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Social Justice: Take Back the Term from the Thieves and Build a New Catholic Action Comments

Some have begun to use the phrase "Social Justice" in a disparaging manner. They want to expose the error committed by some who have stolen the term "Social Justice" to hide a "leftist" political agenda. There are others who use it but reject the existence of objective moral truths meant to govern our life together. However, some words and phrases must be rescued when they are stolen. Social Justice is such a ... Continue Reading

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  1. catholicdefender
    4 years ago

    tony i don't blame you for deciding to stop posting here. this bias is hopeless. i think i will follow your lead. it's sad to see a few catholics choosing to view their rightwing (or leftwing) politics above the church. it's sad indeed, but undeniable in the case of vance and pete here, regardless of what they claim. here's some links for the two of you: and this one too: i think john grimes put it very well when he said "It's frightening to see where many Catholics' priorities really lie (posts above). They worship in the Church of Bourgeois America... not anything our Church Fathers would recognize."

  2. catholicdefender
    4 years ago

    in case the above quotes were not clear enough in demonstrating the church's TOTAL opposition to the iraq war, perhaps this quote will serve it's purpose. this quote is from Cardinal Angelo Sodano, vatican secretary of state: "We are against the war. That is a moral position, and there's not much that needs to be said about whether (the war) is 'preventive' or 'nonpreventive.' It's an ambiguous term. Certainly the war is not defensive." well, what do you know. the vatican's secretary of state very clearly said WE ARE AGAINST THE WAR. pete you are trying to make it look as if pope john paul ii and cardinal ratzinger just had some 'slight reservations' about the war stemming more from their experiences with wwii. NOT SO. if you truly think that, you must have been living under a rock when the pope and the vatican were speaking out against the war. stop inserting your rightwing politics into catholicism.

  3. catholicdefender
    4 years ago

    also, ratzinger said this: "And the fact that the United Nations is trying to avoid war seems to me to demonstrate with sufficient evidence that the damage which would result would be greater than the values trying to be saved," so the soon-to-be pope also said that the iraq war FAILED the 3rd criteria of the just war doctrine: "the use of arms must not produce evils and disorders graver than the evil to be eliminated."

  4. catholicdefender
    4 years ago

    oh by the way, what did the soon-to-be pope benedict xvi explicitly say when asked whether or not the iraq war could be justified? let's take a look at this article: Asked by reporters if U.S. military action against Iraq could be justified morally, he answered, "Certainly not in this situation." CERTAINLY NOT. there you have it. cardinal ratzinger say that the iraq war could CERTAINLY NOT be morally justified. nice try pete.

  5. catholicdefender
    4 years ago

    tony great posts but there are other quotes that are more clear in the church's total, absolute, clear condemnation of the iraq war. cardinal ratizinger, later pope benedict xvi, said the following: "It would not be moral for the United States, acting alone or with only a few allies, to attack Iraq before a new round of inspections of Iraq's arsenal." there you have it, the soon-to-be pope says right here that the iraq war did not met the 2nd rule of the just war doctrine, "all other means of putting an end to it must have been shown to be impractical or ineffective." the iraq war fails the just war doctrine. it cannot be supported by catholics.

  6. catholicdefender
    4 years ago

    polly, you are exactly right. saying that the iraq war was justified because bin laden attacked the us is absurd. there's no connection between september 11th and the iraq war. saying that september 11th justified the us to go to war with iraq would be like saying that september 11th would have justified us to go to war with australia because we don't like their kangaroos. pete stop trying to defend the anti-catholic iraq war with fox news brainwashed nonsense. the church condemned the iraq war, and that's that. period. "“[E]ngaging in a preventive war without clear proof that an attack is imminent cannot fail to raise serious moral and juridical questions.”" ~ Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church #501

  7. polly
    4 years ago

    Pete Brady, A question: Osama bin Laden did direct violent aggression upon your country, but how does that justify invading, occupying and decimating Iraq.?

  8. Tony
    4 years ago

    Let me leave you all with this quote from Christ Himself. "No one can serve two masters. He will either hate one and love the other, or be devoted to one and despise the other.” ~ Matthew 6:24. You can identify yourself as left-wing, right-wing, or simply Catholic… but you cannot possibly hope to identify yourself as more than one of the above, as they all oppose one another. So are you a left-winger, a right-winger, or a Catholic? Choose one master and one master only. Farewell and God Bless.

  9. Tony
    4 years ago

    My final post: On an ending note, this will be my final post here. I’ve done all I can to try to cut through some of the thick biases found within this board. I wish all of you well and pray that you put aside all biases to follow our Church. Pete and Vance, I suppose I have collided with you two on these issues more than with anyone else here in the end. I sincerely hope you realize that I was never attacking either of you on a personal level and judge neither of you in any way (and I assume that this is mutual), but I was simply calling out isolated attitudes that I clearly and undeniably saw as pledging allegiance to right-wing biases above allegiance to the Catholic Church. Nevertheless, I certainly wish you both well. Any Catholic must cut themselves free of ties to both the right-wing and the left-wing, as they are both entirely hostile to the teachings of the Catholic Church. As a Catholic, the left-wing is to be condemned, as it is pro-choice and anti-family. As a Catholic, the right-wing is to be condemned, as it is pro-death penalty and pro-Iraq War among many other disagreements with Catholic theology. The Catholic Church is pro-life, anti-death penalty, pro-family, anti-Iraq War, possesses a preferential of the poor, and is a constant promoter of social justice. One can be a right-winger or one can be a Catholic, but one cannot hope to be both. One can serve the ‘gods’ of right wing ideology, or one can serve the God of our Catholic Church. I pray that you all drop any venomous allegiances to political parties and simply choose to be Catholic.

  10. Tony
    4 years ago

    In attempting to justify the Iraq War, in attempting to justify the death penalty, one is utterly ignoring the Catholic Church and putting right-wing biases above God Himself. The USCCB is entirely faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church, and all Catholics should follow them in their teachings. To say that the USCCB is ‘too liberal’ is to be blinded by disgustingly, ungodly allegiances to the right-wing. Parting ways with the Church regarding teachings that simply conflict with American right-wing ideology, which stems from Protestantism itself, is a sad result of choosing allegiance to right-wing ideology over allegiance to Catholicism.

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