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Children Found in Dumpsters in Two Cities: When our Children Become Trash Comments

The remains of Seventeen babies in medical ziplock bags with the names of their mothers labeled on the outside were found in a dumpster at the Womans Choice abortion mill in Lansing. Under current MI law abortion mills can place aborted babies and biohazardous waste in the trash as long as they're dipped in formaldehyde beforehand. Two newborns, placed into plastic bags by their own mothers and then thrown away as ... Continue Reading

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  1. davide
    4 years ago

    Philip Edmund-thank you-- Amazing!!!! I did not know all of this. Thank you

  2. davide
    4 years ago

    Johnny, amico I am in complete agreement with you. My friend I am a citizen of both Italy and the United States of America. I can tell you in all truth American faith is not much different than in Europe. In Europe God is all but dead. But it took many decades and two world wars for this to happen, in America it only took a few short years.

    My friend if us Catholics all 1 billion of us lived our faith as Christ demands of us, the world would be a different place. Abortion on demand would have stopped before it began.

    It is very true many Catholics do not live their faith, some going so far as being progressive. Even though this is a great sin, they are not monsters.

    They are like spoiled teenagers, they are brats. Many Catholics are "uncomfortable" with Christ teachings. Their feelings are hurt. To them Christ is nothing more than a hippie with a hippie's peace.

    But we all know Christ was no hippie. As in the Gospel of Saint John chapter 6 many disciples of Christ left him cause they were 'uncomfortable'.

    Jesus Christ spoke more about divine justice, sin and Hell than anyone else in the bible. But since this makes us feel 'uncomfortable' we simply ignore this. Our feelings are hurt. But Truth is not subject to the feelings of man. Would you not agree?

    But us faithful Catholics just like Saint Peter in John Chapter 6 we say to Christ: "Master to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life".

    Many progressive Catholics will call me a 'conservative, orthodox, traditional, close-minded, empty headed', but none will call me faithful. I really don't care what they say of me, they can call me a monkey's butt, what is it to me? What is important is what does my parents say of me, my siblings (all 9) but the most important is what does Christ say of me?

    It is true it is almost impossible to love Christ as we should, I have failed so many times I can't even begin to tell you. But at the end of my days, Christ will be my judge not a few spoiled and bratty Catholics.

    grazie, Davide

  3. Katherine
    4 years ago

    Philip- Thanks for the history. You know Billybob isn't listening, but some of us are. Catholics have some ugly history, but we need to just embrace it, learn from it and move forward by following the teachings of the church. All Catholics need to read Humanae Vitae! Abortion is one of the fall-outs of the contraception culture and this was predicted in Humanae Vitae and echoed by other great popes like Pope Benedict and Pope JPII. Hard concept to grasp sometimes, cause chastity seems so far off in today's culture. The truth is not always easy. Birth control is not the answer, chastity is.

  4. Troy
    4 years ago

    Folks like Jimbo should not be ignored. They should be loved. What does that love entail? Spreading the Truth, Jesus. Yes, there have been many times that people have sinned exclaming that they are doing the works of God. But God intends to cleanse EVERYONE of us. I am a sinner and continue to sin, though God is working hard to keep me from sinning. I pray that God's will be done and that we are all cleansed.

    I still can hardly grasp why abortion is allowed with all of the science behind life starting at conception. We should all pray and fast that such horrors are extinguished. We should fast on every Friday, as is suggested by the Church.

    God Bless

  5. dennis
    4 years ago

    I am taken aback by this woman's name. Her given name CHRIST-ine. Her surname DEVINE. Yet she is devoid of compassion for the most innocent of life. To be named CHRIST and do the work of evil. I can hardly find the words.

  6. Johnny
    4 years ago

    This evil is happening for the simple fact that we (Leaders and laity) throw away some of the Church teachings in the trash.When it comes to excepting the total teachings of the Church,some of us still willnot except ALL that Church teaches.

  7. PhilipEdmund
    4 years ago

    The Spanish inquisition resulted from the 800 years of war it took for the Spanish to defeat the Muslims. Conquered muslims were allowed to practice their faith, but many would convert to christianity to maintain the politcal and business viability they had under muslim rule. The inquisitors would attempt to determine if the conversion was real or fake. The methods we read about seem to be cruel and extreme, but it was a very cruel time. The inquisition was not limited to Spain, but extended over all of Europe. You must remember that muslims had conquered deep into Europe both from the east and west. They were finally stopped at Vienna by a Polish army in the mid 1500's. After that defeat, they never really tried again. The crusades, at least initially, were a bold opening of another front during the height of the muslim conquests. Without them, all of Europe may have been taken by Islam. The crusades were kind of like in WWII, how the Russians wanted a second front opened in west to take pressure off them in the east. Its amazing to contemplate that in 1492, the same year the Spanish finally completed the reconquest, they discovered a whole new world. So the very best fighting men on the earth at that time, the Spanish knights, having just completed their work in Spain, suddenly had a whole new world to conquer. If you read of the conquest of Mexico, you will be stunned at the horrid way the Aztecs lived. The human sacrifices and canabalizm, the enslavement of the other tribes. When the Spanish arrived, they put a stop to it. Its a shame they turned the natives into serfs. The effects continue to this day. But if you consider the wars in Europe, the muslim threat, and the amazing discovery of the new world by the most powerful and able nation of the time combined with the human sacrifices of the Aztecs and the effect this would have on the Conquistadores, you may see that if was the best men could do at the time with the knowledge and experiences they had. One last thing, the Spanish had a saying that resulted from their wars and the futility of them...the conqured, conquer! May God bless us and let us be an example of love to the Muslims who are here with us now, and will come in ever increasing numbers to our world.

  8. Diane
    4 years ago

    The pictures of those little murdered babies remind me of how the Nazis began to efficienly dispose of their murdered victims. It always ends up with efficientcy and hiding the remains, because goodness gracious people might have to look at what they are, murdered children.I think if people are going to vote in support of abortion they should be forced to watch these pictures.These pictures should be in all newspapers, Why not?

  9. Andy Holland
    4 years ago

    Just as slavery was overthrown, Abortion will be overthrown. When it is, we need a paper trail to convict those who were involved in this crime against humanity.

  10. Nadine
    4 years ago

    I fully believe if you are going to be pro-choice, you should know exactly what abortion is and what it looks like. Just like if you eat meat, you should know what happens in the slaughterhouses. People can make a choice to believe something, but they need to believe it for what it is and not shield themselves from the truth. God gave us our bodies as gifts and we should be respectful and responsible with them. However, since we know a lot of people do not act responsibly or respectfully when it comes to sex, I do believe we need contraception in our world, or there would be many, many more tragedies like this one. We should always strive for the ideal, but make concessions for those times when people simply will not listen. People are going to have sex no matter how hard we preach for them to wait, so let’s allow them a condom and leave that child in heaven with God rather than subject it to abortion.

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