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Social Justice: Take Back the Term from the Thieves and Build a New Catholic Action Comments

Some have begun to use the phrase "Social Justice" in a disparaging manner. They want to expose the error committed by some who have stolen the term "Social Justice" to hide a "leftist" political agenda. There are others who use it but reject the existence of objective moral truths meant to govern our life together. However, some words and phrases must be rescued when they are stolen. Social Justice is such a ... Continue Reading

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  1. Pete Brady
    4 years ago

    "God is on our side" (or the USCCB or CCC is on "my side"). As I read the most recent posts that phrase comes to mind like a voice out of the past. And like the combatants on both sides of many past wars appears to be a similar sentiment for those who dispute here. Accusations fly as to the political allegiance of one person or another in this forum. They usually proceed from the strongly-held political leanings of the one making the accusation rather than the one to whom they are being ascribed. Some would rely "solely" on the Catechism/Church teachings to arrive at an answer for this issue and others. This is like saying Faith alone holds the answer, and that 'reason' should be ignored. And yet the Church tells us that "Faith" and "Reason" are not opposed to one another. A (modern) "liberal" bias has crept into the USCCB. To deny that is to deny that there has not been a homosexual "infiltration" of the Church hierarchy and priesthood, with all that has wrought. Modern liberalism has likewise made inroads. Case in point, "global warming." It can easily be seen as part and parcel of the religion of 'secularism.' The data supporting it was manipulated, even falsified. To what end? I submit that it was to arrive at a "contrived" issue that could be used to give the "statists," worldwide, validity in assuming 'increasing' control over our lives, to the eventual surrender of all liberty. What I find interesting about the elevation of "global warming" to a USCCB position would be to juxtapose it alongside the Galileo controversy of old. Many hold this controversy up as evidence that the Church can be wrong on matters of "faith and morals." After all we now know that the earth revolves around the sun and not the other way around, which is contrary to the then purported "dogmatic" position of the Church. Yet those that assail the Church do so because they only superficially "know" the particulars of that controversy (as well as others). Galileo was brought before the Inquisition, true, but he was not "condemned" by the Church. He was, however, held to be in error for teaching as "fact" that which was up to that point, not proven, but only "theory" (Copernicus's "heliocentric" hypothesis). Galileo himself remained a faithful Catholic all his days, obediently yielding to the Church, even while holding onto what his reason said was scientifically viable. And yet Wikipedia is able to say that Galileo was "condemned by the Catholic Church for 'vehement suspicion of heresy.'" One cannot be (and the Church did not) condemned for "suspicion." Was he not "Catholic?" I would not go there. The earth revolves around the sun. "Global warming" indisputably the fault of man? "Greenland" would say otherwise. Galileo right; the Church not eager to just "go along." The Church wrongly faulted, in our modern times, for taking Galileo to task. Her standard, then as now, proven "fact" as against unproved "theory." Then there's "global warming," itself proven wrong. And yet some would have the Church take a position in support of it? Whether viewed in juxtaposition or not, a lie is still a lie. "Global warming" is just such a lie. The Church is cautious, much more so than the prevalent fickle "popular whim" of modernity and media that, quick to judge and condemn, acts as if it can sit in judgment on her. Prudence is hers and she gives due consideration to even those matters she eventually finds in error. Holy Mother Church cannot support a lie. She is, at the same time, not quick or hasty to say who or what is not "Catholic," much less rushing to condemn same.

  2. vance
    4 years ago

    Tony, after having read your doctorate dissertation reply that you are not a Liberal or a Socialist, still leaves me rather suspect. Tony, I am an OLD OLD Baby Boom political warrior. I've seen and heard it all from the children of the Liberal Establishment. Tony, The Left-wing, the Anti-Catholics, the Anti-Christians all use the same old tactic. "I am not against American, I am not Against Catholics, I am not Against Christians, I am just against those who are For Catholics, America, and Christians. You ask me not to allow Fox News to influence me. You did NOT give the same advice about ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and MSNBC. Should I allow myself to be influenced by them??? The other OLD OLD tactic of the Left is that "I am not biased to the Left or Right, I am a MODERATE in the middle BUT I am against the RIGHT. I am a Catholic BUT I am for Liberal politicians. Tony, you have NOT addressed any of the issues that I have outlined in my above comments. Is High Unemployment a Catholic thing? Is a Bankrupt nation a Catholic thing? Is Tax paid Abortions-on-demand a Catholic thing? Are tons of drugs and sex slaves coming across our wide-open border a Catholic thing? You say you are a Catholic scholar with a degree under your belt. I think you need to step back and re-evaluate your positions on the socio-political scale because they are not consistant with Catholic teaching.

  3. Tony
    4 years ago

    Whoa, whoa, Vance, you are completely misjudging me. I did NOT vote for Obama. You made about 6 accusations in your posts about me that are entirely inaccurate. For one thing, you said that I voted for Obama. I did not. Why do you think that I did? Yes, I am being very critical of the right-wing bias here, but as I said, I am NOT a liberal OR a conservative. I am simply Catholic. Now, I did not vote for McCain either. I did not feel it in my conscience to vote for either candidate when both of them so blatantly support things that are very anti-Catholic. Furthermore, I am NOT a supporter of Obama's health care plan. When did I say I was? I did not. Why are you accusing me of this? I said that universal health care is a right, which it IS according to the Catholic Church as I have very clearly proven through my above quotes from the Catechism... BUT... I am only arguing for universal health care, NOT for Obama's plan of health care reform. Vance, if you are accusing me of supporting Obama and supporting his health care reform, you are clearly not understanding my posts! I agree with you that Obama's reform of the health care system is inadequate! Where I disagree with you is that I believe that all people should have health care, that health care is a fundamental human right, as the Catholic Church clearly teaches. As I said, I am strictly Catholic - I am not a liberal. But I am not a right-winger, either. There is no room in the Church for either. I most certainly do not live on another planet. It looks as if I am the one of the only one's here is truly attempting to believe in the full teachings of the Church, putting aside all political parties. I suggest that you do the same. I am not a socialist. Again, that is another claim you are accusing me of which is not true. However, I am not a capitalist. The Church condemns both pure socialism and pure capitalism and calls for something in between, essentially a free market that is regulated fairly and a society in which the basic needs (health care) are provided for those who do not have them. This is essentially what the Church teaches. Everyone needs to remember that the Catholic Church is NOT republican, it is NOT democrat, it is NOT right-wing, it is NOT left-wing. The republican and democratic parties are two political parties which simply exist in the United States, entirely independent of the Vatican. The republican and democratic parties disagree with one another on various issues, but their disagreements are somewhat arbitrary. The Church does NOT take the side of EITHER party, because the Catholic Church disagree with beliefs of both the Democratic Party AND the Republican Party. Do you not all fail to see this? The Vatican is thousands of miles away from the US, entirely independent of our political system. The point I am trying to make here (and don't know if it will ever be understood) is that too many people on this board seem to think that the Catholic Church condones right-wing theology, that it fully supports the Republican Party... IT DOES NOT. AT ALL. IN ANY WAY. The Church condemns much of what is found in right-wing beliefs. So I am simply asking for Catholics to acknowledge that. At the same time, I am well aware that the Church does not condone liberalism or the Democratic Party. I am very well-versed in the Catechism. I studied theology at a Catholic University for four years, I have a Bachelor's of Science in Catholic Theology. I read the Catechism of the Catholic Church every night before going to bed, I have a bookmarker in it so that I will one day read the entire book. I read my news from multiple Catholic news sources. I do not trust secular media. Everything I read comes directly from the Catechism, from the Vatican (encyclicals), or from Catholic news sources (I read both liberal and conservative Catholic news sources). Now, how many of you here can say the same thing? How many of you here allow yourselves to be influenced by FOX News, a news agency which is ENTIRELY right-wing. Half of what the commentators on FOX News preach is ENTIRELY anti-Catholic and contrary to Catholic theology. How many of you are allowing your opinions to be formed around what right-wing Protestants like Glenn Beck have to say OVER forming your opinions around what the Church has to say? How many of you?? My guess is very few of you. I believe in whatever the Catholic Church teaches, and the Church most certainly does NOT teach what right-wingers will have you believe. Are you all aware that John McCain very happily aligned himself with Pastor Hagee? That man is INCREDIBLY anti-Catholic! That man teaches that our Catholic Church is the wh*re of Babylon! We must not allow ourselves to align with right-wing ideology. Right-wing ideology is a product of AMERICAN PROTESTANT CHRISTIANITY!. It is NOT Catholic. Right-wing ideology was developed by PROTESTANTS. IF you are a right-winger, YOU ARE A PROTESTANT. Likewise, if you are a total left-winger, you are not Catholic either. I am simply rarely condemning left-wing ideology here because there are no left-wingers here. Including myself. I only follow the Catholic Church. Nothing more. To any of those reading from afar, I beg of you, do not take the right-wing opinions of what others say here to be the teachings of the Catholic Church. I see nothing but distortions of the Truth coming from this board. I see nothing but right-wing biases, nothing but people subscribing to Protestant right-wing political ideology over Catholic theology. It is sad indeed. In any case, God Bless you all.

  4. Sara Palen
    4 years ago

    true, bias can come from all sides. But there are differences in prudential judgements and intrinsically evil acts (as has been explained many times here) against the sanctity of life that are always and everywhere wrong which cannot be compromised and are not being acknowledged by our government. We cannot disguise these acts under the term "social justice" or "health care" I had the opportunity to attend the ordination of my new bishop recently and pray nearly every day for his leadership in communion with the Magesterium. In the same building, on the same stage as my bishop's ordination, yesterday I watched my Catholic congressman debating his opponent. This congressman uses the term social justice, yet publicly ignores the concerns of the bishops, and many, many, many of his constituents who loudly and clearly voiced their objections yesterday to Obamacare. My congressman handed over the reins of health care to the executive branch who is in strong alliance with the culture of death. This is an enabling act for them. My democrat congressman, which I have supported in the past wth a vote several times, has now lost his endorsment from the MCCL, one of the oldest pro-life groups in the country. They have given it to his opponent. In a poor attempt of answering my concerns, the congressman sent me a letter using unnamed "catholic theologians" and a small group of nuns who also did not address the issue that indeed there will be some abortions paid for by federal monies. This group is also at odds with some of the Catholic doctor's groups. Also he will not address the possibility that these government regulated insurance groups may force catholic groups into paying for intrinsicallly evil acts, besides abortion, like contraception and paying for benefits yet to be named. The congressman's staffer scoffed at me when I voiced concerns on these issues, just as the congressman scoffed at people yesterday, calling them members of "flat earth society". (I think most would like to have legitimate discussion on less pollution, we don't want to see the hijacking of "social justice" to make it worse for the poor, or create new classes of poor, but as Marx pointed out Catholic ascetisism can be used to the advantage of the Communist)

    What a difference between the two events in that building. One was great cause for unity and communion with Rome with its prefect in attendance, the other is causing division and confusion on what the church teaches among Catholics as explained by my Congressman. We need to start working together to advance the cause of Christ, not let these guys pit us one against the other. If Mother Theresa could do it, so can we. She had no problem rebuking those promoting the culture of death yet taking care of the poor. What she did was an act of charity, not of hate. Her example of social justice started on the interior. Maybe that is what Archbishop Burke has been saying all along.

  5. vance
    4 years ago

    Oh Tony, I almost forgot. The $1.3 Trillion dollar Obmamacare that CUT a HALF TRILLION DOLLARS FROM MEDICARE that you voted for. Oh, and guess what? Obamacare ADDS 30 million MORE people to medicare. I don't know if they do math on your planet but challenge yourself and try. More peolple and less money equals LESS medical coverage. Does 'Death Panels' fit into the equation? Tony, if you are a senior citizen and need heart surgery or cancer treatments, it would be best that you not come to planet earth because the government man will tell your doctor to just give you a pain pill. You are too old and too expensive. Now, I realize that you are living on another planet so you have no idea what is happening on planet earth. So I thought I'd be a Good Christian Brother and keep you up to date on things happening on earth. This article is about 'Social Justice'. Is Obamacare 'Social Justice'??

  6. vance
    4 years ago

    Tony, Tony, Tony, Filthy Rich??? Are you posting your comments from Mars or Saturn? The United States of America on planet Earth is going through some serious economic times. Question, If your income is $3,000 per month but your financial obligations are $4,000 per month, are you not in debt? If you are in debt, do you have any money? You are correct, you have no money!! If our nation has 17% of our citizens looking for jobs but find NONE, would it be safe to say that we have a huge UNEMPLOYMENT problem??? As Anne pointed out, our nation is 13 trillion dollars in debt. Do you have any idea of what that means??? It means that our debt is unsustainable. We can not pay it back in our life time, our children's life time, our grand children's life time, our great grand children's life time, and into our great great grand children's life time. China owns our debt, therefore they OWN US. We can thank people like you who voted for your heros of the revelution Obama, Reid and Pelosi for breaking our nation. I would like to thank youi for voting for these people who made tax paid abortions on demand a health care law. Thank you for the high unemployment, thank you for all the small businesses going broke and laying off thousands of people every month. Now you want to bring more people into this country to add to the unemployment numbers and add to the misery. Tony, it was a nice try to throw the Catechism around to justify your socialism BUT it falls flat in the face of reality.

  7. catholicdefender
    4 years ago

    sorry anne i shouldn't have been as rude as i was in my last post, i apologize to you and hope you are not offended. it's just upsetting to see such a bias in the messages here. i am not what you would call i liberal, i did vote for mccain this past election (but only because of abortion), but there are too many messages here that are badly misrepresenting the Catholic Church. it is starting to become scandalous

  8. catholicdefender
    4 years ago

    there is definitely a rightwing bias here. the voice of the Catholic Church is being shunned by those who choose to put their own distorted right wing views above it. Pope John XXIII: "Man has the right to live. He has the right to bodily integrity and the means necessary for the proper development of life, particularly food, clothing, shelter, medical care, rest and, finally, the necessary social services. In consequence, he has the right to be looked after in the event of ill-health; disability stemming from his work; widowhood; old age.... (11)" and let's not forget Gaudium et spes: "By its very nature private property has a social quality which is based on the law of the common destination of earthly goods. If this social quality is overlooked, property often becomes an occasion of passionate desires for wealth and serious disturbances... .” The Catholic Church doesn't endorse liberal capitalism, rightwing ideology, the republican party... or the democratic party or left-wing ideology. why is Anne upset that the bishops had a link on global warming? Anne discusses how the Catechism of the Catholic Church is the book that Catholics should go to (which is true), yet she is comfortable condemning the cause of global warming. i have news for you anne: THERE IS NOTHING IN THE CATECHISM THAT CONDEMNS FIGHTING AGAINST GLOBAL WARMING. the only reason you are condemning fighting against global warming is because of your RIGHTWING BIAS. NOT because you have any allegiance to the Catholic Church. this is absolute hypocrisy. Anne and others are not here to spread the word of the Catholic Church. they are here to spread right-wing propaganda. the hypocrisy could not be any more obvious to those who read this. stay faithful to the Catholic Church, not to your silly political groups. i highly recommend this article: sorry don't mean to be rude, this is just too much

  9. Tony
    4 years ago

    Oh and for the record: Anne, yes I entirely agree that the Catechism of the Catholic Church is where we can find all we need to know about the Church's teachings, and I would also say that the website of the Vatican would likely be the 2nd best place. However, the USCCB do not advocate anything that is against the Catechism in any way. The reason I am so supportive of the United States Catholic Bishops is because they follow the Catechism to a T. You mentioned that the Bishops had links on their website regarding Global Warming. You say that as if it is a negative thing. Why is that? Because it does not fit in with the right-wing agenda? The environment is a very important priority for the Church - certainly not above the rights of humans, but if we do not take care of the environment, we are all going to be in trouble. You also mentioned ACORN. I have never heard of that, a brief google shows the following of the organization: ACORN's priorities have included better housing and wages for the poor, more community development investment from banks and governments, better public schools, and other social justice issues. This certainly seems like a noble cause, and a very Catholic one at that. Why do you seem to think it's bad? Again, is it because it does not fit in with the right-wing agenda? That is my problem on this board. It seems as if everyone takes the Catechism and thinks it's the book of right-wing theology, or the book of America. It is the book of the Catholic Church, and our Church has issues with both liberals and with right-wingers in America. I do not understand half of the comments that are made on this board. Where is the allegiance to our Church? It appears many American Catholics have been totally brainwashed with some kind of unrecognizable right-wing, American nationalist disease. This kind of attitude is absolutely nothing that our Pope, the Popes of the past, the Church of the past and the Church in other modern-day countries would recognize. Please, pray ardently and conform your beliefs to those of the Catholic Church, and put the Church above all of your biases and personal opinions. That is what we need from Catholics today. Also, I think I finally realized why the majority of posters here seem to be so against universal health care (which the Catholic Church DOES support, as I have already demonstrated with quotes FROM the CATECHISM above). Everyone here seems to be very against socialism - and again, I am against pure socialism, as the Church teaches. However, the majority of posters here on this board seem to think that the federalizing of health care is socialism. It most certainly is not. Socialism is the redistribution of wealth in a country - as in the redistribution of the majority of wealth. Just because a country provides healthcare for its citizens does not make it a socialist country in any way. As I also have shown in my post above, the Catholic Church does NOT believe in a purely capitalistic, individualistic society in which every man is out for himself, but the Church advocates for a free market that is appropriately regulated and everyone is able to obtain their basic necessities. The Church requires that health care be a basic human right. Again, here's the Catechism quote that proves this, which many of you have seem to totally and utterly ignore: 2288: "Concern for the health of its citizens requires that society help in the attainment of living-conditions that allow them to grow and reach maturity: food and clothing, housing, health care, basic education, employment, and social assistance." Take a good look at that. The Catechism is saying that society is REQUIRED to provide food, housing, HEALTH CARE, etc. etc. for those in society. This seems to be entirely ignored by many posters here. Again, I am absolutely alarmed by the fact that many posters here seem to contort the Catechism to say whatever their right-wing minds prefer it to say. Again, I am not liberal by any means; I am having a discussion at the moment with someone who is advocating divorce and contraception within marriage (I am of course arguing against both). I am strictly Catholic. I simply do not allow myself to be claimed by right-wing political ideology or left-wing ideology, and I suggest everyone here to do the same. Thank you all once again for this discussion, I sincerely appreciate you reading and responding to my posts. I hope you realize that I am not looking to fight with anyone. I am simply trying to advocate for the true teachings of Jesus Christ through our Holy Catholic Church to be accepted by all Catholics, something which I do not see very prevalent anymore these days. I will pray for you all and for all of your daily needs. God Bless you.

  10. Tony
    4 years ago

    Thought I was done posting here, but I suppose I shouldn't have checked back in order to stick to that haha. Some quick comments. Pete I agree with you, we should not change our terminology simply because others misrepresent it (changing the fact that we call ourselves Catholic would just be absurd). Susan, I do not disagree in stating that liberal 'Catholic' politicians should have the title 'Catholic' stripped from them if they are to advocate anti-Catholic policies such as abortion. However, if we're going to be stripping the title of those politicians, we should also be stripping the title of 'Catholic' from right-wing politicians who support anti-Catholic ideas such as the death penalty and initial support of the Iraq War. The promotion of immoral liberal ideas should strip the title of 'Catholic' from politicians as much as the promotion of immoral right-wing ideas from politicians. There should not be a divide. That would be hypocritical. Susan, I agree that a purely Marxist or a purely socialist form of government (in which there is a total form of wealth redistribution) would be anti-Catholic, I never said anything contrary to that. However, I believe you are getting much too friendly in using the word capitalism. It is an absolute fact that the Catholic Church has condemned capitalism in its purest form as much as it has condemned socialism and Marxism. A purely capitalistic system is in fact anti-Catholic. Look at this quote from the Catechism, 2425: "The Church has rejected the totalitarian and atheistic ideologies associated in modem times with "communism" or "socialism." She has likewise refused to accept, in the practice of "capitalism," individualism and the absolute primacy of the law of the marketplace over human labor.207 Regulating the economy solely by centralized planning perverts the basis of social bonds; regulating it solely by the law of the marketplace fails social justice, for "there are many human needs which cannot be satisfied by the market."208 Reasonable regulation of the marketplace and economic initiatives, in keeping with a just hierarchy of values and a view to the common good, is to be commended." Thus, the Church does not advocate pure capitalism. The Church advocates a free market, yes, but there must be a reasonable regulation of the marketplace (which is a socialistic idea). The Church has never said that a purely capitalistic society is the best form of government, I don't know where you got that from. The Church seems to advocate a free market which is controlled in a healthy manner (thus, capitalism combined with aspects of socialism). In addition, although the Church is very much opposed to an all-out redistribution of wealth (as found in a purely socialistic society), the Church does advocate redistribution of wealth to a certain degree. The Church does teach that certain things - such as food, health care, etc. - are basic rights that must be provided for people. In fact, look at some of Pope Benedict's recent works. Look at this link, from ZENIT (a Catholic news agency), which describes how Pope Benedict urges society to produce a just distribution of goods: Here's some quotes: ""It is not possible to continue using the wealth of the poorest countries with impunity, without them also being able to participate in world growth.

    "Authorities in all countries have a duty to work together to ensure greater distribution of the wealth and resources of the planet.

    "Collaboration to this end will also have an effect on solidarity, peace and fraternity, within countries and between countries."

    Benedict XVI expressed his desire "for a renewed commitment among all nations, especially the richest, to ensure that all human beings may become aware of their responsibility in this matter, and accept a transformation of lifestyle with a view to an ever more just distribution" of wealth." Also, read the Angelus that Pope Benedict XVI gave in September 2007. Look at the Pope's quote "Catholic social doctrine has always supported that equitable distribution of goods is a priority." Benedict also quotes John Paul II in saying that "capitalism must not be considered as the only valid model of economic organization." Here's the link: John Paul II has also mentioned at times that the rich North will be judged by the poor South for its “imperialistic monopoly of economic and political supremacy [gained] at the expense of others.” Susan, I think you are placing a bit too much emphasis on America, and particularly too much emphasis on capitalism. I agree that America is a source of good at times, but at the same time, the Vatican has been in strong disagreement with our country on numerous occasions, in recent times namely the foreign police of the country (Iraq War), use of the death penalty, etc. We are to hold our Church above all things and follow its teachings first, and I see America as engaging in far too many anti-Catholic events for it to be seen as a model society for which Catholics should aspire to. By no means am I anti-American, but there seem to be instances on this board in which American patriotism is on par with posters allegiance to the Catholic Church, which is not how we are to be. My reasons for posting here were simply because I did not see enough allegiance to true Catholic teaching. I am not attempting to bash anyone or anything of that sort, I am simply alarmed at the absolute over-emphasis on capitalism and right-wing philosophies to the point where there is not enough allegiance to the Church. Faithful Catholics in other areas of the globe would not be able to relate to many ideas found on this board. I think I've said my piece now. God Bless you all.

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