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Children Found in Dumpsters in Two Cities: When our Children Become Trash Comments

The remains of Seventeen babies in medical ziplock bags with the names of their mothers labeled on the outside were found in a dumpster at the Womans Choice abortion mill in Lansing. Under current MI law abortion mills can place aborted babies and biohazardous waste in the trash as long as they're dipped in formaldehyde beforehand. Two newborns, placed into plastic bags by their own mothers and then thrown away as ... Continue Reading

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  1. JeanCatherine
    4 years ago

    Joe Hargrave

    Thank you Joe your so right. I was watching some of the historical facts about the above on EWTN. They try to address the rhetoric today surrounding the above topics.

  2. Joe Hargrave
    4 years ago

    The historical ignorance here is appalling, and further proof that public education is a total failure.

    Nothing in the history of Christianity comes close to the barbarism of mass child-murder. Let's go down the standard, boring, worn-out list of leftist lies:

    Crusades: just war. Muslims were waging jihad against Christians since the 7th century. The Greek Christians begged the Pope for military aid against the Muslim Turks, who were unjust aggressors. The Church and the knights of Europe responded generously.

    Spanish Inquisition: not aimed at "non-believers", but at converts suspected of converting under false pretenses to spy for the Muslims. Only a few thousand were actually killed - and not by the Church, but by the Spanish monarchy. It was a political matter.

    Witch-burnings: Again, only a few thousand - not millions - were ever killed for being a witch. It was done by secular authorities. Yes, it was sad. But no, it wasn't genocide, and most educated people - meaning, everyone in the Church hierarchy - were opposed to these practices even then.

    Missionaries: The Church forbade slavery. The Conquistadors destroyed an evil empire that performed thousands of human sacrifices every year. After that, millions of indigenous people converted not by force, but because of the sacrifices of missionaries and the miracle of Guadalupe.

    You people have no idea how much you owe the Catholic Church for defending Western civilization against the Muslim aggressors. Research the names of Tours, Manzikert, Acre, Lepanto, Vienna - these are names of places were great battles in defense of the civilization that made possible internet forums such as these. Read some actual history books, stop believing leftist lies, and wake up.

  3. vance
    4 years ago

    This is another article that simply illustrates the 'BARBARITY and 'PAGANISTIC' culture and mindset of the Liberal Establishment. As long as we keep voting in Liberals whether Democrat or Republican we will continue to dig ourselves deeper into this amoral and inhumane abyss. Thankfully, our Holy Father charged our Liberal USCCB with the responsibility to LEAD and INSTRUCT the faithful to VOTE ANTI-ABORTION. So far I hear DEAD silence from them. What else would I expect? While the flood of blood from murdered babies is on the face and hands of the Liberal Establishment, the SAY NOTHING and DO NOTHING Bishops and clergy share the blame.

  4. Paul G
    4 years ago

    Gain comfort in the attached link of a painting from Priests for Life:

  5. Paul G
    4 years ago

    Children are being killed and we need to speak up and and bring the truth to light.

  6. Maria
    4 years ago

    How did an article about throwing babies into dumpsters like household trash turn into a rehashing of the Inquisition and diabolical sins comitted against children by a few horrible men? It lessens the significance of this bonechilling article. I'm sickened by abortion and the mere thought of remains treated so callously makes me ill. God have mercy on baby killers because I don't know if I could.

  7. Andy Holland
    4 years ago

    Truth about the Spanish Inquisition:
    "In its 350-year lifespan only about 4,000 people were put to the stake. Compare that with the witch-hunts that raged across the rest of Catholic and Protestant Europe, in which 60,000 people, mostly women, were roasted. Spain was spared this hysteria precisely because the Spanish Inquisition stopped it at the border."

  8. Nino Baldino
    4 years ago

    I own a rare book of a life titled: oral history of his life and his fellow apaches plus other natives.By the way,I was born in America so I am a 'native american' even if my parents were born in Italy! Anyway in his book he relates his hatred towards the mexicans for having murdered one of his three wives and two children.He would kill any mexican he met on the trail or otherwise.The other practices of these noble peoples are hardly what we see on the silver screen.Its always Christianity that is lampooned. The noble ones have lived on welfare for over 100 years,have gambling casinos and sell booze,drugs and ciggys without paying taxes to the good ole us of a...and unlike Dr.Eastman ,who was the first Native to graduate from a white eyes college..Dartmout..he earned his own way,returned back to the reservations and started boy and girl scout there is a man to be proud of .I have his book and he also became a Catholic Christian and thus is ignored by the whats new...

  9. DLL
    4 years ago

    It doesn't matter how "educated" that one can become,they can remain in ignorance by what they might choose to ignore. A preferred ignorance is the the worst form of ignorance and the most condemning. To accept abortion as "protected' by law is a confirmation of one in their own sins. When sin has become a priority and God is deliberately rejected,so that one can be comfortable with each and every sin that one would wish to protect and commit,as some kind of "right", is ones own deliberate confirmation to all that is ignorant. The devil is ignorance itself,especially apparent in a desire of those that would prefer that through their own human will,they prefer to remain intellectually numb and deliberately dumb,especially on an issue such as abortion on demand.

  10. Katherine
    4 years ago

    God bless you Davide! We get many blessing here on earth when we follow God's teachings - Then needless to say, think of all the blessings we will get in heaven!! May God give you peace. I think He will!

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