to the airport thirty minutes sooner. I suspect most people calling for "profiling" imagine it means strip searching young men suspected of being Muslim and letting everybody else waltz on through. That ain't gonna cut it.

  4. Bulbajer
    4 years ago

    TJ, you are right; perhaps I was focusing on certain parts of the article more than others. I apologize.
    Beth, interesting story. Thank you.

  5. Everett Mann
    4 years ago

    Great article and great comments. 4th Amendment does reign supreme. SCOTUS, in Terry v Ohio (1968) said, however, defined the Terry search or warrantless pat down. Unfortunately for TSA, none of its employees are police officers and are not protected under this ruling.

  6. TheLitleFlower
    4 years ago

    At last the people are waking up to the mess we are in .... we need to return to our original principles of loyalty and common sense without the influences of exterior forces established on solid christian principles. Wake up America!

  7. mgm.
    4 years ago

    Isaac Yeffet .Last year 800 milion Americans took to the skys ,the U.S has scores of major airports servicing thousands of fights a day.American airlines service a vast continent size nation of 310 million people and overseas markets too ! Your suggestion that we can adopt EL AL methods is nonsense ! Thats millions of interviews aday, come on! I doubt if there,s much a an internal air market in Isreal a country you can drive it's lenght north to south in a afternoon.there's no comparison between America's and your country's situation.

  8. Andy Holland
    4 years ago

    Behavioral profiling fits under the 4th Amendment, under "reasonable" - if a law officer has a reason to do a search based on facts. If we followed the 4th Amendment, we would have a system like Israel. Israel even lets suspects on airplanes and seats air marshals next to them. Their system is 100% so far, while ours resulted in 3000 dead on 9-11. This is about government of by and for itself, rather than the People. The politicians and courts threw the 4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10th Amendments in the ash can; leftist justices being the worst offenders because they pretend to be for the people as they expand government power.

  9. Christina
    4 years ago

    It's good to finally hear some common sense! Good comment, TJ!

  10. Beth
    4 years ago

    "Didn't you guys see the article a while back saying how a young Asian man on a flight disguised himself as an elderly Caucasian and was not detected?"

    Bulbajer, this is EXACTLY the point - would a body scanner have stopped that guy? Maybe, maybe not - but an interview with a highly-trained security officer undoubtedly WOULD HAVE. I've heard it said many times that as long as we insist on looking for weapons rather than looking for terrorists, we're deluding ourselves by thinking this so-called security makes us safe. And I don't really consider what the Israelis do to be "profiling". Every passenger is interviewed. I read an article yesterday that talked about an Irish woman who was flying El Al out of London, alone. Her baggage was pulled and searched because during her interview the security agent felt that there was something suspicious about her answers. It turns out there was a bomb sewn into the lining of one of her suitcases, which actually belonged to a Jordanian man who had sweet-talked her into carrying it for him. The woman was unaware of the bomb, but she knew she hadn't packed all her own luggage and that she was carrying something for someone else. She certainly didn't match any terrorist "profile" - but a well-trained security agent was able to detect the inconsistencies and/or nervousness of her answers and subject her to additional scrutiny. El Al would have caught Richard Reid - even though he carried a British passport and doesn't have a "Muslim" name - WITHOUT making everyone in the airport take off their shoes!

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