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Segregation According to Sexuality? Legal Strategy to Force Homosexual 'Marriage' Comments

This unmarried, heterosexual couple is a part of a revolutionary movement in British society. The members no longer want marriage to be recognized for what it is, a lifelong union between one man and one woman open to the bearing and rearing of children. They are dedicated to making the State give legal equivalency to non-marital relationships, homosexual or heterosexual. Then, they want to force the rest of society to call what can never be a ... Continue Reading

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  1. mary
    4 years ago

    WE, allowed people in charge to destroy the very foundation of our civilization(IRAQ). We are allowing the foundation of the family to be destroyed! What is next? THE foundation of the church,our faith!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHERE does that leaves us?

  2. Sara Palen
    4 years ago

    Homosexual marriage = heterosexual mariage =moral relativism
    listen to the bishops taking a stand on this. My bishop has taken a stand. Semper fidelis.

  3. Edgar
    4 years ago

    Mike M. The so called gay marriage is just wrong and as many other sexual ``liberties`` of our time are just destroying the socities that tolerate them. If heterosexual marriage is there is because it works and gives life. Produces life not imitates it. It have been the rule for thousands of years for a reason. You talk about beliefs but you know very well that in the gay community they are almost noexistent. Relativism is the poison of our days.
    Good article Deacon Fournier.

  4. KHanley
    4 years ago

    Mike M: Your logic sounds good, however, private actions have public consequences. We are always free to make our own decisions...but we are never free from the consequences of those decisions. The consequences of the selfish attitudes that insisted that contraception is a personal right have been devastating on our society. I don't see how encouraging the selfish pleasure-seeking behavior of homosexuals is going to be beneficial to our society. We are always free to define marriage any way we like. But there are consequences if we use the wrong definition!

  5. Bulbajer
    4 years ago

    I don't think that non-married couples should have the same legal status as married couples. Having said that, I believe that homosexual marriages should be treated with the same legal respect as heterosexual marriages.

  6. John D
    4 years ago

    So then, Mike M, let me ask you this: What if I want to marry two women? Maybe three? Is that OK? By your reasoning, if we should not challenge a personal choice where someone wants to marry a person of the same sex, then I guess we should not challenge a personal choice where someone wants to marry multiple partners as well, right? I mean, why would one be OK and the other not? You are actually engaging in relativism, and once you do that, there are no rules. You just do what you feel is right at the particular moment, and, that could change depending on the circumstances as you see fit.

  7. JeanCatherine
    4 years ago

    Mike M.

    So Mike Im supposed to respect a incestuous marriage and one based upon bestiality in our society?

  8. Caesar J. B. Squitti
    4 years ago

    One of the fundamental flaws of 'same gender marriages' is based on the half-truth, we are all equal, (a communist half-truth) or the statement 'we are all equal before the Law, that does not imply that we all have the same rights.

    For example, the disabled receive special rights in the name of compassion, they are not treated the same as able bodied people.

    In another related matter concering discrimination, it is often said that the current model of marriage discriminates. Yes it does. It does so fairly, with exactly half of all spouses being male and half being female. In regards to discrimimination, even gay men discriminate against gay women.

    There is a positive logical part to some types of discrimination.

  9. Nino Baldino
    4 years ago

    Yes it all comes down to not 'choice' but 'this is an order,obey or be destroyed!" the name calling is just a hint of things to come.Same sex marriage is absurd,,if two people wish to live together and have sex,so what but if other provisions must be dealt to them...then its no longer a choice but an order..sieg heil! Hitler was arrested as a 19 year old for ;male prostitution in Berlin and see what a great lover of justice he was! Come to think of it so was Leonardo da Vinci arrested in Florence..the scarlet lady it was called so one can imagine this dudes crimes...he was also arrested for sexual molestation..I wonder if thats why they like to use his name in anti-Catholic smear campaigns like 'davinci code'nonsense etc he asks?Again who cares about shacking up between adults,I just resent the changing of words like Gay from a happy disposition to a homosexual. I delivered a speech by LIncoln recently,in which he used that expression to mean one who has a pleasant disposition, a speech he gave in denouncing the Lovejoy lynching by a mob..and I debated with myself to leave the word gay in or change it to its original meaning..ahh decisions one must make in todays new world order.....

  10. petelaw44
    4 years ago

    The very thought, or concept of "same-sex" 'Marriage' is so evil, wrong, and impossible, that it could only be instituted by satan or his followers.
    Marraige is a Sacrament, instituted by Almighty God.
    Woe betide any entity; human included, who dare to make any 'law' that might
    contradict ... God's Law .
    Begone legal evil, far away from this Sacred Earth...

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