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Al-Qaeda of Iraq Calls Pope 'Hallucinating Tyrant of the Vatican', Threatens 'Killing Sword' Comments

What is increasingly clear is that those behind the massacre of Catholics with their priests, during the celebration of Holy Mass at Our Lady of Deliverance in Baghdad last Sunday, are not finished with their evil. We once again invite our readers around the world to pray for those who mourn, pray for the Pope, and pray for the conversion of the perpetrators of this evil. Serious times demand serious responses.  Continue Reading

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  1. GARY booktrvler
    4 years ago

    Evil lurks the streets of Iraq and prevents the freedom of religion and living in peace. The American presence or departure seems to only make things worse for Christians in Iraq. In our Catechism #841 we share the Muslim belief in the same God but the apparent radical groups do not adhere to the same beliefs as our other Brothers and sisters in God as they do not recognize Christ. The media has basically played down this story and the other violence persisting in Bagdad. Pray that those martyred will find peace with God and spur others to action.

    4 years ago

    Unfortunately the perpetrators are NOT "extremists". This killing of non-Muslims is a tenant of their beliefs, for one reason, because Mohammad himself did it or approved of it. So these "terrorists" are only following their founder who, supposedly, received his marching orders from Allah. In their own teachings this "war against the infidels" is perpetual until ALL infidels are either converted or wiped out. Yes we must love and pray for the conversion of the Muslim people as I have been doing for some time now, but these tragedies will continue to occur.

  3. Jay
    4 years ago

    The Islamic doctrine does not allow them to be moderate. Where is the response of condemnation from other Muslims? They are quietly applauding the "Muslim creep". Western Europe is in shambles because of our Muslim "friends" who were allowed to immigrate there. The Islamic agenda is not peaceful coexistence with Christians. I wish things were different. I will continue to pray.

  4. Scott
    4 years ago

    PER - I am sorry but Allah of Islam is a tyrant requiring servitude of his creation. He has to have his creation to serve him to be complete. The God we serve is father and created us out of love. He is God before and without us. He did not need to create us. He did so out of love. They are not the same. People, remember the battle of Lepanto. The tiger does not change his strips. Yes, we will be forced to defend but only after too many people have died because too many people don't want to face the truth of evil in this world. They want to capitulate and negotiate. We have been trying to do this for over a thousand years as the Catholic Church. Islam means peace but peace on their terms. They don't even have peace amongst themselves. Only when we are conqured can there be peace. Since Jesus says his church cannot fall to Satan, there will be no peace. My priest comes from a strong muslim and catholic nation. He consedes as well, the only way to have peace with Islam is to put borders around it and not let them out. They do not want to interact with others. They do not tolerate others. Jesus was not a pacifist. Turning the other cheek was actually a way of showing more strength than the other person and publicly shaming them. It was not a sign of pacifism but strength. Jesus did violent acts himself against evil. Our current financial crisis is not far removed from the evil Jesus cleared from the temple; usury and high profit margins. We have splinters in our eyes too. But we won't have to worry about it if we don't stop the jihad.

  5. John Grimes
    4 years ago

    Tracy: What "liberal" Catholics are you talking about? The straw men frequently portrayed at this site and who seem to haunt the minds of many of its readers? Or the "liberal" Catholics like John Paul II and Benedict XVI who condemned Bush's aggression against the Iraq that used to protect the Catholics now being slaughtered there? Ever hear of no compassion?

  6. Calistus
    4 years ago

    It is quite suprising how even the the so called moderates are silent and do not condemn these attrocious actions perpetuated in the name of the religon they profess...

  7. Tracy
    4 years ago

    Something is missing here... ahhh... the "liberal catholics" who said these people who killed and butchered our brothers and sisters ought to be loved and be shown 'christian love'.... ever heard of false compassion??

  8. Per
    4 years ago

    We must forgive, and we must pray. And we must ally ourselves with righteous Muslims the world over to get a message of peace and repentance into the hearts of these madmen. We worship the same God, Father Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth. The Muslims' Holy Book states many times that God is most merciful. How can God be most merciful, and not want His children to be merciful?
    We have the same Father. We are therefore brothers and sisters. We can and must work with our brothers and sisters.

  9. Fr.thomas
    4 years ago

    Before the year 1970, a prayer was said after every Mass to St. Michael to protect the church. Now st. Michael is almost forgotten. People no longer believe in the angels and their protection. The church must take some bold steps and introduce the old practice of praying to St. Michael after every Mass. The 'angelus' also must be reintroduced and people must be exhorted to be faithful to recite the prayer. The priests must also be adviced to give priority to prayer and indirect attack to the priests who are faithful to prayer must be stopped. They should not be branded as conservatives and traditionalists and neglected in the dioceses. In the name of giving importance to the laity, the priests are letdown in front of them. The dignity of the priests must be upheld and instead of giving too much importance to social service, spirituality must be given prominence. All priest irrespective of caste, or any other considerations must be treated equally. In short a revival must be introduced in the church based on the practices before 1970. Let us all pray that catholics may bravely face the challenges of the devils. God bless us.

  10. John
    4 years ago

    "Forgiveness does not replace justice." - Pope Benedict XVI

    I'm not so naive as to believe that American and Iraqi forces can avoid the use of force in dealing with the reckless hatred of these Islamist psychopaths. But I do pray that the lives of the innocent are protected, whatever the case.

    May the love of Christ heal the wounds of the Middle East, and may our troops remain safe.

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