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Anglican Catholic Church of Canada Votes Overwhelmingly to Unite with Rome Comments

Catholic Online has covered with great faith, enthusiasm and attention to detail the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit arising out of the promulgation of "On the Gathering of the Anglicans" The Apostolic Constitution, Anglicanorum Coetibus. Continue Reading

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  1. Josh
    4 years ago

    In regards to Peter Warlock's opening comment:

    It is shocking to many serious Catholics, who understand what THE CHURCH is, that people call themselves Christian and DON"T come into full communion.

    Don't Christians wonder how Christianity literally got from Christ to them? How did the Bible literally get into their hands? How determined must people be to hold onto semantics and tribalism to flatly turn away from Christ's intent of having ONE BODY? How Christinaity could really have 30,000 versions of the truth? If anyone wants to see turmoil, look at the Protestant / evangelical world: changing doctrine, cultural relativism, a total reinvention or ignorance of entire branches of Christianity, and most sadly, plummeting numbers of adherence.

    May we decrease, so HE can increase, and allow the Holy Spirit to reunite us.

  2. cyril amadin
    4 years ago

    I am indeed moved to tears as i read the different touching comments from the matter the conception of people about the catholic church, especially here in my country nigeria, the church, nevertheless, an institution ordain by Christ will waxed strong.

    The trials she goes through century by century are just to purge and purify her as bride of Christ...She had surmounted greater trials than these...Am not in any way condoning the activities of the unscrupulous few who have made themselves ready instrument of the father of lies to destroy the church from within, but i know Christ will eternally be faithful to his Promise..

    Let the few dissident protest, the Church, in the word of Pope John Paul of blessed memory is not a grocery store where u pick what ever you want, you either believe and live her doctrine which she postulate in union with The Divine Spirit or believe none.

    We should continue to pray for her especially in this turbulent times.

  3. Esnofla Orazzan
    4 years ago

    As Chesterton once wrote, "There are many who have assumed the death of the Catholic Church, over and over again, throughout the centuries only to see the Church rise again. Why are they surprised, we believe in a God who knows his way out of the grave!!! The Catholic Church is the Church of Christ, founded on weak men, strong men, sick men, saintly men. Since it is founded on Christ, it will persevere till the end of time. God bless the Anglicans that have recognized the need for unity. God bless the Lord Jesus who has allowed this day to occur. God bless all the men and women who have prayed for this moment.

  4. Diane
    4 years ago

    This is wonderful news and makes me so happy I feel like crying for joy. God's mercy is so great. I welcome the new Anglican Catholics and wish I lived in Canada so I could attend one Mass with them in this new Rite. I would love to attend Evensong with them once. I have attended the Maronute Liturgy once( Maronite Rite Catholics) and it was profoundly beautiful, very ancient. I'll remain in the Latin Rite, but it still would be nice to go once. May it be accomplished soon. Hooray! for the Anglican Catholics in Canada. As for those Roman Catholics here in America who are disobedient to Church teaching: you better wake up quick! "The little you have will be taken from you and given to another."

  5. JustUs
    4 years ago

    At my parish we have people converting into the RC Church every year. They have class every Tuesday so they can learn what we are about. My question is - Why don't all these people looking to convert do the same? I hope this new line of believers don't think they can come in with their differences and change anything in the RCC.
    Does anyone know what their list of beliefs really are?
    Do they have a Magisterium?
    What have they been following all these years?
    Can I WikiPage them?
    Some Please Enlighten me. I will keep my prayers in that nothing or nobody will try to change the RCC which I FIRMLY believe in and have SteadFast Love in. But no worries the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit will watch over us - but that is at his will not ours.

  6. Kim L
    4 years ago

    @ John D

    "Belive it or not, people are drawn to the RC Church because its core doctrines are true and unchanged. The RC Church is the only Christian church that I know of that is holding the line on abortion, euthanasia, contraception, same sex marriage, ordination of women, etc. If you think these things are OK, all you need to do is look at Europe and see the tremendous demographic problems they are facing. They are on the verge of a population implosion because their birthrates are so low. They are liteally aborting and contracepting themselves out of existence and the USA is not far behind them! Looks like the RC Church has been right all along. It looks like the traditional values held by the RC Church really are in humanity's best long term interest."

    This is what the Christ would have to say:

    Matthew 7:3-5 (New International Version)

    "Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, 'Let me take the speck out of your eye,' when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye.

  7. Chris Roberts
    4 years ago

    Thousands of Protestant; Lutheran, Methodists, Episcopalian, and Presbyterian pastors are becoming Catholic like never before and hundreds of Evangelical and Baptist ministers are converting too! Why? TRUTH!

    Jesus CHrist only founded one church on the Apostles in communion with Peter as the visible Prime Minister of the Church. Jesus promised that HIS Church would never fall into Apostacy and that He would give the Holy Spirit to this specific church to guide it into ALL TRUTH. Is Christ a liar? Is He not God? You see scripture never points to apostacy, but rather that some will get itching ears and leave Holy Mother Church like; Luther, Calvin, Knox, Henry VIII, etc. The Catholic Church has never fallen into apostacy because if she did, then Christ is not God. It is Christ authority and power that keeps the Catholic Church from error, not by Man's power. This is why Lutheranism, Methodism, Anglicanism, etc have all watered down their original beliefs on doctrines and morals. They are all dying out, while the Catholic Church is growing and getting stronger with 16 million converts alone in 2009 and guess what our doctrines never change to suit society.

    Lastly, the Orthodox look to reunite with us and us with them. It is time Christ church unify under the bishops in communion with the See of Rome as they did in the beginning so that all may know Jesus is truly the Christ. Only a unified church can proclaim this Truth of Salvation and convert Billions. Christ is the only name under heaven that you can be saved, and His Catholic Church is His only Church.

  8. aileen
    4 years ago

    How does this affect Anglican churches in the U.S.?

  9. Andrew Steele
    4 years ago

    To Peter Warlock: Why is it that every person who is opposition to the Catholic Church, and actively seeks to discredit the Church, can only come up with INSTANCES of particular individuals who sin against the Church, rather than actually try to discredit what the Church teaches. I can guarantee you, no matter where you look within the Christian churches, whether that be with Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox, or anywhere else, you will find people who sin against the truth of God within that church. But in regards to the Catholic Church, just because a Catholic (lay or religious) sins against the Church, though it be a sad case, it in no way diminishes the teachings of the Church, nor does it take away the fact that the Catholic Church is the one and only true Church with a line of successors since Peter, whom Jesus charged to be the center of His Church. If your goal is to try to prove the Catholic Church as anything less than what Christianity should stand for, I guarantee you an absolute failure on your part. Look not at the actions of sinners, but at what the Church actually teaches. Maybe you should start READING Church documents and scripture, instead of taking the word of fallen away Catholics who never understood the Church in the first place, or others who do the same. But most of all, pray that God will lead you to the truth with an open heart and mind. God bless!

  10. Michael W.
    4 years ago

    @Peter Warlock - Because unlike what the media is propagating; the Church is a very important; powerful; and wealthy institution that has witnessed much more distressing situation than what it's experiencing now. Yes, indeed, the current problems facing the Church are serious, and very upsetting, but it must be remembered that the Church has withstood the rise of fascism/communism; countless wars, each varying in scope and severity; the Reformation; the Plague that wiped out 2/3 of Europe; and countless other awful situations. Needless to mention that the Holy Mother Church was said to be falling just as many times as it is being said nowadays and, yet, here she stands--a bit wounded, of course, but still upright. As the good quote says, "that which doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger." Nevertheless, don't misunderstand my words; I worry about the Church just as much as the next person, and I do hope that she will come out stronger than ever. But if history teaches us anything; it is that which I have stated already: the the Church has withstood far more egregious issues, and the fact that the Anglicans, and other religious organizations, are joining up with us only proves my point even more. Peace and God bless one and all!

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