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Exorcism and the Church Militant: Fr. Euteneuer, Pro-Life Leader, Is Also an Exorcist Comments

By the end of my interview with Father Euteneuer, I realized my initial question about being frightened of demons had betrayed my misunderstanding of the limits of demonic power. Exorcism and the Church Militant is a book that should provide guidance to many for years to come, especially for parents who need a reminder that the occult is not innocent entertainment. Continue Reading

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  1. Natasha I.
    4 years ago

    Brad, you have absolutely no credibility when you purport to know that Christianity and Wicca are fairy tales.

    I do not trust any person who claims to know the truth. I trust those who never stop seeking it and are willing to face their ignorance.

  2. Jerky
    4 years ago

    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. Please give everyone here solid proof that demons exist and that possession is real. Solid proof DOES NOT include trite anecdotes, schizophrenic diatribes, and nonsense by self-interested clergy. How about some clear video and audio documentation? If demons are so widespread in this age of digital media, there should be hundred of examples....yet THERE ARE NONE. If your only proof is "I felt evil" or something as ridiculously subjective as that, then you have answered the question for all of us.

  3. Toosmartforthissite
    4 years ago

    St Michael you must be smoking crack. Why run your mouth when you obviously know nothing about Harry Potter? So HP uses real demon's names huh? Name one. Oh yeah I forgot. I remember now how Satan and Voldemort were best buddies back in high school. Haha. Which of HP's magic spells are real? Name one. Cause there's a few of them I wouldn't mind learning. You folks need to get a life. Thanks for the laugh at your expense though.

  4. tim
    4 years ago

    i'd say The Exorcist opened the gates to demonic possession.. Harry Potter.. gimme a break.. call it what you will.. man has a dark side and is an emotional creature.. the ones that seem to be possessed should have been on stage. drama queens, they are.. evil yes. possessed? eh... bogus.

  5. Knight
    4 years ago

    Some people are very confused.

    I am middle aged and was raised Catholic. I had never been taught nor had seen anything to do with exorcism, demons, what have you. Only in the movies, or some superstitious documentary about some fanatical catholic priests and their fanatical worshipers usually filmed in Italy.

    The world is an interesting place, it’s too bad people can’t see the intricate fascinations for what they really are; instead they choose to fantasize with age old tribal superstition.

    Things that go bump in the night, is an ingrained psychological protection justified by real world threats. If people want to dance naked in the moonlight clashing their symbols, I suppose whatever turns their crank. Unfortunately, these delusions are easily impressed on weaker and younger minds, which is harmful and a flight from reality.

  6. Dan A
    4 years ago

    I found your site through the Drudge Report. A great article. I enjoyed it. Thanks so much.

  7. Guardian128
    4 years ago

    For those interested in the topic of whether or not Twilight, Potter and the rest are effective in desensitizing us to evil, there is a book, Frodo & Harry: Understanding Visual Media and Its Impact on Our Lives- which discusses it. There is only so much time to read long, complex, fantasy series, and although I found the first Potter book cleverly written and engaging, I can see that time could be better invested in series depicting people of better virtue. Without even considering the occult nature, I was concerned about the sneaking, stealing, lying, etc. that was performed, not by the "bad guys," but the sympathetic protagonists. The hobbits of Tolkien, in contrast, show clearer virtue. Or the children of Adam in Lewis' Narnia.

  8. Dave MC
    4 years ago

    Medicine men exploit tribal superstition using the same strategy to maintain control over their people that so called civilized doctors of theology practice when they promote the concept of demonic possession. Both create the perception that only they or their body of holy men can protect members of their group from evil spirits.

    Demonic possession is recorded in the New Testament and so too the expulsion of the demons by Christ and his apostles. However, when Jesus ascended on high to sit at the right hand of the Father he led captivity captive and Satan was cast into hell with all his angels. As a result of Christ's ascension, demonic possession ceased to be a threat to mankind regardless of how desirous of being possessed someone may or may not have been. Stories of modern day exorcism are pure fabrications; anyone promoting their veracity does so with less then honorable intentions.

    Modern day faith healers have a lot in common with contemporary exorcists, they are both in it for personal gain - which boils down to making a living. Read the Old Testament, those men of God constantly came up against these same sort of people – those who were into religion in order to make a living.

    So, keep in mind the locations, conditions and the witnesses of miraculous healing and demonic expulsions in the first century - whether by Jesus or his apostles. Those wonders were not done in secret, but rather in front of the believers and unbelievers of that day.

    The individuals receiving a miracle were known by the community and so too their afflictions, whether a visible ailment or years of demonic possession. After the problems were remedied that same community took note of the change and were amazed if they were honest, or claimed the power came from the devil if they were dishonest.

    Ultimately the wonders were performed so that the honest might have proof that Jesus was who he said he was. Whether Jesus or his apostles administered the miracle the purpose was the same, it always confirmed the word to honest hearts.

    What we have today is nothing less than individuals committing fraud by masquerading as men and women of God. In the process the frauds beguile the naive and gullible - those taken in by the con forfeit their souls in the process.

    Read your bible and compare what you read with what you see today. There is a difference larger than life between the miracles of the first century and what takes place today. For that reason alone there is no excuse for anyone to be taken in by the sleight of hand perpetrated by modern day false teachers.

    Certainly hope this helps those of you interested in knowing the truth.

  9. Scott
    4 years ago

    You are crazy, to believe in things that are not true or impossible to prove is crazy, The church has sheltered, and enabled child molesting priest, and thousands if not millions have suffered or died needlessly in the name of your god. If any of the priest, bishops or cadninals (not the beautiful birds) really were men of god THEY WOULD LIVE LIKE PAUPER AS JESUS DID!!!!!!!!! The welth in vatican city could help sooo many people, but ask the pope if he would live in a hovel and he would quit. GIVE UP YOUR WORLDLY POSSESSIONS AND BE WELCOMED INTO GODS KINGDOM, WHY DOES ONE MAN LIVE IN A GIANT HOUSE ALONE? LET THE HOMELESS OCCUPY THE CHURCHES AND CONVENTS AND RECTORYS, OTHERWISE I LL SEE ALL OF YOU IN HELL.

  10. William Hooper
    4 years ago

    Father Euteneuer is correct in stating that the demons are smarter than he. He seems to have developed his views on demons from what they have told him and his own experiences.
    This is the basic flaw. No one has the power today to cast out demons, exorcise demons or "bind Satan". No ceremony will have any effect on them except to further their deception. Humans don't limit or control demons, only God, and He has them under complete control. "And the evil spirit answered and said, Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are you?" -Acts 19:15 Give the gospel to those possessed that they will repent, and be saved. This is the power of God.

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