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Potential Human Beings? O'Reilly Slams Abortion Euphemisms, then Uses One Comments

The supporters of legal abortion depend on verbal shenanigans to persuade and give contrived 'moral' cover to the evil act of killing the child in the womb.  Among their favorite euphemisms are "terminating a pregnancy," "choice," and "reproductive rights."  Those who saw The O'Reilly Factor on October 7th got a double helping of this dehumanizing rhetoric, and sadly some of it came from Bill O'Reilly himself.  Continue Reading

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  1. Maggie Ann
    4 years ago

    I agree with the last writer that Mr. O'Reilly might be using the term to engage in discussion.
    What we have to do is educate. I am a nursing professor and you would not believe what people do not know. The public assumes the morning after pill can prevent fertilization. Most of your neighbors do not know where and how embryonic stem cells are made. Review a good anatomy and physiology book. They all state that life begins at conception-- well they state growth and development start there and end at death. They state all characteristics are determined at fertilization and cannot be changed. The heart starts beating at 18-21 days or 5 weeks if you count the 2 weeks before conception. Most students get the above questions wrong-- why? Because they have been educated by the liberal media.
    Now to the writer above-- Catholics believe in the death penalty! It is not anti Catholic! Innocent life is different than the two evil murderers in Connecticuit. I believe that the death penalty was the law of the land at the vatican until the late 1960's. Somebody else can research that fact.
    In summary I think O'Reilly did OK-- you can use his mailbox to get your view across - pleasantly please!

  2. Catholic
    4 years ago

    LORD, have mercy on us!!!!!

  3. Joseph
    4 years ago

    Yes O'Reilly is Catholic. I disagree with the article that O'Reilly doesn't support the Sanctity of Life. Several months ago he explained his use of "potential human being" he stated the he use that term because neither pro-lifers nor pro-abortionist can argue that the unborn child is potentially a human being. Although I disagree with the euphemism "potential human being" I can also understand how he could use to engage in the debate that abortion is evil.

  4. Sanchez
    4 years ago

    I found and interesting article that explains some things about the death penalty that I think people very often get wrong. Check it out:

  5. BC
    4 years ago

    ROBERT: BTW, Bill O'Reilly is NOT for capital punishment. He has stated many times that he does not favor capital punishment, but life in prison doing hard labor.

  6. TJ
    4 years ago

    Well said Pete Brady, Diane and Andy Holland! Looks like another Lib has been exposed and KO'd as the real hypocrite! War and capital punishment don't compare to the atrocity of abortion! How can you libs have so much so called compassion for criminals and terrorists and none for an innocent child in the womb?! Life begins at conception, PERIOD! Any embryology textbook on any secular college campus will tell you this.

  7. Andy Holland
    4 years ago

    Kel - Diane is right. Democrats also started that little conflict at Fort Sumter. Add in the 55 million in abortion, and clearly the party of "blood" in this Babylon is the Democratic. The party of "gold" has its butcher bill too; I am personally unaffiliated.

  8. Diane
    4 years ago

    To Kel, I just can't let your mistake pass. Wilson, a Democrat, got the U.S. into WW1. Roosevelt, a Democrat, got the U.S. into WWII. Truman, a Democrat, got us into the Korean War. Truman, a Democrat, ordered the use of atomic bombs in Japan, the only time there was nuclear war. Kennedy and Johnson, Democrats, got us, troop wise, directly involved in Vietnam. Clinton ordered the high tech bombing of Kosovo. What party are you refering to as the party of war.Abortion rights are a plank in the Democratic party platform since the 1970's. Although being an Independent,as well as peaceful, I know which party I WON'T be voting for this November. And the Tea Partiers are right and they are moving in the direction of Subsidiarity.

  9. cq
    4 years ago

    I did not see the show, but I feel that O'Reilly, by using "potential", meant the "potential life" that would have developed if not been aborted. Is this not a play on words?? I really think just by listening to O'Reilly all these years that he knows when life begins. He did not mean "potential life" in the womb, he meant potential life for that child, it that child had been given the opportunity to live.

  10. DLL
    4 years ago

    One lives to develop their potential,but they must be allowed to live a lifetime to accomplish it.

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