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Glenn Beck's Rally to 'Restore Honor' Gathers Half a Million Americans, Makes History Comments

On Saturday, August 28, 2010, a massive crowd of  people gathered in Washington, D.C. for a "Restoring Honor" Rally. The Rally was called by Glenn Beck, who has captured the heart of many Americans and raised the ire of some in the main stream media. Continue Reading

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  1. Frans
    4 years ago

    Great article, what a point of view

  2. John Grimes
    4 years ago

    I've gotten used to Catholics who regularly and mistakenly think religious orthodoxy and soi-disant American patriotism are more or less the same thing. But what is really hard to understand is their willingness to endorse the deceitful hate-mongering of a -- I have to say it again because it bears repetition -- FORMAL HERETIC, one who renounced his Catholic faith in favor of a distinctly American religious concoction dating from the 19th century. According to Fr. John Hardon, to constitute formal heresy, there must be a "...previous valid baptism...;external profession of still being a Christian...;outright denial or postive doubt regarding truth that the Catholic Church has actually proposed as revealed by God ; and the disbelief must be morally culpable, where a nominal Christian refuses to accept what he knows is a doctrinal imperative." I submit that Mr. Beck fits this picture completely, and I wonder what twists a Catholic mind must suffer in order to hold him up as an example to be followed, regardless of how "conservative" or "patriotic" he pretends to be.

  3. John
    4 years ago

    Thank you for this great article. The critics are always the ones who are uninformed about Beck - they've even seen only the occasional TV or radio broadcast, or they rely on soundbites from tabloid trash like the Huffington Post. The 8/28 event was a remarkable experience and the whole of America (and the world) would do well to follow the principles and values espoused at the rally.

  4. mgm.
    4 years ago

    PatTnTexas, Let me get this straight nobody in two thousand years ever accepted the catholic faith as an adult,does this include the twelve apostles.

  5. Tom
    4 years ago

    The Lord works in mysterious ways. Glen Beck is being used by God for His purposes. In one way or another "we" also are. Those that hate him (Glen), show their hate. Those that love him (Glen), show their love. Some are hung up on the number of people who attended. (I put the number at 195735432863858). What ever the number, the results were that a significant number of people came together, all for the Glory of God and country. What ever you think of Glen Beck, you cannot deny that the message of the rally was God inspired.

  6. Pete Brady
    4 years ago

    "Honor" we have lost? In a nutshell we no longer "honor" the Constitution of the United States. That's the "honor" we have lost. If you'd like to see what other "honor" this country has lost since following the "progressive" agenda that started around the time of Teddy Roosevelt then I invite you to read "The Imperial Cruise" by James Bradley, or "The Forgotten Man" by Amity Shlaes about the "socialist" path this country has been on under, and since, FDR. It is indeed time for America to WAKE UP and restore the honor of the Founding Fathers found in the Declaration of Independence. Time to follow the Natural Law that the Declaration of Independence prescribes as our bedrock law. And, oh BTW, the hypocrisy is found in trotting out the GWB "war" theme and then "continuing same" under Democrats and Obama. Whose fault is it? OURS. It's ours when we continue to vote for the BIG PARTY, the Democrats if you want the "welfare" state, and the Republicans if you want the "warfare" state. Neither is constitutional. It's OURS when we continue to vote for BIG GOVERNMENT. The real "Change" is going to happen by restoring the Constitution and eliminating "Big Government," by putting the "federal" back in the federal government. If we truly want "change," if Obama were serious about "Change" then he would activate Executive Order 11110, the still "on the books" executive order of JFK that would restore the "silver certificate" as currency. And thereby put the Federal Reserve and the "warfare " state out of business. Haven't heard of it? Look it up. Exec. order 11110 signed by JFK in June '63, followed by Kennedy assassinated in November '63. But THEY won't, 'cause "sound money" would render "Big Government" powerless. So by all means continue down the same old worn down path to oblivion that we've been on. At some point the "bill" comes due. If you can't "honor" the Debt then you have no "Honor."

  7. RW
    4 years ago

    Tell me, what "Honor" have we lost? You all so righteously speak of some mythical integrity that we as Americans have lost, and it's somehow the Democrats and President Obama's fault. If that honor or integrity was lost, it was most certainly obliterated when GWB marched thousands of our finest soldiers, marines, airmen and sailors to their deaths in a stinky, hot desert. Hypocrisy at it's finest, right here, by all of you.

  8. PatInTexas
    4 years ago

    I think since Beck doesn't hold EVERY view of the Magisterium he should be hung by the neck, or shot, disgraced, run out of town on a rail, vilified or have rotten eggs thrown at him.

    Please criticized him as MUCH as possible. After all, the Democrats are a better alternative and NO ONE has EVER converted to the Catholic Church as an adult.

    And we all feel better finding fault when "not one of us" does something pretty good.

    Or maybe we could congratulate him, offer up a prayer for his continued success and future conversion. And even rah rah a little on the points he made that are Catholic, though (don't tell) not EXCLUSIVELY Catholic - of course those aren't to be confused with ORIGINALLY Catholic. Same thing right?.

    Those folks More-Catholic-Than-the-Pope holier than thou's make me ashamed to be a lay Catholic. And you make it certain NO One who reads your comments will want more information on the teaching of the Church.

    Or is that the goal?

    You go Glenn Beck ! There's a lot more to be discussed in America !

  9. mary
    4 years ago

    Wow, there are quite a few Marxists commenting on this site. Liberation theology is a marxist philosophy used to distort the Catholic Church. And as for social justice, it has been wrongly adopted by some Catholic schools. Unfortunately, there has been a great infiltration of marxist ideals entering our Churches. Glenn Beck is accurate in his assessement towards these two marxist theologies. I am Catholic and I am very impressed with Becks knowledge of communist tactics. He angers the left, because he is educating America on what the left is up to. We are finally seeing an awakening of the American people rejecting Socialism. And those making fun of Glenn Beck are showing their true colors. Just don't forget, She crushes the serpents head in the end. You don't have much time left.

  10. Miss Marie
    4 years ago

    I'm disappointed in so many individuals posting negative comments about Mr. Beck based on his "religion", thus showing your intolerance for those who choose to worship differently. I'm also disappointed that several of you are stuck on issues that divide our faiths - abortions, gay rights, etc. I absolutely love the message the rally sent out to the masses of Americans who have lost their way - return to God, return to His Commandments, return to living a life of truth and values, teach your children that God loves them. We can agree to disagree on the specifics, but can't we get past the divisions and agree with the basic standards that can unite us? Jesus did not come to save the righteous - He called the sinner. If you've got the type of faith that is perfect - that's great. I am not in that perfect category, so you won't find that judgmental attitude here. What I have been witnessing as a result of this rally and the "40 day and 40 night" challenge that Mr. Beck instigated is a number of people interested in finding out more! How wonderful! Bring them to the Lord and let Him do what He does best - fill them with the Spirit. I really don't have a problem with anyone introducing anyone else to Jesus.

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