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Catholics Killed at Mass in Iraq: Extremist Muslims invade Church, Murder Priests Comments

One report concerning the state of the Church after the security forces stormed in to attempt to rescue the Christians is particularly horrifying. It came from a police officer, "It's a horrible scene. More than 50 people were killed. The suicide vests were filled with ball bearings to kill as many people as possible. You can see human flesh everywhere. Flesh was stuck to the top roof of the hall. Many people went to the hospitals without legs ... Continue Reading

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  1. Emma
    4 years ago

    Before there can be an outcry, people have to know about it. I've spent all day layed up sick, scanning news networks; Fox, MSN, Headline News, etc. Not once did I hear mention of this. If I hadn't logged on here, chances are I never would have. Where is the outrage? the Righteous Anger? I too pray.

  2. Frederick Rhodes
    4 years ago

    It's not the Islamics but the ones suffering from PTSD's caused from infant and childhood circumcision that lead to this type of mental derangement. It happens to Christians and Jews as well. Please remember that Jesus sacrificed His life to prevent the covenant law from being performed on the least of our brothers.

  3. Anthony Uk
    4 years ago

    We send aid to Pakistan and Indonesia after disasters? We Christian countries send aid. What do we get in return? Aid workers beheaded, kidnappings and now this particular horror. I for one would not send a penny to a muslim country. The Saudis whose princes kill their servants in London should send them a few trillion instead. Saudi Arabia, where nearly all the Islamic extremeists come from. A land where an evil cult began by a guy who raped a nine year old girl. He took pieces of different religions and meshed them together in a way to brainwash and wage war. A war against freedom, a war against us. A WAR THAT CONTINUED YESTERDAY IN A CATHOLIC CHURCH IN IRAQ. I pray to the Lord that this evil cult shall vanish from His beautiful world. May God rest in peace the souls of those poor people. Amen.

    Anthony UK

  4. Jorge
    4 years ago

    FIst and foremost my ulmost respect and unconditional LOVE and support for ALL christians wherever they are, specially the victims and families of these poor innocent iraq catholics viciously murdered by JIHADIST SATANISTS!
    Second I have WARNED all my catholic brothers in CHRIST that apeasing to satanism-ISLAM- will only lead to this..OUR DESTRUCTION AND DEMISE AT THE HANDS OF THE DEVIL! Have you seen what fear for jihadist reprisals and cowardice instead of honesty and COURAGE have caused us and caused them(muslims)?! HERE IT IS..IT WILL ONLY CAUSE WHAT OUR CHRISTIAN LEADERS WERE TRYING TO AVOID. When you conceal and abject to CHRIST this is what you get.AGAIN...IF WE REFUSE TO CONVERT ALL MUSLIMS WE WILL GO TO HELL!! IF WE DENY CHRIST, CHRIST WILL DENY US! DON'T COMPROMISE WITH SATANISM, DON'T SELL YOUR SOUL TO THE DEVIL-ISLAM! FACE IT , FIGHT IT AND BEAT IT. NOTHING CAN RESIST CHRIST OUR LORD!

  5. Nita C. Hicks
    4 years ago

    I wonder why there has not been any outcry about this murder of Christians, in the press, USA Today, NBC, ABC, CBS News reports? If there was I must have missed it. What does the Vatican expect those of us just regular little people to do? I pray for the Martyrs, and their families, and I pray for the people of Iraq and their freedom from the death grip Satan has on them.

  6. Joe
    4 years ago

    I'm noticing some comments here that claim we have accomplished nothing in Iraq, and that all forms of combat are "of the Devil." This is clearly erroneous from a Catholic perspective.

    While I haven't the expertise to defend the War On Terror, some of us need to be reminded that not all combat is somehow evil. The Church makes a clear distinction between "violence" (as in this story) and the use of force, which would include any combat in an effort to save these Christians from harm.

    "Violence" and "force" are not the same thing, hence the existence of the "Just War Theory." Catholics are not required to be pacifists.

    God Bless all those affected by crimes like these around the world. May rough men stand ready to defend the weak.

  7. Sunil
    4 years ago

    Dear Friends,
    Jesus loves all ...those who suffer now for his name will be get grant reward in heaven..those who persicute the curch from within and outside will one day weep for their Sins.
    The Lord be with you
    Lift up your heart

  8. davide
    4 years ago

    Has anyone notice if the American President has spoken on this? Released a statement? Be interesting to see. It's only going to get worse for Christians in such countries as Iraq, China, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Nigeria, Qatar, Sudan, United Arab Emirates,on and on. Wait till the radical Islamic terrorist invade or try to invade Europe. Maybe then the Christians will wake up and defend the faith. In Europe faith is dead maybe it takes great persecution to bring us back to God. My fear they will go after the Pope and more attacks against America and the city of Rome. If any one has heard your American President Obama can condemn these killings please reply. I can find nothing that he has. Thank you

  9. KenUSA
    4 years ago

    Pray...and fight.

  10. Sandra Embry
    4 years ago

    What a sad thing done by such evil people. Why don't we hear about this on network TV? Jesus and Mary will be there to welcome them. We must pray for them and their families and all the Christians around the world who are suffering for their faith. People here are so complacent. We need to wake up and care about those who are suffering. We may need to suffer for the Lord and our Holy Faith one day ourselves.

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