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Glenn Beck's Rally to 'Restore Honor' Gathers Half a Million Americans, Makes History Comments

On Saturday, August 28, 2010, a massive crowd of  people gathered in Washington, D.C. for a "Restoring Honor" Rally. The Rally was called by Glenn Beck, who has captured the heart of many Americans and raised the ire of some in the main stream media. Continue Reading

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  1. Les
    4 years ago

    Deacon Fournier
    Thank you for your report.
    It was refreshing to find someone that listened to the message about turning to God.
    I have read the different messages posted here and found them very interesting.
    I agree with most.
    What I believe is we must be tolerant of those that differ from us and attempt to unite together where we can.
    I have been praying that our country could stand together in unity without all of this party bickering that only accomplishes more taxes and regulation on us, "we the people".
    Respectfully and humbly I thank you agian!
    (ps sorry I am Christian but of a different faith but found honor and, I believe, truethfulness in your report)
    Thank you

  2. Pete Brady
    4 years ago

    Josephine: You said, "The President's faith has no bearing on his job, and if it did, I'm happy he's a Christian." About that "has no bearing on his job," you got that right; 'cause it's patently obvious he has none, or repudiates whatever small measure he ever had. Reason? Because no "Christian" would be for abortion on demand or infanticide as is his voting record in political office. Obama "Christian?" I doubt it!

  3. Lawrence
    4 years ago

    Thank you Mr. Grimes! Beck is an extremist, even gone so far as to accuse the President of prejudice against "white people and white culture." Thank God for Alveda King! At least she preaches a message of faith, love, charity, and unity expressed by loving your neighbor as you want to be loved. She has true honor, and she continues the legacy of her uncle in an honorable way, with no hidden agendas. Manners are learned at home and spirituality is learned at church, we must not allow ourselves to become hypocrites like the pharisees, saducees, and the scribes of Jesus' time. If Lord Jesus were to come to us now, we would crucify Him again! Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death, amen.

  4. Bridget
    4 years ago

    What ever happened to judging people by their fruit (actions)? If Christians don't learn to work together in the public square, the same thing that happened to the Native Americans will happen to us. Think how history might have been different if all the native tribes had put aside their differences and held fast against their common enemy at the time? Until we all stand and demand the right to pray and acknowledge God in public, and pray for the healing of our country, our rights will be pushed further and further away.

  5. Liz
    4 years ago

    Beck, like his style or not, has done more for America than anyone else in the past several years - he has united millions of people who are tired of the nonsense. He is a good man with a good message. We need to take back our honor!

  6. ldc
    4 years ago

    There is so much to read, I could not finish for I have many things to do today.
    I listen to Glenn Beck everyday, I like O'Reilly, too, we need to understand that O'Reilly has a different position than Beck. I am a practicing Roman Catholic, agreeing w/Beck on issues that are not against my believe are OK, I am very patriotic, I came to this great country at 11 yrs in is not easy to be a Catholic, obedience & humility are two main virtues. It is also not easy at first to live in this country, there are many prejudice people that make it hard for others, I did not let this bother me, I took what is good from both sides, I will defend the Constitution w/all the might God has given me, and I am w/Arizona to close the borders NOW. I was told when I became a citizen that I had to have my Citizenship papers w/me at all times, I had to wait till 21. I was listening to the speakers at the opening of the Rally on Saturday over the radio as I was coming home from the Vigil Mass, I thought he had made a mistake, but I did not blame Beck for it, I got home and sent Beck an e-mail regarding the data for he (Beck) likes to know fact...(the fact was that never were the Spaniards that landed in Florida were never mentioned to be the first one to thank God, they celebrate a Mass in St. Augustine, Fl. in Thanksgiving to God, the Pilgrims did not come here before Columbus, who was Italian but the only people that help and believe in him was Spain.
    I thank Glenn Beck for doing something that many of us and our Pastors should be doing...everyone is afraid to speak up for God...we need to put God back in our DAILY life, daily prayer...He is in control w/o Him we will not make it, it will not be easy anyway, Jesus suffer, therefore we too must suffer He will know when to lift up our Cross or help us carry it.
    Let us all get back to the good of the old times when God came first, Country, Moral and Principals...Abortion is killing and we all know it, as far as Gay we all have one or two in our family...they know we love them but not the sin...God created man and woman, therefore God instituted the 1st marriage, if He wanted more choices He would have done it from the start, but they have a right to have laws to protected them just like we do when a "divorce" legal protection ..but not gay-marriage, for that and abortion are not of God...
    Lord hear our prayers and help us correct the mistakes made come this November 2010 and again in November 2012...send the Holy Spirit to dwell in every American heart....AMEN

  7. Christian Engler
    4 years ago

    A reviewer wrote that this article was sickening, because it was in favor of what happened over the weekend. I'm glad of it, for the mainstream media has covered none of this, at least objectively. When something has popped up, it has always been derisive and totally one-sided. The modern media is good for nothing, sad to say. I wish that weren't so, but the facts are the facts. I may not have been there, but I was there in spirit.

  8. JeanCatherine
    4 years ago

    John Grimes

    You definitely need our prayers and what does it have to do with Catholicism. Well it has to do with a Constitution which is the only unique one that every introduced Freedome of Religion in one breath with Freedom of Speech.

    If this country doesnt stand up for its religious convictions then it has lost all freedom or diminished some of its value.

    You say things about Communism but dont forget that yes there were some mistakes and paranoia's but also in one swoop our Lady pointed out our errors at Fatima and the coming wars that would spread error. We did not listen very much. Oh yes, you had many who were in the Blue Army saying the Rosary and doing the first Fridays and Saturdays.

    What do you say, Whats it got to do with Catholics----everything.

    Communism is responsible for more deaths than any of the Crusades.

    It was predicted about Russia and her errors in Fatima in the early days of the this Century. It has to do with are we going to be slack and not stand up for our Religious Rights? I hope not.

    The early Church for example had mass in the private homes. Well not too long ago in California last year I think it was considered illegal for some to gather in our private homes for religious purposes. I read it in some of the articles.

    Religion is not meant to be private. Christ meant it to be shared by all. Not privately but public. Go into the world and preach to all nations.

    If you get the chance look up how our religious were persecuted and had to go underground behind the Iron Curtain. Is this what you want for us in the future?
    To hide Jesus Christ from everyone?

    Im not arguing with you. We cant afford to be pessimistic about our rights. We musnt at any time be quiet about our inalienable rights in the Constitution.

    I cant remember where I read the story but Einstein I think had a friend who came to this country to be naturalized and one day studying the Constituion he said that he discovered how this country can change its freedoms and become a tyrannical state.

    Maybe it isnt perfect these rallies but I for one congratulate Dr. Alveda King, Father Frank Pavone and others in the church as well as Glenn Beck in their human frailties for attempting to stand up for my and your rights. This at a crucial time in American History.

    If anyone is out there I invite you to go to the Manhattan Declaration website: and if your willing and believe in this movement to sign the declaration. I did and Im proud of it as an American standing up for our freedoms everywhere.

  9. Stephany Wiley
    4 years ago

    VERY well said, Andy Holland. Thank you for stating it so well.

    Those who are prone to pick apart every detail of this great event, searching for something to discredit, appear silly to this observer. One might ask them, why didn't they go and stand beside their fellow Americans of all stripes and faiths and
    consider the change that might come over this country if we restored honor, some respect for one another, some civility of discourse?

    Our nation has been divided, and deliberately done so as to gain power. Far too many fail to represent the people anymore, rather concentrating on power of one political party or another.

    Mr. Obama has declared that he ignored this rally. That is sad, since about a half million Americans stood together in the nations capital. Later in an interview regarding another topic, he stated that he will "put his trust in the American people" One ponders those two contradictions and it is easy to understand why
    uncertainty abounds. If he trusts the American people, why would he not acknowledge and applaud their presense in the nations capitol? Were they not American enough?

    I thank Glen Beck for caring so much about this nation to challenge us back to reality. His respect for God is clear. How can anyone have a problem with that?


  10. Josephine
    4 years ago

    Bobby's Pen- Looks like that college education didn't pay off after all, do a little simple research. The truth: President Obama did not, in fact, cancel the National Day of Prayer. Per a 1988 Act of Congress setting the observance on the first Thursday of every May, the U.S. National Day of Prayer took place as usual on May 6, 2010. It's people like you who spread lies and use divisive speech that will end what is great about America. The President's faith has no bearing on his job, and if it did, I'm happy he's a Christian!

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