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Gay Activists Denied Communion at Catholic College Mass by Archbishop Nienstedt Comments

Archbishop John Nienstedt recently sent out a DVD defending marriage and calling the faithful to do so with their votes in the upcoming elections. This is the reason he is being opposed by homosexual equivalency activists. The Homosexual Equivalency Movement is now engaged in open defiance right within the sanctuary of the Catholic Church. This offense against the Church masquerades as a call for equal rights. Dissident ... Continue Reading

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  1. John SA
    4 years ago

    To Jamie: I understand where you’re coming from Jamie. But we need to remember that these individuals dressed up with their rainbow badges and sashes in order to make a point. I fully believe that it was Archbishop Nienstedt duty therefore to make a counterstatement: That under no circumstances can homosexual acts be approved. After all, if a pro-abortion activist was to have a t-shirt that stated that they approved of abortion boldly, the Archbishop would surely need to take similar action. We have to remember, to be pro-gay is to be anti-Christ, thus allowing these individuals to receive communion undermines the Sacrament of the Eucharist. They deny Christ but yet they want to receive Him. Surely this cannot happen and the Archbishops actions are thus, in my view, absolutely right.

    To Edward Burke: Just to touch on your point Edward, you paint a very bleak picture for those with homosexual inclinations. As a person who struggles with homosexual inclinations, I can tell you that since embracing the teachings of the Catholic Church I have never been so self fulfilled in my life. Sure, I might not have a personal relationship with an individual, but I still have my family, friends and fellow members of the Church. Most importantly, I have Christ in my life and there’s nothing more fulfilling than Him. Also, the Courage Apostolate, as mentioned in this excellent article, is a body of the Church that seeks to assist homosexuals in every way. It provides support and always emphasizes to us that we are never alone and need not ever give into despair. Truly they are servants of God and may they be blessed.

    Thank you for this article. I only wish we could have such strong articles here in South Africa as well that gives hope to God’s children.

    4 years ago

    The bishop should be commended for his courage on the faith and teaching of the catholic church while we continue to pray that the Holy Spirit will assist by arresting our brothers who have allowed themselves to be used against the church and bring them back to the catholic faith, I pray that they will end up working for God and bringing back those they have misled in Jesus name. Amen.

  3. K.C.Thomas
    4 years ago

    If the teachings of the Catholic Church cannot be accepted, how can these Homosexuality Equcilancy Movements claim to be catholic ? If they are not able to accept the teachings, they are free to leave the Catholic Church and establish their own church of SEX( it can be called All Sex and All Pleasure Church ) It is shameful and illegal for them to enter a church and create disorderliness. Is there no civilization in these pleasure seekers ? Real catholics and intellectuals should take action to create awareness of catholic teachings among the ordinary lay people.

  4. Edward Burke
    4 years ago

    There appears to be considerable agreement among the medical profession that homosexual attraction is something these people are born with, and therfore must endure for their entire lives. This is not a conscious choice, but a natural attraction for those born this way toward the same sex. Therefore It falls to us as Christians then to Pray for all homosexuals, and try to ease their sad burden of living lonely celibate lives devoid of any children, or intimate loving relationships. This cruel fate is not of their making and is in fact God's plan for them, so no Christian should ever ridicule, or persecute these unfortunate people who must bear this heavy burden for their entire lonely lives, made necessary to follow the Church's teachings on homosexual behavior. How many of we who are so very fortunate to be born heterosexual would willingly endure such a life sentence of loneliness and sexual celibacy ? "There, but for the grace of God, go I" is a sentiment not often mentioned in the regular villification of homosexuals seeking to escape the lonely empty lives they otherwise must endure to follow the church. That this church doctrine makes many of these unfortunate people angry, is very understandable.

  5. Erika
    4 years ago

    Thank God for courageous and faithful shepherds such as Archbishop Nienstedt.

  6. Sara Palen
    4 years ago

    My local paper reported that another priest afterwards administered Comunion to the dissenters who said they disagree with the Bishop.The priest who administered the Blessed Sacrament was quoted as referring to interpretation of cannon law. This would be disturbing and confusing if true. Can this be corroberated?

    I would like to ask that group what did the bishop say or do that was against Church teachings? I have watched the video and don't see it. It sounds like an outright publicity stunt to receive communion when you admit you publicly disagree with fundamental teachings. There are other ways to engage in "diologue".

    They do not protest the bishop. they protest the person of Christ.

  7. Jamie
    4 years ago

    Jesus taught us to accept all at our table and lend a hand to the oppressed. I guess that no longer applies to the archbishop.

  8. mikem
    4 years ago

    the Church has a very definite view of the human body. To itemize Her sexual teachings might not make it clear what that teaching is. We are called to be holy, i.e. to live our lives in communion with Jesus so that we can overcome Original Sin/Death in our bodies. This is not possible without believing the right teachings, and so forming our minds and consciences to seek authentic human life in Christ, and with Christ, and through Christ in Holy Communion. So, the Church's teachings taken all together lead us to holiness. But taken one at a time become pointless and legalistic. They aren't. Any one teaching will be an obstacle to someone...whether it is divorce, adultery, masturbation, homosexual's always going to be something if the person cannot understand the point of it all: transformation of the person in Christ.

  9. mjgt
    4 years ago

    Thank you Archbishop John Nienstedt for your courage, faithfulness to the Gospel and your example. You are in our prayers. We will also pray for the conversion of the agitators who sought to use our Lord and His Church for their selfish purpose.
    Thank you Deacon Fournier for your article. God bless you both.

  10. Rebecca
    4 years ago

    good article!!!

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