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Guest Opinion: The Ground Zero Mosque and Religious Freedom Comments

David Jones, a former Muslim and Iraq veteran, weighs in on the teachings of Islam and the need for dialogue: 'I must publicly speak out in recognition of the Truth I have lived - and to Whom I owe everything. Christ blows our hearts wide open to all of reality.  I believe that as Catholics in America we should support the building of this Islamic Center and mosque. The truth, beauty and goodness of the Catholic faith should ... Continue Reading

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  1. John Grimes
    4 years ago

    Frankly, I don't like Islam very much, but I the dismissal of David Jones' Catholicism that I read in several posts above is out of bounds. He is entitled to his own political opinions and respect for his conversion. Surely he is entitled to respect from his fellow Catholics. If he gets only contempt from them, what then separates them from the lunatic Muslims they clearly detest?

  2. tom
    4 years ago

    David Jones, are you sure you've left the Islamic Ideology that you formerly espoused? How can we tolerate the intolerant? What you suggest is like asking the moslems if we should move to the right or left or get closer so they can get a better shot at us. We can turn the other cheek but PRUDENCE tells us not this time! There is no way that we can permit them to build the Cordoba Mosque (a gigantic and grotesque thorn in the very heart of America), nor should we permit them any more mosques in this country. Also we should not permit the burquas; they are rather scarey and God knows who or what is hiding under them!!! I know of one moslem who had applied for a job at a pizza parlor and was furious because they would not provide a place for him to say his prayers or give him time away from his job to say them, They did not hire him. He told me he was planning on suing them because in this country he has his "RIGHTS"!

    Yes, your article sounds like a lot of "TAQIYYA" to me. Sorry, but you come off as an instrument of the intolerable. Either recant your ways or go back to the Islamic ideology, (I could hardly call it a religion, their faith? is only a white wash for its diabolical aims) that you defend. I find your article unbelievable.

  3. Bob
    4 years ago

    John Paul II told our president at the time that we should not be in Iraq. George went ahead based on some misinformation and did not listen to the Pope or any other world leaders that said no this is not wise. If we had concentrated our efforts in Afganistan like we should have then we would not have the major mess we are in today.
    As much as I would like to bring freedom to the world. It is not my job. My job as a Catholic Man is to bring Christ to the World. How would Jesus have treated Islam if He were still on earth. Would he have blown them to salvation or at least a meeting with the Father or would he have fought for religious freedom by acting like a Catholic .

  4. J
    4 years ago

    I believe this author has good intentions, and I agree that we should promote dialoge instead of reacting in fear. If that is the goal, I think a more appropriate facility would be some sort of joint-venture. A "Christian-Muslim Center" or "Muslim-Christian Center", if you will.

  5. Michael
    4 years ago

    Just take a look at France, a once Catholic nation. They let Islam in and they are desperately attempting to get out of that situation and is finding it out to late. As Catholic's we are to love our nieghbor, no matter what there religion, or lack thereof. When a sects goal is too take over the World at alll cost how will that influence our relationship when our goal is to Love thy Neighbor and thiers is to take us over by using our laws against us. All you have to do is look at Isreal, the home of our faith and all the land around it. They have been taken over by Islam. If you ask me we need to wait until theyfreely allow other religions to practice in their countries before we let them to take us over.
    I am Catholic and I want to stay that way and I want it to be around for my future families and if you take a look around it hasn't worked out that way.
    So Pray Love, Give, but don't give up!

  6. "G.G." a Pro-Life Catholic American
    4 years ago

    Bulbajer, great article you say? What's so great about it? That David Jones, a former Muslim and Iraq veteran converted to Eastern Rite Catholicism? Why? He admits that to become a full Muslim he had to follow their ideology. He wanted to remain an American that believes in religious freedom. He converted to Eastern Rite Catholic.....Since Islam is a closed system that is not open to reality what makes David Jones think that they will open up to dialogue with any American....Imam and the developers will not respond to reason and withdraw their plans to build on ground zero, inspite that it is creating more grief and pain. I agree with Marie's comments on Sept. 14th..I'd rather we avoid enemies than to tolerate them....This is all about conquest....Why have they chosen to call this Cordoba Project? Explain!

    We must NOT tolerate nor accept the building of Cordoba project on GROUND ZERO. The will of the American people must be heard and respected! The families who lost loved ones must be heard and respected! AMEN and AMEN!!!! This has nothing to do with being or not being a good Catholic. There is NO opening to that closed system.....

  7. KM
    4 years ago

    Here's my problem with Mr. Jones' commentary: After all the buildup toward the inherent evil in Islam, especially in radicalized Islam, suddenly, on the second page of the article (Deacon Fournier, how I wish this site had single-page display!!), he delivers the extremely surprising conclusion that he believes the mosque should be built; but there's no discernable support for his conclusion! Why, after explaining in great detail how evil Islam, and radical Islamists, are, does he suddenly believe we should all step back and allow the conquerors their space in the land of the conquered? It would be as bad as me explaining in great detail how Catholicism teaches the innate personhood of all people, then saying that because of that, I'm going to vote for an apostate Catholic politician who supports the slaughter of the unborn. The mental gymnastics required to make this leap boggle my mind.

  8. c.t.
    4 years ago

    The first heinous act I was ever made aware of happened when I was a bright eyed, still innocent, 10 year old. Sitting down in front of the old RCA, excited to watch my first Summer Olympics, I, along with the rest of the world, watched in horror as the Munich Massacre unfolded. 2nd humiliation of God's Children in Germany. MOSLEMS. The majority of heinous acts I recall since then have been perpetrated by MOSLEMS. Right on up to 9/11 (when my own children saw their 1st heinous act on T.V.) and beyond. I'd buy the radical vs moderate Moslem theory if it weren't for the dancing in the streets in the Mideast after 9/11. Or the hero's welcomes experienced by the returns of murderers such as the Lockerbee bomber, terrorists from Munich, and all the rest. The only moderate Muslem is a non-practicing Muslem. History during my life has been punctuated by Muslem atrocities. Judeo/Christian civilization is incompatible with Islamic philosophy. I would also say it's incompatible with the secular humanist crowd as well. I'd like to see how well their moral relativism would fly in Saudi Arabia. As a Christian, I believe in treating other human beings with love. But, just as any good parent knows about an immature and unrepentant child: Sometimes its got to be "TOUGH LOVE". JUST SAY NO TO THE MUSLEM VICTORY MOSQUE

  9. Lane M. Foxtree
    4 years ago

    The sentiments in the article and comments sound a lot like anti-Catholic sentiments from Know Nothings and others 170 years ago. Similar vitriol, paranoia, aggression, and distrust. Sweeping generalizations about and stereotyping of Muslims is no different from those actions against Catholics. Perhaps we should stop, think, and reflect before demonizing an entire religion and its followers.

  10. Nino Baldino
    4 years ago

    Jesus and we Christians brought into the,womens rights,volunteers in community service,love of God over worship of the state..while the muslims have kept women down,enslaved millions of blacks in Africa,worked with the nazis and get a thrill wrapping dynamite around little boys waists and ordering them to walk over to Yank soldiers standing on the corner and ask for a piece of chocolate and then pull the cord..go figure this 'religion'...and each can have 4 my,imagine all those nylon stocklings drying in the bathroom...not me I will stay with my Irish American wife...even if she cant cook Italian food..sigh

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