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Guest Opinion: The Ground Zero Mosque and Religious Freedom Comments

David Jones, a former Muslim and Iraq veteran, weighs in on the teachings of Islam and the need for dialogue: 'I must publicly speak out in recognition of the Truth I have lived - and to Whom I owe everything. Christ blows our hearts wide open to all of reality.  I believe that as Catholics in America we should support the building of this Islamic Center and mosque. The truth, beauty and goodness of the Catholic faith should ... Continue Reading

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  1. Everett Mann
    4 years ago

    To everyone who says their lives are in God's hands I have questions:

    Why if your life is in God's hands are you so worried about an Islamic Community Center near ground zero?

    Do you ever think that it might actually be God's plan to have the mosque built?

    Why is it when someone dies in a plane or car crash it was God's will but it will be unfated if you happen to die in a plane crash, or because of terrorist attack, or a heart attack?

    How do you justify your purported faith when you doubt God's plan for you or the world?

  2. Philip
    4 years ago

    One benifit of mosques in America is that we can witness to muslims. You see, in their country, to talk of Jesus or attempt to convert them is punished by death. So another way to look at this situation is that they have come to us for witness and the opportunity to be lead to Christ. We could stand outside the mosques and pray, there is nothing they can do about it.

  3. Rivka
    4 years ago

    Religious freedom is NOT confined in a building, or a particular place or space. Why does that mosque need to be build per se on the spot where thousands were killed by that same religion. We here and in Europe are being flooded by Islam. Why do they come to live in the USA? Because they were not allowed to practice their religion in the countries they left, because females were oppressed?? Don't make me laugh, now they run around in their burkas in the land of the free. In Israel, Islam built their Omar mosque(the one with the golden dome) and El Aqsa mosque(the one with the silver dome) on the Jewish Temple Mount. One of the inscriptions under the golden dome says : GOD HAS NO SON. To Islam : Jesus is a lesser prophet than Mohamed. Jesus never dies on the Cross. The apostles interchanged Jesus with an imposter who died in His place on the cross !!! The upper room (the room of the Last Supper was also transformed into a mosque).( Abraham was not going to sacrifice his son Isaac but ISHMAEL) I lived and worked many years as a nurse in Israel. As a christian-Jew, I lived religious persecution, for the Jews I was the catholic and for the catholics I was the Jew. Religious freedom exists in your heart and soul. GOD is LOVE and I treat my patients whatever religion they belong to with GOD'S LOVE. MOTHER TERESA IS MY BIG EXAMPLE. I wear my Cross with Jesus, my Star of David and my 10 Commandments around my neck and my islamic patients see that, but I treat them with the same respect and love as I do the others. God is the Father of us all and became man and died for all of us. He does not bring division we are the ones making a mess of it with all kinds of manmade and satanic influenced religions. Give me a break : Mohamed states in his writings to convert all the infidels first by peaceful means but if the infidels refuse to listen (and convert) they have to force them by the sword.
    Remember :THOU SHALT NOT KILL !!! They should NOT build their mosque at ground zero IT IS PLAIN ARROGANCE AND TESTIFIES OF EVERYTHING ELSE BUT GOD. We should not "openly" burn Korans in order not to endanger fellow citizens or our soldiers. I wish we had more pastors with strong backbones, but maybe we get what we deserve. DON'T LET THEM BUILD THAT MOSQUE AT GROUND ZERO, THIS IS NOT OF GOD, HE WOULD NEVER ASK A THING LIKE THIS as if he would be honored less if the mosque was build on another spot, this is ridiculous. And it is true : ISLAM ALWAYS HAS BUILT THEIR MAIN MOSQUES IN THE PLACES WHERE THEY WERE VICTORIOUS. May God have MERCY on this country. My body is Gods Temple my soul is His Tabernacle and nobody can forbid or deny me to worship Him there. Return to your Judeo-Christian roots America or you will undergo the fate of Sodom and Gomorrha. It's up to us to accept God's invitation to return to Him or not and we know what will be the results in both cases. Where are the Samsons to stand up against the Goliaths ???????????

  4. Gary Sibio
    4 years ago

    Mr. Jones may know Islam but if he does not understand the opposition to the construction of the mosque if he thinks it's based on fear or hatred.

    A few years ago some nuns wanted to build a convent near one of the Basically concentration camps. When the Jewish people objected, the convent site was moved elsewhere.

    If Rauf really wants to build bridges as he claims, he needs to move the mosque. You don't build bridges by purposely irritating 70% of the people.

  5. DA
    4 years ago

    This article sounds like taqiyya to me. After we're done supporting the Ground Zero mosque, does Mr. Jones suggest we help Planned Parenthood build more offices so they can perform more abortions, and cheerfully dialogue with them while they do it?

    Islam has been around for over a thousand years. Can Mr. Jones point to a time and place where Muslims have been open to dialogue? (The answer is a resounding "NO.") I'd also like Mr. Jones to discuss what has and is happening in Canada and Europe right now, where they have embraced Mr. Jones' perspectve -- and are now living to regret it. And while he's at it, he can tackle the New Jersey shar'ia law rape case from earlier this year, and explain how encouraging Islam could possibly benefit Americans of any religious practice.

    The only place where this article is on target is the suggestion to pray for those who are ensnared in the evil that is Islam. Otherwise, it is utterly off-base, and deeply offensive.

  6. J.S.
    4 years ago

    I agree with fr. jim t.'s comment.

    To it I would add that it is striking that so much of what is written is limited to, or at least mainly focused upon, what the building of this mosque means for non-muslims, e.g. an opportunity to support religious freedom. (One more example of the self-focused, self- obsession of so much American contemporary reflection.)

    It seems to me it is equally important to explore what the building of this mosque means to muslims who are intiated it and are defending it. That could begin with muslim supporters explaining to everyone what is the siginificance of choosing to intially refer to building of this mosque as the "Cordoba Project". Perhaps, before they say anything further the non-muslim supporters for building this mosque need to read some history. The original name was evidently not idly chosen.

    4 years ago

    Hello, this is a very good article thank you. I don't know what the Koran preaches
    nor do i care for what it preaches. I have all I need in my God Jesus the Christ who died for all of mankind and was raised from the dead on the third day. i AM A CHRISTIAN AND i FOLLOW THE TRUE GOD. Christians preach love for their neighbors not death. We pray for our enemies not try to kill them. We beleive in respect for others who don't beleive as we do not to try to destroy them. We beleive in doing good in this world not evil. We are not out for vengence but only forgiveness if we have hurt anyone. I am proud of our Faith and the good Christianity has done thru out History. it started with Jesus of Nazareth who is the son of God. Islam has done the direct opposite ,every good christians have tried to do. If the Koran is preaching death to non beleivers even if a small number beleive in it, this is dangerous philosophy and will destroy it self over time. Christ will not allow such evil to endure. We need to be vigilant . This Mosque should not be built at that location it is an insult for those who died. I would rather build a common house
    of worship for all those who died. Where all faiths can participate.

  8. Larry
    4 years ago

    i could not disagree with you more. You mention the smell of burning flesh, people just trying to survive, quiting Islam after finding out what there really about here in Kalifornia. The only people in the muslim community I see on TV speaking out are the ones telling us we dont understand Islam and how dangerous and bad it is and that we the "US" better wake up before its too late. Is it just "Bold" to to allow a Mosque the "cordoba" to be built there when all evidense points to this being a sign of victory? Or is it fear? Fear of seeming to be hipocrates, against freedom of religion. Fear of seeming to go against our very own constitution in the name of religious freedom. Fear of not looking tollerant if we dont let anybody do anything anywhere anytime if they call it religious related activities. Fear of taking sides with americans sensitivities who lost loved ones, over developers who would do anything to make a buck. Christ teaching to "Fear Not" doesnt mean tollerance at any cost. His teaching to love does not mean to let Fear guide our love. Bold is standing up to big money, big government, and big media, all who have some interest in this mosque being completed.

  9. kali
    4 years ago

    If you would like to understand about Islam, you should read the site of Father Brostos a coptic priest that understands the koran and Christianity, converting thousands of muslims and have life threats. Courageous man in defending the truth.

  10. Patrick Keeley
    4 years ago

    Wow, you can fool some of the people all of the time....The number one reason to not build the CORDOBA mosque at ground zero--those who support the project consider HAMAS a political organization. Will they use the building to launch rockets? like HAMAS does in Israel, when they are not being "politiicians"??? 400 plus suicide attacks, have been developed, sponsored, attributed to and willingly admitted to by HAMAS, a friendly regular old political party, just a bunch of nice fellows, maybe like our democrats or republicans....are you kidding? Give the American public who overwhelmingly oppose this project credit for intelligence, there are already thousands of mosques in the USA, we do NOT need to prove our "tolerance", actually,,,,it is their turn!

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