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Segregation According to Sexuality? Legal Strategy to Force Homosexual 'Marriage' Comments

This unmarried, heterosexual couple is a part of a revolutionary movement in British society. The members no longer want marriage to be recognized for what it is, a lifelong union between one man and one woman open to the bearing and rearing of children. They are dedicated to making the State give legal equivalency to non-marital relationships, homosexual or heterosexual. Then, they want to force the rest of society to call what can never be a ... Continue Reading

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  1. Caesar J. B. Squitti
    4 years ago

    The break up of the family has in part been the result the many deceptive and polarizing half-truths that have deceptively polarized the family unit.

    Research over the past 20 years has identified several key truths, that in fact polarized truths. Let me explain.

    In the matter of child abuse, models such as "men who abuse, women and children victims' have divided the family deceptively. You will note that men in general have been blamed for all child abuse.

    There is another truth, deceptive it is, and that 'stop violence against women.' The real issue is abuse, and violence is merely one form of abuse, and of course the model ignores the abuse of men and children. One must argue that the termination of the unborn child is also abuse, and the abuse of the men and women of tomorrow today.

    Feminist Judy Rebick, states 'the involvmenet of lesbians' in feminism was always at the heart of the feminist movement." This statement is interesting because it may verify the focus on women only, or the focus on women and children without fathers, without normal family.

    What is odd is that lesbian feminists would promote campaigns about stoppping violence against women by men, when in lesbian relationships, if 'they' are abused, it is by other women.

    It is interesting to note that statistics, statistics of income of women, seldom mention the income of women or men that is shared by each other, or by their children. The logic of contemporary feminism, appears corrupt and this may be the reason.

    We also must give credit to the deceptive half-truth, that is relatively unknown. In 1994 it was noted that the world definition of 'half-truth' was incomplete. It was corrected and this research is now part of a new book, "The LIGTH: The Rainbow of Truth - The Jesus Christ Code.

    The devil lies in the details, and even in truths where the whole truth is not presented.

    Caesar J. B. Squitti

  2. Andy Holland
    4 years ago

    Mike M., given your logic dueling should be legal. Its private and between consenting adults. A little intolerance can actually be a manifestation of true love. We should not tolerate perverts or their apologists. We should not tolerate fanatics changing our culture, religion or courts. We should be aware that those who do so bring ruin to our nation and our common welfare - perverting children, destroying families, ruining the biological and moral strength of our society.

  3. TJ
    4 years ago

    Mike M: you and all the others pushing this cause down the throats of the American people DO NOT respect others' beliefs, values, and life decisions. You do not TOLERATE those who disagree with your beliefs, as was apparent in the riots and intimidation tactics used after the passage of prop. 8. This is not simply about "the freedom to make your own decisions, according to your own beliefs" as you say. It is about destroying the very foundation of society; the family.

  4. What is going on here?
    4 years ago

    All I have to say is SERIOUSLY!!!!! Gay marriage is not a constitutional right. There are three inalienable rights LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS!!! Gay people have been killed before, and this is sad, but we now have laws to defend them better, but that doesn't give them a right to marriage. They have liberty, they aren't segregated from public schools like african americans were fifty years ago, and gay people have just as much a chance as anyone else to get a job and to make good lives for themselves. What were seeing now is reverse discrimination. These so called "equal rights activists" are using a counterfeit right to oppress religious peoples' right to use their religion in deciding government policy. The Supreme Court ruled once in a case that a polygamist couldn't have multiple wives because marriage is between ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN. I am sincerely sorry to those who are constitutionally ignorant, but the constitution does not give you the right to do what ever you want. Marriage for homosexuals is not only ungodly, but unconstitutional as well, and I can't wait for the day that this error is corrected.

  5. barb
    4 years ago

    Mike M - Don't say something so obviously ridiculous. No one who really respects my beliefs, values, and life decisions, would demand gay marriage or even civil union. The truth is, it's all about you and what you want (you being a collective term), not what is good for society, or what is morally right. You want it, so you demand it. Period.

    Spoiled children should get what they want. Let them "marry" and when they cannot reproduce (since gay is supposably genetic) they'll all die out. I mean "evolve."

  6. Mike M.
    4 years ago

    This is not about the rightness of same sex marriage.... this is about the freedom to make your own decisions, according your own beliefs.

    Don't like gay marriage? Then don't get into one.

    I expect society to respect my beliefs, values, and life decisions - such as who I marry.

    Therefore, I must respect others' beliefs, values, and life decisions.

  7. John D
    4 years ago

    This is essentially how the state of Connecticut ended up with same sex marriage. The legislature passed civil unions and someone challenged it in court saying it was akin to "separate but equal" and that was a violation of civil rights - you can't have one thing for homosexuals and another for heterosexuals. It all has to be the same. The state supreme court sided with the plaintiff and did away with civil unions and by doing so gave the state same sex marriage. One argument you always here is that same sex couples need to have all the same rights as heterosexual couples. Well in CT, they had this with civil unions. But it wasn't enough. I guess I have to ask this question: how much is enough? Where does this stop? Do we need to "educate" young grade school children to make sure they don't grow up prejudiced? Do we need to give condoms to first graders as was proposed in Provincetown, MA as part of the "education"? Do we need more and redundant hate crime laws to make sure no church speaks out against same sex marriage? We do have groups in this country, like NAMBLA, that would love to lower the sexual consent age. Many of these groups ultimate goal is to turn the hands of time back the pagan era where homosexuality - and child abuse - was rampant. It was so rampant the original apostles specifically spoke out about it in the Didache. There is a very ugly trend being set here and since most people cannot see beyond their noses, that trend is mostly undetected.

  8. KHanley
    4 years ago

    These articles always take the tone of "them" forcing this stuff on "us". I know Deacon Fournier and others like him are trying very hard to get sincere Catholics to wake up to these realities, but I'm afraid these same writers fail to notice that none of this stuff is being forced on anyone. The heterosexual population can't come up with a good defense of why they are married, and they are helping the activists at every turn by because they are silent. And then, unfortunately, when the folks in favor of the "one man/one woman" marriage do speak up, their arguments fall flat...why? Because they may talk all they want about how unfortunate it is that our courts invented this make believe concept of a "right to privacy" but these same people and the generation before them were very happy to live out this "right to privacy" idea in their own lives in the form of their use of contraceptives, which they will defend was their personal decision, and yet they can't see how the logic that supports contraceptives is now is the basis for the efforts to destroy marriage.

    When I see more of my neighbors (Catholic or otherwise) live their lives in accordance with Godly principles and stop just talking the talk, I know this country is starting to head in the right direction. When media, pornography, entire magazines, talk show and radio program hosts, and other purveyors of ugliness finally fade away or better yet disappear all together because the demand for them has finally evaporated in the hearts of the American people...then I will believe our culture is finally turning a corner. When I see evidence Americans are putting their time, talent and treasure in the things of God, then we will start to see some amazing things happen in our country.

  9. No Way
    4 years ago

    Make no mistake...they can call it whatever they wanna call it....If an orange was never called an "orange" it would still be a substance characteristic of an orange.

    Marriage, Civil partnerships....there's no difference, effectively. Either way there's the same types of benefits. I think we need to think outside the box, if we don't then we are condemned to be labeled "Christian Extremists" that much different than " Non-violent Muslim Extremists?"

    We need to get "real". And our version of "Real" is not everyone else's version of "Real".

    If two people are "really" in love, then that's their version of real. We have no right to enforce what they want to call marriage or civil union.

    If they were abusing people or children or animals, then as Christians we MUST step in; but this is their business.

  10. Mary42
    4 years ago

    "Make no mistake, what is happening in the United Kingdom, and in the United States, has the same kind of strategic goal of changing our culture. The recognition of "Civil Unions" is not the end. It is merely a strategic stepping stone in a Cultural Revolution. There is a legal strategy to make the same kind of Equal protection arguments, relying on Roe and its progeny, and then force this brave new world on the West. It is time to unmask the strategy."

    This paragraph says it all. Satan is surely on the Throne in the West. But make no mistake, God is not asleep or unconcerned by this evil. He will act and sooner than we think. Never in history has Satan been so virulent in attacking and destroying God's Creation - created in His Own Image and Likeness - and He will certainly protect His Creation and His Divine Law on the sanctity of life and family as He willed it since the beginning of world. It may appear now as if Evil is winning but it will never triumph over Good because Christ defeated Satan on the Cross

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