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Potential Human Beings? O'Reilly Slams Abortion Euphemisms, then Uses One Comments

The supporters of legal abortion depend on verbal shenanigans to persuade and give contrived 'moral' cover to the evil act of killing the child in the womb.  Among their favorite euphemisms are "terminating a pregnancy," "choice," and "reproductive rights."  Those who saw The O'Reilly Factor on October 7th got a double helping of this dehumanizing rhetoric, and sadly some of it came from Bill O'Reilly himself.  Continue Reading

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  1. Andy
    4 years ago

    "Terminating a pregnancy," "choice," and "reproductive rights" are terms for legally MURDERING another human being. "Colmes argued that Republicans are the worst offenders because they want to prevent homosexuals from marrying and take away "reproductive rights" from women" - if Alan Colmes said this he is dumber than rocks.- Since when are two guys or two women going to reproduce? Send Bill a "CCC 2nd Ed".

  2. Nicole L.
    4 years ago

    I think you are too hard on O'reilly, it was caught up in Colmes' expression of "potential human being" he is a good catholic who is not afraid to set people right. I don't think he meant it the way you describe it. You said it yourself he does not shy away in calling it as he sees it. So don't try to make him look like the bad guy.

  3. kim O larlin
    4 years ago

    Women that kill life in the womb should fear God and should be made to watch what those so called doctors and what they do to a inasant baby just so a woman can go out and get thier self pregnent time after time and think it`s perfectly fine to go to the doctors and have thier abortion done .I don`t know how anybody could sleep at night

  4. Chuck
    4 years ago

    The clinical definition of being ALIVE is a beating heart. If your heart is beating you are alive, when your heart stops beating you are dead. If you heart is beating and someone stops it from beating they have killed you. A baby in the womb has a beating heart. The act of Abortion takes a beating human heart and kills it. I would argue that anyone who approves of or participates in Abortion is a "Potential Human Being" not the innocent child being murdered in the womb.........

    God Have Mercy on Us...........

  5. Kyle
    4 years ago

    I find it interesting that evolutionary scientists claim that life began in primordial mud and yet science also says human life can only be be determined once a baby has left the womb. Does the doctor not monitor the life of the baby in its different stages: zygote, embryo, or fetus? Doesn't a miscarriage mean that life inside a mother ended? Life is life no matter what stage its current stage is: embryo, zygote, fetus, newborn, toddler, adolescent, or adult.

  6. sharon
    4 years ago

    Excellent article-- very well explained. Thank you --- and let's pray for all those that seem to not understand the Truth about "babies being human beings at natural conception" and need to be protected from birth to the natural end of life. Such a tragedy in our country... The terrible evil of our time!!!!
    Hail Mary full of Grace, pray for all our hearts to be converted to the Truth....

  7. TJ
    4 years ago

    Robert, you are the one who needs to learn your Catholic faith. Please spare us the tired old liberal argument that if you are pro-life than you should be against the death penalty and war. The Church does NOT teach this. Abortion is intrinsicly evil. War and capital punishment are not. They CAN be justified in certain cases and a Catholic is not bound to be against them as they are abortion. Go read your catechism and learn your faith before you try preaching Catholic doctrine.

  8. Andy Holland
    4 years ago

    The Brephos (Jesus) was wrapped in swaddling clothes and laid in a manger. The Brephos (St. John the forerunner) lept in the mother's womb. What people can't get their heads around is they are Brephos (Baby) killers. Its not a word game but it is the Word. DNA is molecular Word - In the beginning was the Word - the DNA of God. Life is the light of mankind, but men prefer the darkness because their deeds are dark.

  9. Robert Burford
    4 years ago

    O'Reilley might be Catholic but not pro-life because he supports capital punishment. He also supported a president who decided to openly go into Iraq even when Pope John Paul II and the rest of the world said that he did not have a reason. Because of this support and the rest of the media we have two war fronts and the toll of innocent Iraqis both Muslim and Christian is unconscionable. We will probably loose one of these wars or both.Wasted lives and resources mean nothing to these people.Profit for Halaburton everything. We do need more Catholics to stand up for Life. All Life. Jimmy Carter is correct when he said "FOX news is the devils handmaiden". Watch and listen at your souls peril.

  10. ninov
    4 years ago

    First, if we don't know when life begins, then should we not error on the side of safety and protect it at its most basic or early stage. Even if you don't believe in any God, if you believe in some sort of basic human rights, and you aren't sure where humans starts, back up until you can't back up anymore to be absolutely sure. Second, O'Reilly does a usually bang up and great job on abortion and life issues. I don't watch him all the time, but I think it may be a nit to beat him on on this. Tone is important, which can not be accounted for in text. It may have been a tonge and cheek kind of thing. Either way, Mr. O has done a better job than most bishops in defending life in the public venue so let us becareful, but the point of 'potential' is a valid one. Lastly, I think study of the Philosophy of the Human Person from the perspective of Guardini, Croft, Kreeft, Von Hilldebrand and even the Plato and Socrates dialogues will make anyone pro-life. But you have to study them ALL, and all of their arguments, not just one side, not just Kant or Niche. Wojitiya is one of the best.

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