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Exorcism and the Church Militant: Fr. Euteneuer, Pro-Life Leader, Is Also an Exorcist Comments

By the end of my interview with Father Euteneuer, I realized my initial question about being frightened of demons had betrayed my misunderstanding of the limits of demonic power. Exorcism and the Church Militant is a book that should provide guidance to many for years to come, especially for parents who need a reminder that the occult is not innocent entertainment. Continue Reading

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  1. Vincent
    4 years ago

    Those who deny that there is evil in the world do so from a deep rooted fear of it. Denial is a common defense mechanism. It's so hard for most people to be objective with themselves. Their criticism of others is a deflection which prevents them from looking at themselves on a deeper level. True self analysis leads to change. People fear change. And so the cycle goes. Any objective analysis of today's society will lead one to conclude that the moral decadence on display in almost all areas of life is not good. And for those who question what the word "moral" even means, I suggest you start there. Put your anger and arrogance aside for a little while and try to really understand what morality means and why it's important. Don't attack those who are merely messengers. Life itself is a messenger of right and wrong. Trends and fads don't tell you what's right. Your conscience does. Learn to become reacquainted with your conscience.

  2. Jenny Bea
    4 years ago

    As a Christian, I am offended at the notion that some how I can't differentiate between fantasy and reality, and that somehow, because I have enjoyed reading Harry Potter, and love the movies, that some how I may be opening myself to demons and possession. This is ridiculous. We all know we can't fly on brooms and magic wands don't really make things happen. Spells do nothing. It's fiction. It's imagination- and I for one think it's very awesome that God created a woman with such a spectacular story telling ability, and I believe He blessed her life (J.K. Rowling's) by providing a way for her to market and sell her books, which have in turn made her a very wealthy woman. Furthermore, I feel as if I have always known- since I was saved as an adult- that demons and the devil have no power over me, anyway. Sure they are powerful, but I've been bathed in the blood of the Lamb- I have been saved. It doesn't matter if I watch Harry Potter or not. My faith is unshakable. I don't believe in God less because I watch vampires on TV. And God doesn't reject me because of it either. I'm not open to evil spirits. I've ALWAYS known this, and I've NEVER feared being actually possessed- it will never happen to me, or to anyone else who believes it will never happen to them for the same reason. God is more powerful than Harry Potter. I think that rather than going after Twilight or Harry Potter because of seemingly demonic themes (when really they're fantastical tales of good versus evil, where good always triumphs), let's go after the souls of men to make sure their faith is such where they won't ever be open to being victim of demonic spirits. Save the people, leave our stories alone... they are the product of a God Given imagination.

  3. Kathryn
    4 years ago

    God gave us the gift of creative imagination. The Chronicals of Narnia has magic in it, but is accepted by the same Christians who condemn Harry Potter. I don't see the difference in either of these tales of good versus evil. Harry makes a profound statement that he feels sorry for Voldemort because he has no love, no friendship and also nothing worth fighting for. THAT's the message of Harry Potter...good always wins over evil. The people that are critical are the people that have never read Harry Potter, just like the people who are critical of the BIble...never read it.

  4. phil of denver
    4 years ago

    Come on, people. There are no such things as "dark forces"

    I can't believe in 2010 people still believe in witchcraft, demons, possession. What a bunch of naive schleps! I have some beachfront property in Arizona to sell you!

    Harry Potter is a fictional character. Chill out!

  5. George Russell
    4 years ago

    "Remember to ask for intersession from Mother Mary."

    This isn't possible, she is dead. Only Jesus Christ is alive, and can intercede for you to God himself. Might be a better thing to do then to ask "Mother Mary," I know she can't help you.

  6. Susan
    4 years ago

    I have read the above comments and noticed that most of them tend to scoff. You should not scoff since there are evil beings who want control of all. They are using the guise of fiction books to gain the control of people's minds. It might seem all innocent and fun, but it is the sneaky way of the evil ones to gain surreptitious control of the subconscious mind since an overt act would be too obvious.

  7. Jon
    4 years ago

    Where in the Bible does it say Demon's cannot enter an individual uninvited? Did the maniac of Gedara "invite" the legion of demons into his body? If this is the case, the Bible is silent on the issue and any surmising is only speculation.

    I do agree that evil has been dangerously glamorized. But, rather than possession, I wonder if Satan isn't only interested in changing the mindset of people to accept evil as good in certain respects. That Harry Potter has sparked an increase in demons possession may be a bit far stretched.

  8. jat
    4 years ago

    it is just a movie....
    get over it....
    and get religion out of the business of scaring people.....
    especially this cult called the roman catholic church

  9. friend
    4 years ago

    there is no other name under heaven by which man must be saved, Jesus! You need to drop your language like this: the authority of the Church. " ?

  10. AJG
    4 years ago

    There is a lot of misunderstanding and....wrong information here. Harry Potter and "gang" do not glamorize the power of evil! That's the whole problem! The magic/power they use has been passed off as the "power of good" or, the good side of the two sides of magic. However, you have to be a real moron to think that you could ever wield any power the way they do in this movie.
    Yes, satan is there/here. He is real. However, if you are a believer/follower of Christ it is as the Reverend says: "they are hancuffed, and they know it!" God promises that satan nor his minions will be able to lay a hand on you "Spiritually." Just seeing this movie........I don't condemn seeing this movie for the sake of special affects and whatnot as the "magic" is comical at best.

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