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Segregation According to Sexuality? Legal Strategy to Force Homosexual 'Marriage' Comments

This unmarried, heterosexual couple is a part of a revolutionary movement in British society. The members no longer want marriage to be recognized for what it is, a lifelong union between one man and one woman open to the bearing and rearing of children. They are dedicated to making the State give legal equivalency to non-marital relationships, homosexual or heterosexual. Then, they want to force the rest of society to call what can never be a ... Continue Reading

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  1. JeanCatherine
    4 years ago

    Thank You KHanley/John D, I have been trying to get some of this reasoning in faith and truth out there to.

    We are spiralling toward something we may not be able to come back from if we do not uphold what has been given to humanity.

    Christ gave His teaching to everyone. We must for our own sakes go deep and Im talking go deep thinking.

    To all of my brothers and sisters everywhere and yes even my same sex brothers and sisters we love you but we cant compromise on what Christ taught Im sorry.

  2. Rob
    4 years ago

    When I consider this issue it's easy to focus on the ongoing legal efforts that are happening now. We expend a lot of energy to combat them and they get a lot of media attention. But what we rarely do is ask how in the world did we get here? How in the world did we get to this place where the concept of homosexual marriage would not just be a talking point, but may be a legal reality around the world. I would propose that it's mostly our fault. By "our" I mean Catholics who have treated marriage no differently than the secular culture (see divorce rates). We haven't exactly been the shining example of the church's teachings and because of that we've opened the door to all this nonsense. Most go through the marriage preparation course as merely tasks on a check list to get done so we can have the ceremony, party etc. And sadly, our Church has done a miserable job at instructing the faithful. Pitiful formation programs and a serious lack of focus on this issue has help urge this problem on. Maybe the Church is starting to wake up, but what is taking so long?! I don't mean to come off so negative, but I always feel like we are good at identifying the evil, but fail to look in the mirror and ask how we might have contributed to it. We can't fix society until we fix our own house. A living, breathing, vibrant example of faith and a Spirit filled marriage will do more to combat these evils than any law will. We have got to stop looking at the political process as the solution to all our woes.

  3. John D
    4 years ago

    Very well put, KHanley. The RC Church's social teachings may appear to not make sense on the surface, but when you dig deep you realize they make plenty of sense. Scripture is clear that homosexuality is a sin and that God does not like it. But, wait a minute, exactly why doesn't God like it? I mean he must have a reason, right? In fact, there is a good reason. Whether we want to admit it or not, the sad truth is that homosexuals TEND TO live short, troubled, unhealthy lives. In other words, homosexuality harms people who engage in it and since God loves us he doesn't want us to be harmed. No parent would want to see their child engaging in harmful activity. Here is one example of how homosexuality harms us: Before AIDS homosexual men had an avergae life exepectancy of only 48 years. Since AIDS it has decreased to only 38!!!! There's a variety of reasons for this, but one of them is not Christian persecution. Understanding this, if your child had a same sex attraction, would you not be concerned and speak to him? He may or may not listen, but a good parent would certainly try. Should God also not try to warn us of the dangers by speaking through the scriptures (and the RC Church)? Click on this link and scroll down to the question: "What does scienctific eveidence show about homosexuality?" This article is well foot noted and sites many different sources backing the statements made: My heart goes out to anyone who has to wrestle with a same sex attraction just like it would go out to a person who has to deal with a substance abuse problem. They are all sins because they harm us. Everyone needs to pray for homosexuals just like you would for any other sinner.

  4. Elizabeth
    4 years ago

    Helloooo, Great Britain, this is an easy one. Give the heterosexual fruitcakes exactly what they're asking for: tell them, "Fine. You are not married, you are in a civil partnership. Now go away." Only the homosexual supporters think it's logical to say, "If heterosexuals can't be in a civil partnership, then homosexuals MUST be given civil marriages!" What a ridiculous strategy; it's obviously aimed at government officials who can't think.

  5. KHanley
    4 years ago

    To folks like "Mike M" and "No Way"...

    It is great that you are looking at a Catholic website to see what the Catholic Church has to say about marriage, because I think a pretty solid case can be made that she is the only one who can give a reasonable and rational explanation of what marriage is (or should be!)

    If homosexual proponents such as "Mike M" and "No Way" think they can make a rational, well-reasoned argument in favor of legalizing homosexual marriage, this is probably one of the best forums in which to make it. So lay out your vision for marriage. Then (and this is important!) carefully review all the reader comments to your proposal. Keep in mind we also have readers of this website who call themselves Catholic but they clearly have no idea what the Catechism (or even the Bible) says, so I would also recommend you pick up a copy of those two books (be sure to get a Catholic Bible...our protesting Christian brothers insist on using a bible which is missing some books and chapters...). Then sit down and try to continue making your case for homosexual marriage and see where it ends up.

    The Catholic Church isn't going to force anything on anyone, but she will persistently and gently insist you present your case. Don't use name calling, don't use sound bites. Just give us your carefully reasoned, well thought out vision for what marriage should be.

    Some food for thought....since the time she was founded by Christ, she's had many, many discussions with people through every generation who thought they had better information than she did about who the human person is and how a human should live. To date, no one and no religion has come up with a better plan. This doesn't mean Catholics have the right to force everyone to see the world the way she does. And I don't say this because Catholics are all wonderful people who live pristine sin-free lives (that we all know is not true!). I say that because when someone is willing to stop screaming names and throwing around sound bites and they take the time to read what the Catholic Church actually has to say on a matter, I am confident that person will see that her positions make sense. Her understanding of the human person and her proclamation of what God says about how we should live out lives is the ONLY one out there that makes sense. It's not an easy message to listen to, and we Catholics all fail to varying degrees to live out the gospel message. But none of that changes the objective reality that the Catholic Church's message makes coherent, logical sense. To date, no one has come up with a more logical and complete explanation of who the human person is and how they should live their life.

    So, to "Mike M" and "No Way" and all the rest of the advocates for homosexual marriage, we Catholics are all listening to you! You evidently think you have a better vision of who the human person is and how we should live our lives, including how we should define marriage. Let's hear your vision of what marriage is or should be. And I trust the readers of this website will then offer up the Catholic Church's vision of what marriage is, and we can all then compare those two visions and see which one makes more sense!

  6. John D
    4 years ago

    Um, No Way, you do realize that you're on a Catholic web site, right? So what would you expect to see? A United Church of Christ approach to same sex marriage? There is no compulsion in religion. If you do not like the social teachings of the RC Church, you are free to choose another religion where you're allowed to do whatever you feel is right at the moment. Per the Catechism of the Catholic Church (2357-2359), people with same sex attraction "must be accepted with respect, compassion and sensitivity". Also, "There is to be no unjust discrimination". That doesn't mean we open a pandora's box and change the legal definition of marriage. Because once you do that, you open up the possibility of all sorts of unintended consequences including plural marriage, which would make polygammy cults legal. Is that the type of society you want your children and grand children living in? I will pray that you see the long term negative consequences of what you are advocating.

  7. Pete Brady
    4 years ago

    Bulbajer, did you check your Catholicism at the door, or are you totally unaware of what the Church teaches? Break out your Catechism and turn to 2357 - 2359. Pay particular attention to the sentence: "Under no circumstances can they be approved."

  8. vance
    4 years ago

    God and Jesus Christ gave us the Holy Sacrament of Marriage. Christ defines what that is. God and Jesus Christ also defined Sodomy (Homosexuality). They said that anyone who commits this sin and does not repent, he will not go to heaven. God and Jesus Christ said, "NOT ONLY NO, BUT HELL NO" to homosexuality. Therefore, we Catholics have a duty to stand up and say the same thing, "NOT ONLY NO, BUT HELL NO" to homosexuality.

  9. fr.thomas
    4 years ago

    "Attain the sexual pleasure at any cost" - that is the impression I got when I read the article. The world must realise that sexual pleasure is not the end, but it is a means to prolong life in the world. God gave it only for use and not for abuse. Sexual pleasure getting from anything other than the sacrament of marriag is a sin and it is against the plan of God. It may sound ridiculous for the people of today but it is an eternal truth which could not be changed according to some peoples whims and fancies. Let us pray that people may respect the values of life and follow the plan of God. Otherwise the world will becom self destructive. God bless us

  10. No Way
    4 years ago

    Leave Mike M alone! How many times have you all considered that not everyone thinks like us. Not everyone is a Catholic, get over it; because they sure as hell have. Ironic how no one cares how angry you are but yourself. Face it people, the sun rises and sets without our consent....As long as no one is being mistreated, abused or denied constitutional rights; then it is truly fair. Religion, I think is for us who CHOOSE to follow it; not for us to FORCE upon anyone....that part belongs to God.

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