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Glenn Beck's Rally to 'Restore Honor' Gathers Half a Million Americans, Makes History Comments

On Saturday, August 28, 2010, a massive crowd of  people gathered in Washington, D.C. for a "Restoring Honor" Rally. The Rally was called by Glenn Beck, who has captured the heart of many Americans and raised the ire of some in the main stream media. Continue Reading

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  1. Andy Holland
    4 years ago

    Dear John Grimes, you wrote "Once more, this supposedly Catholic web site raises the tired (and very Protestant) banner of God and country for us to behold." In the Eastern Tradition, Icons of St. Constantine and St. Helena adorn every Church without whom there would be no Christianity today. Politics is part of our existence, and even through politics and politicians like St. Thomas Moore, and St. Thomas Beckett, God's hand sometimes works. Two of the original disciples were zealots - patriots. Many proclaim love for the poor but use the poor to grow government out of all proportion to reality. Herod was proclaimed a god after feeding the poor and was struck down and consumed by worms from his genitals pointing out the reality that the lust for power does not serve God. The love of money is the root of all evil, the lust for power its blossom and bloom. Many a modern leftist, like Herod, are baby killers and Sodomites - Dr. King spoke truly, our material decline and moral decline are interlinked. The god of government is a dangerous illusion.

  2. Johnny
    4 years ago

    If America would have never let go of prayer in the first place,we wouldn't be in this condition.As far as the 20% of Catholics practicing our faith in America..I would say this is the main reason why America fell apart.

  3. Bobby's Pen
    4 years ago

    THANK YOU FOR REPORTING THE NEWS! To some the story was sickening, but to others, like myself...IT WAS NEEDED! WAKE UP AMERICA, BECAUSE FREEDOM OF RELIGION IS GOING TO BE TAKEN AWAY! The 21st annual National Prayer Day was stopped, by the President Obama. Why? On October 15th, the muslims are having their 1st annual Jummah Prayer at the WHITE HOUSE....and the President isn't muslim? Who are you kidding. Go to this website. There is only one contact name, which is odd, and the phone number is unlisted, which is also odd. I checked Go to: for the proof. Trust me, the President is muslim. I am a college grad, so I do not fall into the stats that only the high-school dropouts believe that. What if it were only high-school dropouts that believe it...does that make them wrong? No!

  4. John Grimes
    4 years ago

    Once more, this supposedly Catholic web site raises the tired (and very Protestant) banner of God and country for us to behold. This whole rally was nothing but another mask to disguise the extreme right-wing in this country, the crowd that for decades has tried to wrap the Cross in a red, white, and blue flag. Once it was Communists under every bed right here in the USA that threatened us; then there were the devils in Southeast Asia who, save for a few hundred thousand American troopers hacking through the jungles of Vietnam, would soon be in Los Angeles; now it it those Mexicans who threaten to swamp good old White America if we, i.e. all us Christian, Bible-thumping Americans, don't drive them back over the Rio Grande. And, of course, always mixed in with the xenophobia and subtle racism, the stock in trade of authentic right-wing America, there is the defense of individual selfishness (they call it "rugged individualism," the kind of bunk espoused by the very troubled Teddy Roosevelt, one of the right-wing's heroes) and the refusal to deny anyone the "right" to own as destructive a weapon as he can afford, regardless of the consequences for society as a whole (after all, can anyone be a real man if he doesn't have fully automatic .223 rifle in his closet and a 16 round pistol tucked under his belt?).

    What in the name of all that is holy does this political tommyrot have to do with the Catholic faith?

  5. angry pelican
    4 years ago

    I am no authority on Father Coughlin (I am from Catholic south Louisiana) but I truly sense that the same populist longings are springing up from the around the country. There are those who are looking for the divine will in the increasingly bewildering affairs of humankind and the seeming inability to correct the scenario that we find ourselves in. In reality, the situation that we have created. I have drifted a bit from Catholicism and yet the phrase in my heart was "unless the will of the divine intervenes." We are skilled in asking questions but the answers have wrung falsely in out hearts. The wanderings and questions are not so hard but the answers and the faith needed to believe escape us (or, at least, they do me.) I know that we need the Guidance of God in these times as much as any others but it is hard to find at this time.

  6. Melissa
    4 years ago

    Even for those of us who aren't Beck Fans, he at least achieved a very important goal, to bring Americans together. United we Stand.. I truly hope we take this in the best possible light, we aren't just faceless people, we are America. To limit our rights as Christians isn't a privilege.. The last time I checked, One Nation Under God still meant something to a vast majority of us. As a brief example I asked my daughter a senior in High School if prayer before meals was allowed when said personally? She replied, I don't know Mom, I have never seen anyone try. Being tolerant does not mean succumbing to the secular sect. Soon mentioning our Lords' name will not be acceptable. in the public domain. I can't imagine my grandchildren not learning about our faith.. I wish I could have been there. .

  7. Michael
    4 years ago

    I want to live in a nation that is grounded in absolute and objective truths. Therefore, I want to live in a Christian nation. Despite our sinfulness, I believe all people have the best opportunity to follow their conscience, live free from oppression and pursue their dreams in a nation that is based on Christian principles.

    Secularism is a lie. It unleashes sin; but at the same time, it enslaves all people and crushes them (except the rulers). We should resist it, fight it and defeat it while we still can. God bless America.

  8. Jeff lea
    4 years ago

    Glen Beck should not just raise the ire of some Americans, he should raise the ire of good Catholics. He panders to the extreme right wing of American politics who tolerate Catholics because of our opposition to abortion. But people like Beck and his ilk distrust us because of our support of many other social positions.

    If abortion were outlawed tomorrow, the day after these right wingers would be after Catholics and calling the Pope the whore of Babylon.

  9. John Cinea
    4 years ago

    Just as in the Tea Party rally which had
    no less than one million the mdia has shown it's bias.
    Not one Major outlets reported the correct number at the rally.
    Many in the picture when under the trees that line the entire area.
    All big media, including FOX News, have downplayed this.
    It is done purposefully. Their bias is out for all to see.
    No mention of Rev King's niece speaking there.
    They do the painting of the picture to affect the people's impressions.
    With the right photos angles there are ways to very accurately
    estimate the numbers.

  10. Mary Mowatt
    4 years ago

    Glenn Beck is no prophet of God! A prophet of God would not speak of hatred
    5 days a week. He has talked of his hatred of the 911 relatives that dare to
    ask questions about some events that took place on that day. Beck has also
    called the people held up in the dome during Katrina, scumbags! Recently, on
    the eve of the big rally in Washington at the Lincoln Memorial, he invited Pastor
    Hagee to speak,at the Kennedy Center. Pastor Hagee is well known for his anti-Catholicism and has stated in one of his recent books that "The Catholic Church
    conspired with Hitler to kill the Jews. This article advertising Glenn Beck's rally
    at the Lincoln Memorial should have never been posted on Catholics on line.

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