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Segregation According to Sexuality? Legal Strategy to Force Homosexual 'Marriage' Comments

This unmarried, heterosexual couple is a part of a revolutionary movement in British society. The members no longer want marriage to be recognized for what it is, a lifelong union between one man and one woman open to the bearing and rearing of children. They are dedicated to making the State give legal equivalency to non-marital relationships, homosexual or heterosexual. Then, they want to force the rest of society to call what can never be a ... Continue Reading

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  1. JeanCatherine
    4 years ago


    So humbly what is your point of view? You sound like yor debating us on what position?

  2. Steve
    4 years ago

    An interesting topic with a number of points, many of which I would like to debate in a calm and rational manner, but I haven't got the time to address them all. However there is one comment I would specifically like to address made by John D who says: -

    "Here is one example of how homosexuality harms us: Before AIDS homosexual men had an avergae life exepectancy of only 48 years. Since AIDS it has decreased to only 38"

    This supposed "data" is a complete fabrication and lie. I see many slightly differing versions of it peddled around the internet by people who are either too lazy to do their own research and discover that this so called "fact" has been entirely discredited or they know it is a lie and are using the old tactic of repeating a lie so often that it becomes the "truth". This is often in order to support their disapproval of what they perceive as the homosexual "lifestyle"

    My understanding was that in most religions and Christianity specifically, it is a sin to "bear false witness", the ninth Commandment I believe. On sites such as this where people are fond of quoting the Bible to support their vilification of homosexuals I believe it is only fair to hold those people to the same standard when it comes to clear blatant and unsupported lies, which some people may take away as fact and promulgate.

    All that I ask is that you take the time to find out for yourselves where the truth lies, and even a quick amount of research on the internet will lead you to the conclusion that in relation to that specific comment, John D is, at best, repeating a lie which he himself has been told, and at worst, knows that his comment is a lie and not supported by any evidence whatsoever. My only question then would be, what is his motivation for making such an untrue comment?

    If you want a point in the right direction for your research look up Paul Cameron, who was the main proponent of this type of life expectancy data, and in fact quoted figures similar to the ones cited by John D.

    His research methods have been heavily condemned and appear fundamentally flawed even to the lay person. He has been censured by a number of professional bodies including the American Psychological Association, The Nebraska Psychological Association and in 1986 the American Sociological Association passed a resolution condemning Cameron for "consistent misrepresentation of sociological research"

    This was followed in 1996 by the Board of Directors of the Canadian Psychological Association who disassociated their organisation from Cameron's work on sexuality, stating that he had "consistently misinterpreted and misrepresented research on sexuality, homosexuality, and lesbianism"

    As fair and balanced people (which I believe most of you are) it is time to start thinking independently, making informed decisions based upon available FACTs, and challenging those who would justify their views with lies rather than well reasoned argument.

    Whilst I accept that people will have differing opinions on emotive subjects such as this, the "fact" quoted by John D is not a matter of opinion, it is a clear and unequivocal lie designed in part to support his position. That is unacceptable.

  3. KHanley
    4 years ago

    No Way: Your last post is a perfect example of relativism. Yes, I said "I think" and the Catholic Church says to the world "I propose". And according to relativism, that's where the discussion ends, because what the Church thinks and what you think are both true. And so there is no reason for further discussion and we are left to resolve our differences by one side forcing its viewpoint on the other side (sometimes through the courts, and sometimes through physical force). But we have a better way to resolve the differences. It's called discussion. I have pointed out that the people who want gay marriage refuse to discuss anything. They say they think gay marriage should be legal, and that evidently is the end of the discussion according to them. Anyone who disagrees with them is labeled all sorts of names.

    By contrast, we have folks like Deacon Fournier who explain what the Catholic Church's view of marriage is. And the only response we get from the folks who disagree is "That is mean!:" They never address the points made by the Catholic Church. They never are able to coherently explain how their vision for marriage is good for the individuals and good for society.

    When St. Paul went out to explain Christ's teachings, some people got confused and didn't understand. St. Paul didn't just sit down and say "Oh, well, I tried to explain it to them and they didn't get it. They will just have to now find their own way." No. He wrote letter after letter to the various Church's to explain and clarify what Christ was teaching. You can read some of those in the New Testament.

    We have a world, and many Catholics included, who don't understand what marriage is. Homosexuals aren't the first to misunderstand what marriage is. We have many Catholics who have gotten a divorce, use contraception, commit adultery...these folks also don't understand what marriage is supposed to be. Thankfully, the Church doesn't just let these folks find their own way. She patiently explains the what Christ has taught us about marriage. She invites us to live out those teachings. She stands ready to issue the sacrament of reconciliation to those who have failed to live out those teachings. And then she invites us again, to live as Christ wants us to live. We are free to chose otherwise. But as the last several decades of family breakdown has shown, our choices don't lead to peace and happiness. The proposal for marriage put forth by homosexuals is also not going to lead to peace and happiness. If you think otherwise, please explain why.

  4. No Way
    4 years ago

    KHanley, I definitely think you need to re-read your first sentence after your ellipses. You just said "what I think" ....Rather subjective, no? Like I said, Religion is our choice, but we must never force our views upon anyone, no matter how well-intentioned. If your version of the truth includes the CCC, then that's good for you...someone else's version of the truth might be whatever the US Constitution states. Not everyone is like us, not all five fingers on the hand are the same. When we say "Lead all souls to Heaven, especially those in most need of thine mercy"...what do you think we're praying for? We are urging God to do his work, and for us that includes conversion from the wayward homosexual ways. When we pray, we're saying more than just words. You get more out of people when you leave them alone to find their way back.

  5. Binoy
    4 years ago

    For everyone's information, there is no law that states that couples have equal rights! Human persons have (equal) rights!

    If a person wants to marry another person (and hence be called a couple), they have to be of opposite sex. If they're of the same sex - thats certainly not a couple.

    For instance, we cannot call a group of three people as couple, because that is changing the meaning of the word, 'couple'. A couple, by definition means only two.

    Similarly, how can we call marriage, something which it is not.

    I hope everyone understands the same - we cannot call a human person a reptile, because that is not true; unless you want to change the language itself. A human is human and reptile a reptile (as dumb as it may seem, it seems our "intelligent community" is facing some problems getting basic facts right).

    GOD Bless!

  6. K.C.Thomas
    4 years ago

    Freeman and Doyle are two MAD persons who never want to learn or study anything. They are drunk in pleasure culture and their minds are rebelling against all what is now existing . They need education, counselling and even some punishment if necessary. The people of the Western World want to rebel against God That is the pure story.

  7. Rob
    4 years ago

    Anne, while I agree with you and have done exactly that, I think someone has to actually have faith before the CCC can have an relevance in a person's life. We have too many "Sunday only" catholics who don't know Christ yet. We have too many catholics who haven't had that conversion experience that turns their life upside down. They have not made the decision to follow Christ. We have got to expend more effort to bring more people to Christ.

  8. vance
    4 years ago

    Anne, ditto from me.

  9. Anne
    4 years ago

    Rob - it's also all the US Bishops' fault for still not insisting that ALL US Seminaries, Convents and Catholic Universities use the "CCC 2nd Ed" as a Student Text as part of the normal, required cirriculum. Many baptised Catholics do not know their faith, even though they may think they do. Correct teaching (per the CCC) is the job of each Bishop, and then passed down. We all can help regardless of our Bishops, if we actively promote the "CCC 2nd Ed" in our Parishes, Parish web sites, homes, give as birthday and Christmas gifts, etc. All good ideas to promote the "Catechism of the Catholic Church, Second Edition" to every literate person over age 15 is most welcome. Knowledge is power. True power (knowledge) comes from God.

  10. Andy Holland
    4 years ago

    This is from St. Hildegarde:
    Scivias Book II Vision Six.78:

    God united man and woman, thus joining the strong to the weak, that each might sustain the other. But these perverted adulterers change their virile strength into perverse weakness, rejecting the proper male and female roles, and in their wickedness they shamefully follow Satan, who in his pride sought to split and divide Him Who is indivisible. They create in themselves by their wicked deeds a strange and perverse adultery, and so appear polluted and shameful in my sight...

    ...a woman who takes up devilish ways and plays a male role in coupling with another woman is most vile in My (God's) sight, and so is she who subjects herself to such a one in this evil deed...

    ...And men who touch their own genital organ and emit their semen seriously imperil their souls, for they excite themselves to distraction; they appear to Me as impure animals devouring their own whelps...

    ...When a person feels himself disturbed by bodily stimulation let him run to the refuge of continence, and seize the shield of chastity, and thus defend himself from uncleanness. (translation by Mother Columba Hart and Jane Bishop)[39]

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