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Opinion: Leaders or Scoundrels? 2010 Election Could Change Everything Comments

It's appalling that so many men and women without honor are rising to positions of consequence. What has happened to honor? Give me a man who would rather die than behave dishonorably. Give me a woman who will not degrade herself or spill her own child's blood. Give me a leader who inspires by virtue of his character and actions.  Give me a leader who serves. I still believe there are men and women with honor out there and they ... Continue Reading

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  1. Rob
    4 years ago

    Anne, quite the contrary. I'm not trying to get anyone to vote in any direction. In fact, when it comes to the issues the Church values, I don't see either party getting us there. I don't think you read my words closely enough. As a registered REPUBLICAN and someone who has properly formed his conscience, I know fully who I can't vote for. (But I do like how you immediately get on the whole socialist band wagon and make assumptions that just show me that it's all about the party line - quite sad that is the real platform of our party but no real actionable ideas). I didn't vote for Obama, but I do pray for him and our our leaders DAILY. And I'm not sure how you made the leap to make assumptions about my positions on any of the issues you cited.My point is simple, I'm sick of being lied to by MY PARTY. In my opinion there difference between the two parties on the life issue is shrinking. When one party who is supposed to champion life does nothing but token efforts, it's hard to take them seriously. As I said earlier, the abortion business in my hometown seems to do just fine with either party. I can't trust them to be serious about life issues (as it has disappeared from their platform), I can't trust them to be fiscally conservative and I can't trust them to produce honorable leaders (ie scandal after scandal). I don't care what the democrats are doing nor am I interested in giving MY PARTY a pass because they are slightly better than the other guys. I'm only interested in what MY PARTY is doing and not doing. They have failed to deliver. Like the author of this article, I too want an honorable leader, D or R.

  2. Anne
    4 years ago

    John G & Jeffrey C & Rob, it would seem to me that two of you are both trying to get people to vote Democratic. Please justify your positions using the Doctrine of the Faith which is contained in the "Catechism of the Catholic Church, Second Edition". Your individual views which must include: abortion: subsidiarity: laws on immigration and against illegal immigration: against socialism and communism, pure capitalism and collectivism, and against excessive government intervention should be most entertaining to all of us. Please don't bother with history - the old "blame Bush" for Hillary's and the majority of the Democrats voting for the Iraq war and Sadam Husein's chemical gassing of the Kurds is unnecessary. When people keep blaming Bush to take the eyes of the PRESENT Obama Administration's failings it gets old. By the way Rob you are required to VOTE if you are Catholic.

  3. Anne
    4 years ago

    Rob, I'm not sure where you are getting your information. The GOP has not had an anti-abortion policy in its platform- it has been mute. However, the DEMS have had and do have Pro-Abortion statements in their platform. Every Catholic has an OBLIGATION to VOTE per the "CCC 2nd Ed". Look at individuals voting records if they are incumbents. Anyone of either Party voting for Obamacare which is pro-abortion and repealed the Hyde Amendment which prohibited taxpayer funded abortions are clearly not good candidates for office. Anyone who speaks in favor of the choice to kill (pro-choice), or same sex marriage, or do deny parental rights, is off the moral and ethical charts.

  4. Jennifer Hartline
    4 years ago

    Mr. Grimes, surely you're not suggesting that because I'm an Army wife I'm a fan of war, that I love war and want more war. Recognizing the heroism of those who defend our nation, being proud of our troops does not mean I like war and it does not make me a militarist. If that is your impression of me, then I submit you're not reading my words but simply what you want to see because of your own predispositions. Finally, I never said in this article that I'm looking for a "hero." I said I'm looking for a genuine leader. I said I'm praying for men and women of honor and integrity to fill elected offices. The fact that you and Jeffrey both assumed I was speaking of Sarah Palin reflects your obsession with her, not mine.

  5. Rob
    4 years ago

    I've always been quite the political junkie. And I have put a lot of energy in properly forming my conscience and voting accordinly, even though sometimes I did it holding my nose or at times actually considering not voting because the choices were so terrible. But over the last several years I have begun to see a consistant theme among the two parties. That theme is to secure votes no matter the cost. The amount of money being spent on campaigns can only be explained as the zeaous pursuit of power. To me that is the sum total of what is going on. Someone wants power and they will do anything to get it. And that includes promising things they will never do. The GOP has for years promised to rid the land of abortion, but the record is crystal clear, they pass token executive orders but never get their hands dirty. And the only take away that is reasonable is that it's a wedge issue that they use to get the Christian vote. If abortion as an issue was off the table, what would have for us? Not much. I am personally tired of being used. I am tired of all the broken promises and I am tired of pretending that the GOP's main agenda isn't tax cuts and pro business regulations that only serve to better the richest and smallest part of our society. So I find myself with no where to call home. I think the time has come to turn off the politics, stop reading the rhetoric and pray. I think I will just focus on my family, my parish community and what happens happens. It's quite obvious that all the energy we are spending on politics is having very little, if any, effect.

  6. John Grimes
    4 years ago

    OK, Ms Hartline, I will take you at your word, sans la poesie: I think your ideal hero would be someone in a uniform (American, of course) or perhaps someone who talks about that kind of hero ad nauseum, Sarah Palin, for instance. To be blunt, I think you and many others who either write or post at this site are militarists who frequently try to hide this fact behind a facade of patriotism. Unfortunately, this is not at all a rare or isolated phenomenon in American society today. I'd like to be proven wrong about this, but nothing you have ever written here dissuades me in the least from this impression. Oh, and since Jeffrey Caperton -- someone I don't know at all ---- came away from the article under discussion with exactly the same impression as I (i.e. that you were alluding to Sarah Palin), there must have been something of that there.

  7. robert
    4 years ago

    Yeah, you know who i am really tired of... i am really tired of the Republicans that got us into this mess. That destroyed our country and then tried to blame it on obama. Who got us stuck in iraq, who deregulated our economy into a mess, who lowered the pay of our troops while hiring mercenaries for 4 times the pay, who went into iraq so they could win an election letting osama go, who opened unlimited campaign spending up to corporations, who used the name of Jesus in vein to get tax cuts, who spent us into a whole by giving so many tax cuts to the richest (that was supposed to prevent us from going into a recession but here we are), who have lied and lied and lied.
    Stand with President Obama against these terrible people and lets keep change alive.

  8. Bulbajer
    4 years ago

    Great article, Ms. Hartline. I wish more people had been saying this about Bush a few years ago instead of making snobbish jokes about his accent.

  9. Jeffrey Caperton
    4 years ago

    Ms. Hartline,

    I hope I gave no offense. I was using Sarah Palin's name only as a contrast to Barrack Obama's name. Whether or not one likes or agrees with Sarah Palin, there is no ignoring that she is a highly visible spokesperson for the Republican Party at the moment. As to the words for which you quoted, you were right; they were Barrack Obama’s words. But I was referring to the fact that your article was heavily biased in your observations that his rhetoric was condescending, insulting, snobbery, etc.: that each indictment you levy against President Obama’s (And the Democratic Party in general) political rhetoric could be turned against the Sarah Palin and the Republican Party who are equally insulting and condescending, not to mention smug (Do you remember “the skillet calling the kettle black”?). But somehow, I think you missed the point. If it was your wish to be fair, you would have noted that both sides, Democrat and Republican, have been reprehensible in their rhetoric, assuming the worst, or attempting to bring out the worst, in the voting public. I was adding that we, as Christians, have failed to take the high road engaging in the same name-calling finger-pointing sanctimonious rhetoric making us no better than the rogues we condemn (I realize that the word “rogue” is popular these days with people actually taking pride "rogue” behavior, but it is still harsh indictment of a person's character to me). I will re-iterate; politics is the realm of the ruthless and it would behoove those of us who call ourselves Christians to pray for the political environment and remain above the fray as much as possible, if for no better reason than to set an example. I am reminded of a song I used to sing in Church as a child: “and they’ll know we are Christians by our love”. I somehow think that, through the name-calling and finger-pointing of this election season, we have forgotten that simple truth.

  10. Jennifer Hartline
    4 years ago

    Jeffrey, I never once mentioned Sarah Palin's name or in any oblique way referred to her. Why do you and others assume I'm speaking of her? There is much I like and respect about her, but that doesn't mean I want to see her in the White House. As far as anyone not voting for Democrats next week being "scared" and "giving in to fear instead of facts," those are not MY words, they are Obama's.

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