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Exorcism and the Church Militant: Fr. Euteneuer, Pro-Life Leader, Is Also an Exorcist Comments

By the end of my interview with Father Euteneuer, I realized my initial question about being frightened of demons had betrayed my misunderstanding of the limits of demonic power. Exorcism and the Church Militant is a book that should provide guidance to many for years to come, especially for parents who need a reminder that the occult is not innocent entertainment. Continue Reading

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  1. vance
    4 years ago

    Some of the above comments are interesting. I appreciate that some are sharing their experiences they had with witch craft and demons. They are doing us all a favor by giving us a heads-up on the consequence of playing around with the ocult. Those knuckle heads who say that there is no devil are amazing to me. All we need to do is watch the daily news. Harry Potter is a cleaver way to sugar coat witch craft to make it look innocent and fun. Sadly, there are many kids who would love to be Harry Potter and get bit by satan in their fantasy endeaver. The USCCB needs to show better leadership to encourage the faithful to stay clear of these candy coated diabolic lures.

  2. Michael
    4 years ago

    Lee, I would love to talk more with you on such topics. I've been a youth minister for over 15 years (started at 18) and have heard all these excuses. I would love to hear from you and pick your brain a lil. If possible post a response and I'll find you... Much thx

  3. Shannon Davis / Omega Man
    4 years ago

    Deliverance is the children's bread. Jesus gave all believers the right to cast out demons and it is a SIGN that will follow those that believe in Jesus Christ - that they will cast out demons.

    We do MASS DELIVERANCE over the air every week and regularly cast out demons in Jesus Christ name from people all over the world

    Check out my program and call in if you need to have a demon cast out

  4. Dean
    4 years ago

    I was horribly messed up from a nasty background in my youth. It seemed natural at the time to be interested in the occult. Ouija boards, card readings, spells, etc. Finally I took my hate and pain and channeled it into the satanic world. Well, aside from the usual nightmares, depression and insomnia I was demonically protected to an unbelievable degree. Also, anyone who caused me pain usually suffered horribly for it in a freak accident of some kind. Well, long story short, I finally started to crawl out of this dark world and ended up attacked by the same demons who'd protected me. This went on for a LONG time... I stayed in New Age beliefs for many years. Finally, Christ called me home through the most loving humble people who truly lived His Ways. No fanatasism or pressure of any kind, just God's massive protection and powerful gifts coming out of these gentle souls. Well, I woke up and finally got my mind and soul healed from all the lies and garbage I 'knew' was reality. Well, it's NOT reality it is more like a spiritual hologram projected by the demonic biggins themselves. I was attacked more than ever right before the removal of the 'reality' I'd bought into! Since then, I am now actually in REALITY. Christ Jesus is the TRUTH, the Light and THE WAY! I am now filled with peace and beauty like I could never have imagined before. He has gently healed me from all the pain and fear I used to suffer from. He has forgiven and erased all of my darkness. I AM FREE!!! :D
    Pride and ignorance always come together...
    I am a 'Paul' for sure. Paul persecuted the Christians horribly.. I lived that which I hope to heal.

  5. Lee
    4 years ago

    Comment: When I am around a priest who does exorcisms, there is so much Love radiating from them that it feels like a fire hose of the Holy Spirit. There is so much inner contentment in this feeling that it truly is beyond description with words. I've felt the same feeling around some old nuns in the Carmelite monestary, but you will never hear them speak about it. In order to be at that level of development, you could care less what other people think of you as you truly find your complete identity through your individual relationship with God. They have nothing to "prove" to other people by showing off.

  6. Carlos
    4 years ago

    Where exactly can i get this book?
    It sounds like a good book and this article drew me in.

  7. gloria
    4 years ago

    My son sent us this article to read as he thought we would find it interesting! I sure did! I find it very enlightening how geography makes all the difference in the world!
    I was born in the island of Cuba,raised middle class in an all girl catholic school run by San Felippe Neri nuns from Spain. You could not come from a more conservative, sheltered background. Well, as black laborers were brought into our island to work in the sugar cane fields, African black magic religion made its way into our society.
    The fact that the practice of this religion was only prevalent in the lower classes did
    not mean that we "middle class" girls never heard of it. We did, and from an early
    age we were scared and at the same time intrigued by this very strange religion called "santeria." When we asked the nuns for an explanation to all kinds of bizarre happenings we were mildly aware of, their answer always was "these are people that have a pact wth the devil." Of course this was very scary for us young
    girls. We learned to respect and stay away from "santeria." Respect because we
    learned from early age how real the devil is. Now, if I would have been born only
    90 miles north of Cuba in the USA I would have probably reacted as many of you do: "I am too sophisticated to believe any of this. Only superstitious, uneducated, simple people think that allowing our children to become interested in Harry Potter could cause any harm, it is only a very interesting book that's all. I have all kind of
    letters after my title and can not even entertain any of this devil nonsense." Unfortunately , the devil is very real and when you get involved in things that glamourizes the devil and make him look as "child's fun play" you run the risk of getting too deep into something very real that you have no clue how it could impact your life. The devil is real, Hell is real, and the devil could create havoc in our lives as we are "only" playing, no harm intended.
    By the way, the wicca religion is extremely prevelant in Great Britain as unfortunately true christianity is almost non existant there anymore. At the turn of last century the English thought the ouji board, ghost writing , seances and white magic very advant-guard. A century later true Christianity is gone and "white magic" is in. Harry Potter Series is written by someone very knowledgeable in white magic and It is not just an innocent, extremely entertaining book/movie series only. It is meant to allure youth all over the world. Would you become demon possessed by watching these movies? Of course not! but why run the risk of our children turning away from the old fashioned but very true and tested Christianity to turn to the "dark side" with its drugs, alcohol, pornography, etc. etc. etc.
    Maybe I think this way because I was born in an now unimportant, presently in ruins country, where by no means anyone could be sophisticated enough to know this is all nonsense!

  8. Lee
    4 years ago

    First,.. to confused...

    I have delt with this sort of obsessive compulsive washing in a few clients. What the psychiatrists said is most likely correct, but not nesessarily as there are many variations which can cause this. It normally comes from emotional subconsciousness programming, accompanied by internalized anger or guilt. The same thing is true with cutters. It is usually not difficult to find the stored memory which initialized the unhealthy programming.

    Too bad they deleted my first post as it explained a little bit of what I do. I have been doing spirit release therapy for about twenty years. Not by choice, but because I found that I was a tool that facilitated it. For some reason, I can communicate with spirits and also read the stored memories of my clients. I do depth psychology in a few minutes, what normally takes over a year of therapy. I've demonstrated this in front of groups, including divinity & medical school settings. It freaks out the neuroscience faculty, the MD's and the hard core scientists as they watch me do demonstrations with total strangers, right in front of them. I do this not to promote myself, but to teach people the anatomy & physiology of the human soul in a scientific manner. What I teach does not invalidate biblical teachings, it explains them from a scientific perspective.

    The human soul is as complex as the physical body. When I stand fifteen feet from a person who has their eyes closed, as I touch their memories stored in their soul, their physical body moves as though I have a hold on them. If I reach into the stored memory and say a prayer, often they will feel my hand in their physical body.

    For those seeking to understand a little more, read Theresa of Avila's book "Interior Castle." It explains the roadmap of soul growth pretty well. She was a Carmelite nun who lived in Spain in the early 1500's.

    Of the five people I knew(myself included) who were performing spirit releasement in the early 1990's, all are dead now except for me. Three of them were Dr's. Any unresolved soul conflict will cause you to be vulnerable and get burned in doing this work. Yes, I have been burned a few times, but my faith always bails me out.

    I may not agree with the Catholic church on all matters, but I am very supportive of their work relating to spirit attachment.

  9. ccd
    4 years ago

    In reading about your experiences with evil and posession, I became curious: Why are there no videos of posession victims displaying unusual strength, satanic knowledge, or any of the other "powers" granted by demons? Merely documenting these would prove the existance of demons, and shut folks like Bart up for good. Additionally, if demonic posession were a proven condition doctors would know to watch for it and the posessed could be cured much faster. Why doesn't the church prove to the world that it is right, and help people by doing so?

  10. JJ
    4 years ago

    To begin, the moderators of this blog saw fit not to post my comments earlier. Obviously, my position is at odds with their beliefs. They can remain with their heads in the sand if they wish but once opening a can of worms such as a discussion of demons they should expect diverse opinions, otherwise the discussion becomes a “preaching to the choir” exercise. The opinion I presented is my own, and others can choose to agree or disagree.. In a nutshell: One can evolve into a rational being, discarding along the way fairy tales such as demons and sprites, or one can choose to remain ignorant for the rest of their life.
    The Harry Potter stories are just that: entertaining reading that, in fact, have woven in to them important moral lessons. The world would be a much nicer place without grumpy old naysayers trying to take the fun away.

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