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Glenn Beck's Rally to 'Restore Honor' Gathers Half a Million Americans, Makes History Comments

On Saturday, August 28, 2010, a massive crowd of  people gathered in Washington, D.C. for a "Restoring Honor" Rally. The Rally was called by Glenn Beck, who has captured the heart of many Americans and raised the ire of some in the main stream media. Continue Reading

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  1. vance
    4 years ago

    Thank you Deacon Fournier for a great article. I saw the rally on CSPAN. Even Al Sharpon had no criticism of the event after the fact. God bless Beck for organizing a rally that encourages all Americans to return to God, go to church of their choice, and tithe 10%. He said if we turn to God, everything else will fall in place. Why would anyone have a problem with that? Anyone who is evil?

  2. John Grimes
    4 years ago

    Messers Holland and Wiley and Ms Jean Catherine: St. Thomas Moore and St. Thomas Beckett were both assuredly Catholics. Mr. Beck, he of the loud radio mouth, most assuredly is not. And Ms Jean, despite your assertion to the contrary, the Constitution most certainly did not establish freedom of religion in one breath in our land. Well into the 19th century, no Catholic had a chance to be elected dog catcher in the state where I was born, and it took almost 200 years to elect a Catholic to the White House, even though Catholicism was the largest denomination in the country. Mr. O'Keefe hits the nail square on the head: Those Catholics who honor Beck and follow his noisy prescriptions are honoring and following a formal heretic, the kind of person Holy Mother Church once wisely warned her children to shun totally. Ditto for those who honor and follow the folksy prescriptions of Sarah Palin, another former Catholic who even had herself "re-baptized" in the religious sect to which she now belongs, a very serious sin.

  3. Liznb
    4 years ago

    I am a new Catholic and one of the initial reasons I was drawn "home" was the right-wing type protestantism creeping its way into my Lutheran church, complete with the rapture beliefs that some protestants apparently don't realize are not what their church teaches, the insuination that one must be Republican to be a Christian, and that the USA is somehow an exclusively Christian nation. I see Christianity as humanity inclusive, not American; yet as richly blessed Americans we have an obligation to help the poor and feed the hungry. I love the social justice teachings of the Church, I love everything about the Church. So I cannot for the life of me understand why people, especially Catholics, would be suckered into this Fox/Beck/New Corps circus. Louise, I believe you are correct; when it comes down to the nuts and bolts of Christian worship, us Catholics would be next on the list of "others" to be against. I am relieved that so many here see through this charade. Deacon Fournier, writing about the event is one thing, gushing is another. And why should we not believe the CBS estimate of 87,000? If roughly 100,000 people were there that is indeed impressive. Can you not see that if you are ready to believe one news source to be biased, then so could another? Sometimes the whole thing is just mind boggling.

  4. J. Bob
    4 years ago

    Love the "Black Robe Brigade", reminds me of the Jesuit Missionaries.. That was an impressive site. While there may been a few "bigots", remember what one of the Apostles said, "Can anything good come out of Nazareth?". Even bigots can be converted.

    But one of the best messages I thought, was the call to think for yourself, and not let the government think for you.

    Good Article!!!

  5. Helen
    4 years ago

    I am very disappointed that Deacon Keith Fournier would write this, that would print it and US Catholics would post on FB.

  6. Barb
    4 years ago

    If this country can return to God it will be because of people like Glenn Beck, who have the courage to say what needs to be said rather than conforming to the political correctness that has gripped us for too long.
    I believe their are powerful forces working against everything we stand for and they are using our freedoms to do it.
    God bless people like Glenn Beck. He is courageous!

  7. LDMerriam
    4 years ago

    I usually cover marketing, but was in town during this event and couldn't resist trying to find out what makes participants tick. Here's what they have to say:

  8. Pete Brady
    4 years ago

    Josephine: You said, "I don't choose my politician on one issue and I would never judge someone as being unchristian for their views on a single issue." Hitler?

  9. George
    4 years ago

    This rally was frightening to me. Mr. Beck's employer, News Corp., is owned by a radical Muslim named Alwaleed. How often did Mr. Beck mention the name of our Lord, Jesus? He did not give praise to Jesus. The praise was meant to be attributed to himself.

  10. Lou Peterson
    4 years ago

    Thank you. It's so nice to read a review of the event that was positive and honest. So many liberal sources have skewed the entire event. thank your for your perspective.

    I also wrote a positive article on my blog at

    Lou Peterson

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