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Glenn Beck's Rally to 'Restore Honor' Gathers Half a Million Americans, Makes History Comments

On Saturday, August 28, 2010, a massive crowd of  people gathered in Washington, D.C. for a "Restoring Honor" Rally. The Rally was called by Glenn Beck, who has captured the heart of many Americans and raised the ire of some in the main stream media. Continue Reading

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  1. Janith W Mason
    4 years ago

    Thank you for a genuine article about this event which sought to unite peoples of all faiths in common positive purpose.

  2. Thomas H. O'Keefe
    4 years ago

    The vast majority of converts to Mormonism are proselytized from the Protestant denominations. Glen Beck once was a Roman Catholic. Today he is Mormon. Glen Beck has wrapped himself in the flag and his God. He is convincing people his God is the same as Your God. This is blasphemy.
    According to Joseph Smith the Mormon Prophet he spoke to a god-man called Elohim. Elohim claimed to be the very Father of the spirits of all humans and was sent from a planet near a giant Star named Kolob. They believe each Mormon man can become a God on there own Planet. Jesus was just another Prophet but is the one who will return and bring Mormonism to fulfillment. The second coming will be in Missouri. Glen Beck wears secret underwear or is in training to. He knows a secret name given to his wife when they were married. If she were to die he must call out this secret name or her spirit is lost and she can not be a Goddess on his Planet. There are many other secret rituals the Mormon's perform.
    I'm concerned as a Catholic. Deacon Keith Fournier article demonstrates a lack of knowledge about how Christ is portrayed in the Mormon religion. Glen Lee Beck is trying to convince all faiths that the Mormon belief in Jesus is the same as Christians and it is not. He said he has built a coalition of religious preachers to spread his Black Robe Regiment nationally. He is mixing Politics with Religion and this is dangerous to all faiths.
    My family has a long history serving America and the Catholic Church. I would be very disappointed to hear of any Deacon, Priest, or Bishop supporting the Black Robe Regiment. I would leave the Church. Please Deacon Keith Fournier Let your readers know the truth about the ex Catholic Glen Lee Beck before you do another info commercial for this Mormon.

  3. alice
    4 years ago

    I am very disappointed this article even appears on this web site. Mr Beck stands against everything I thought my Catholic religion stood for. He's a hyprocrite and Sarah Palin is no better.

  4. mgm
    4 years ago

    The founding fathers did'nt want to tax and spend the money on even a small standing army.Later on members of congress did'nt want to provide funds for West Point for fear of big headed professional officers getting ideals about taking over the government fo America.Now I'am told by Beck , Palin and the' end times protestant right that the military is the very high point of American values and ideals.Beck and Palin must have the founding fathers confused with other 18th century persons such as perhaps, Frederick the Great of Prussia. I,am 56 years old I have on doubt I will live to see China eclipse the U.S. to the dominate world power position.Am I suppose to believe that this will happen because I did'nt pray enough.Glenn Beck believes in his fellow countrymen so little he has stock piles of food water and gold in bunker for when his countrymen lets down and do'nt vote right- wing and America falls apart .Palin is a end times protestant if there ever was one ,yes she believes in Christ, in fact she believes he's returning in her lifetime so why invest in or fix anything in your country she'll be raptured , we the left behind catholics can take care of the mess.You get my point these guys really do'nt believe in any kind of real future for their country or humanity period.

  5. Louise
    4 years ago

    There was a time when I really liked Glenn Beck, but one night as I was watching his show I thought he in a very discreet way dissed the Cathoic Church. He had guests that I believe were Calvinists and again watching him he in a very discreet manner made a comment about 'those who listen to people' rather than the Bible for their faith beliefs and scoffed at that. He did not say the Catholic Church but I believe that is who he was meaning. I also completely agree with "Idaho Pete". The 2 greatest evils in our country has nothing to do with money or being ripped off or any of the political things Glenn Beck continually drills into his listeners as he so wants us to think. I hold on..I've had people think I'm mean and crazy to say this, but.... could he be an Anti Christ? Lots and lots of followers yet not a mention about the 2 greatest evils in our land...Homsexuality and Abortion. To me there's something terrible wrong.

  6. Josephine
    4 years ago

    Pete- I do not believe there is a litmus test to being Christian, you might believe it's abortion and that's OK. I just don't agree with you. Bush said he was anti-abortion and what did he do for the abortion cause? Too may politician tout their anti-abortion rhetoric, but do little in the way of action to actually stop it. I don't choose my politician on one issue and I would never judge someone as being unchristian for their views on a single issue. In my opinion, women get abortions, not politicians. In a national poll take last week 50% of Catholics approve of Pres Obama, are you saying none of us are Christians?

    Glenn Beck uses religion to hide his own personal agenda, I can't believe a word he says. His program on Fox is full of hateful speech and is political propaganda at it's best. He is using the same techniques as those during WWII to scare everyone in America, all of you need a visit to the Holocaust Museum see see how closely his show resembles the nationalist rhetoric used for political movements in world history, movements we should not be proud of.

  7. Raymond Curiale
    4 years ago

    I noted that some people said they couldn't find any information about the rally. My paper, NEWSDAY , carried a brief story they said 37,000 were at the rally I think they lost some 463,000 people.

  8. Nadine
    4 years ago

    I don't think Jesus would be impressed by the sight of a rich man raising his arms up in front of a crowd of thousands, all chanting his name and treating him like some sort of prophet. That goes for Glenn Beck, Obama or any other political figure. Maybe he would agree with some of the messages, but I can't envision him hooting and hollering along with the crowd, or contributing to these people's high regard in society. Let's face it, Jesus usually took people who had too much status in society down a few notches--and for good reason.

    I think we as Christians should have a healthy respect for our rights and the political process, but maintain a healthy distance from people who claim to represent Christians in the political sphere. It's too easy to fall into the trap of following the person instead of following Jesus. Let's not elevate them to this "prophet" status. It makes me very uneasy, on both sides of the political spectrum.

  9. ginny
    4 years ago

    IAs a Bible-believing Christian, I believe that the idea of this Restoring Honor Ralley was conceived from the heart of God. I believe that Glen Beck's life experiences make him the perfect idea man for this ralley. His testimony is one of honor lost through disregard for God and his right principles, and restored through God's redeeming love and forgiveness...and wise guidance. It is only through the wisdom and honor of God that this nation was born and thrived--God cannot continue to bless a nation that shuts His name and His wise guiding principles out of the public eye and mocks and demeans those who stand up for His honor and His wise moral principles. America is in trouble. But God's Word says, "If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways...I will hear from Heaven, forgive their sins and heal their land." I want to say, it is only through the grace of God, and the finished work of The Lord Jesus Christ that any individual has hope of being restored, and it is certainly only through a return to our Creator and Savior that our nation can be restored, and freedom can be maintained! He is the giver of life, liberty, and truth!

  10. Debbie
    4 years ago

    Thank you said it all so well. This rally was not meant to promote Glenn - he's got plenty of listeners. This rally was about returning to God, following his commandments and being accountable for your actions. Accountability - wow if our politicians were held accountable for their actions, they'd all be in jail.

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