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Exorcism and the Church Militant: Fr. Euteneuer, Pro-Life Leader, Is Also an Exorcist Comments

By the end of my interview with Father Euteneuer, I realized my initial question about being frightened of demons had betrayed my misunderstanding of the limits of demonic power. Exorcism and the Church Militant is a book that should provide guidance to many for years to come, especially for parents who need a reminder that the occult is not innocent entertainment. Continue Reading

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  1. mia
    4 years ago

    Elizabeth's post is not too long.
    I am grateful that the Lord saved her and brought her out of that darrkness!
    Praise God from whom all blessings flow, in Jesus' name.

  2. AJG is Right
    4 years ago

    There is a trend here friends. The Harry Potter generation is moving on to deeper waters, and it follows along the lines of AJG's comment above mine. Most reject the truth. That's their choice.

    Idea Wars: The Evil-ution of the Young Adult Book Rack

  3. Michael
    4 years ago

    ok, sort of trailed off on my last post (did not complete a sentence). Anyway, my point is that we should worry more about our moral obligations and less about sillyness like witchcraft and demons. Thank you for reading!

  4. Joe Nanomous
    4 years ago

    The Best thing about being truly saved by repenting and trusting Jesus is that there is never again concern about demonic possession.

    God's Word is the authority and power to salvation.

    Eph 2:8-9

  5. Michael
    4 years ago

    Complete and utter nonsense.....

    This is not what we need! We as Catholics need to worry about our obligations to the rest of the world (the poor, sick, imprisoned...all those things in the Beatitudes). Not about whether or not a whimsical childs book like Harry Potter will cause some supernatural beings to enter your body.

    I fail so miserably at being a Catholic. I am selfish and give in to hate. I put my own needs before others. But I will not accept as a flaw the complete rejection of this type of mumbo jumbo.

    Catholics should be proud of their contributions to rationalism and science. We learned long ago that real evil (Satan if you like) is in war, greed, prejudice. Not in the pages of a William Blatty novel. Catholic marched for civil rights and sacrificed their lives for

  6. Confused
    4 years ago

    I have a question, which is serious, although I appreciate it may appear that I'm trying to ridicule this argument Socratically. i'm not, I honestly want to hear the response. I had a friend when I was at school who was very religious and whose parents were too. I believe she was a Catholic but I'm not sure. She was very devout, and obedient to her parents, who prevented her from reading and watching Harry Potter/ Lord of the Rings/ anything with a suggestion of the occult or magic in it. She honestly believed that if she did read these things she would let in the devil and end up possessed and possibly lose her immortal soul to eternal torment, so she didn't read them either, in fact she insisted on leaving any conversation we had about them (pretty soon we learnt not to talk about them when she was around as we didn't want to make her uncomfortable). When we got to about 15 years old, she started to have real problems; compulsive hand washing turned into compulsive showering, she would spend hours literally trying to scour the skin off her body. She remained obedient to her parents (in everything else) in fact she started attending curch more regularly. When we tried to talk to her about it, all she would say was that she wasn't 'clean enough' to get into heaven. Nothing had happened to her, she hadn't been abused in any, but she could never follow every commandment exactly to the letter, and she began to behave after a while in a way that one might describe as possessed; she literally scrubbed the skin off her body until she was raw and bleeding, stopped eating, became delirious and eventually was hospitalised so she could be forced to eat. She was not exorcised, but after serious counselling and a long time on anti depressants she picked her life back up and moved on to some extent. i want to stress that she'd never read or got involved with anything occult, she was as protected from that stuff as one could be, and certainly didn't invite it into her life. Her psychiatrists argued that the problems she had stemmed from being told from a very young age that engaging in any way with certain aspects of the modern world would lead to eternal torment. This had become such a huge fear for her that it completely warped the way she viewed herself, until she saw nothing worth loving. I guess I'd just like to know how the people on this group who support the arguments put forward in this article would explain this: is it a case of possession, and if so how? or is there perhaps a danger in teaching people, particularly young people, that there is a demon hidden behind every story, and one can unwittingly sin and damn themselves without even noticing. I want to stress that this girl's parents were very loving, and didn't abuse her in any physical or sexual way. They were always there to listen to her, it's just that they were all so afraid of sin and demons that it ate this girl alive. Your thoughts would be interesting.

  7. Lee
    4 years ago

    The warnings about magic are good warnings to heed. I have cleaned up many messes from unwanted spirits arriving and often attaching to people after they used ouija boards.

    This is not something to take lightly as the dark spirits are often good imitators and will trick you and lead you astray. Logic will not protect you. It takes a kind of intuition to have discernemnt.

    Not sure why you did not post my earlier comment. Sorry if it was in any way critical as I do not mean it to be. I am glad to see information disseminated on this subject. More people need to understand the topic.

  8. Eli
    4 years ago

    I know this is kinda random but, Demons speak?? How is one to know the difference between an angry human and a fallen angel??

  9. kindler
    4 years ago

    Watching a movie does not open you up for possession. That' not what this article is about. It is the fascination of the occult that is glamorized by current movies that opens the door for someone to enter into the occult. I do not believe there is scriptural support that prohibits demons from entering into a person without their consent, per se, HOWEVER, scripture is very clear that if you do not fill your life with the holiness of God, you are in fact leaving yourself open for influences from the evil that permeates this world, seeking whom it may devour.

    Greater is He that is in me than he who is in this world - but to have the Spirit of the Living God inside me, I must ask.and allow Him to fill me. By doing this, I am insulated from being possessed by any demonic forces.

  10. Jackson
    4 years ago

    2 Paralipomenon 33:6
    And he made his sons to pass through the fire in the valley of Benennom: he observed dreams, followed divinations, gave himself up to magic arts, had with him magicians, and enchanters: and he wrought many evils before the Lord, to provoke him to anger.

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