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What about that 'Executive Order?' Abortion in Three States with Federal Money? Comments

It's been quite a week for the abortion industry. First Pennsylvania, then New Mexico and Maryland; all three states released the details of their high-risk insurance pool, aka Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP) -  and lo and behold, these federally-funded PCIP's were all found to cover abortions. Did vigilant Pro-Life Citizens prevent further advance of the Culture of death? Continue Reading

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  1. Emma
    4 years ago

    Alex........(sorry editors, I should've included this with my other post), we agree on something? I see this as an attempt to "close the barn door after the horse is out". Before anything is accomplished, before the door is closed, first you have to catch the horse! I don't have a solution. I really don't. But, I know that you don't address a problem by ignoring it's existence. Unfortunately, neither you nor I made this mess, but it's going to be up to our generation to clean it up :( and we can only do that if we put our differences aside and work together. Peace. Emma

  2. Emma
    4 years ago are so intent on postulating your own pov that you completely ignored the content of my post!! By "courage", do you mean I should not be on a Pro-Life Catholic Website speaking the truth? By "authenticity", that I should lie about what goes on? As for a "Clockwork Orange", I was not offerring up a detailed critique of the film. You know that and would rather focus on that in an attempt to make me sound stupid! And, I never said the girls were having abortions, I said they were having BABIES!! and I DO live with courage and authenticity. If you'd read any of my other posts on this site, you'd know that!

  3. AC
    4 years ago

    What this article misses is the facts and over-exaggeragtes the truth it has managed to highlight among the unnecessary blood-and-guts imagery. The law does not contain any provision that restricts federal funding for high-risk pools. It is simply silent on the issue. This omission in something the anti-choice movement has to blame itself for missing.

    As to the "nation-wide baby killing," that's a gross generalization, since only a very small number of people will be insured under this plan ($5 billion is not a lot of money for the entire nation over 3 years). However, this plan will attract the sickest of the sick and denying women with dreadful health conditions (cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc etc) life-saving options is cruel and unusual. I guess a blastula is worth more to some than a suffering woman.

  4. Don
    4 years ago

    @Emma - So abort babies?? You wouldn't want to live a little differently. Live with some courage and authenticity? I know you are not saying the current culture is right but you don't change the country by killing babies. And you completely missed the point of Clockwork Orange. They tried to turn him into one of your policy following automatons. I liked him better at the beginning of the movie.

  5. Alex
    4 years ago

    Robert and Emma, you guys are most definitely correct with what you're saying needs to take place to prevent abortions from even becoming a consideration. However, pro-life organizations are incredibly adamant in propelling the very ideas you speak of, and that is re-establishing the identity of family in American culture. Family values go a long way. I personally believe poverty alone would be severely minimized if these people had strong stable families. My dad's a high school teacher, and the kids he teaches are severely dysfunctional, most likely will not graduate from high school, and will probably be living on the streets most of their lives if they aren't killed first. The one thing that every single one of these kids shares in common: they lack stable families. So Robert, consider that the pro-life movement is fighting this war on every front.

  6. oracle2world
    4 years ago

    Sex-selection excluded? Must have been an oversight.

  7. JamesO
    4 years ago

    The Healthcare bill passed w/ abortion funding language in it & any Executive Order is mute.

    Stupak & his group knew this but maybe they use the Executive Order as a bookmark in their Bibles. That is probably the only good use for it.

    Stupak - please just admit you were wrong - please!

  8. Emma
    4 years ago

    Robert, I so agree with you! I've only been out of high school a year, but I know what goes on! In my neighborhood, 12 yo's were sexually active. By the time we were 14, oral sex was the norm cuz the kids figured out that took care of unwanted pregnancy. The school then had to go back and revise the health ed curriculum to inform of the risk of transmission of STD's through that practice. And who did we learn this from? Our parents! The children are raising themselves and need guidance from responsible adults. Girls either hooked up or they were open game. Great learning environment! The teachers are afraid of the students. Anyone who wanted to do what was right, or wanted to learn was targeted. I not only lived in fear of being attacked on my way to and from school, but AT school. It was the most horrible 4 yrs. of my life! Girls got pregnant on purpose. It filled the need that they had for someone to love them. And now there are more children learning from these parents, and the cycle continues. Anyone ever see "A Clockwork Orange?" It's here. Maybe not in suburbia, not yet, but "stay tuned, it's coming to a theater near you!"

  9. robert
    4 years ago

    I cant even count the number of children that would not have been aborted if only the right to life organization actually worked on trying to help women from having to get into the position where they think they need abortions instead of constantly attacking democrats. But sadly it is like they really dont care about the women or their children... they want tax cuts for the rich!

  10. maryann
    4 years ago

    What amazes me is does not anyone know an executive order can be recinded and many Catholics were against the health plan because we had the foresight to see what this administration would do. Cpen you eyes and understand that we aren't against helping others, but a federally run program IS NOT the answer especially with this man at the head of the government. The chruch also doesn't seem to understand that giving elderly people coverage doesn't mean they will not be DENIED services they need. It happens and to pretend it won't is sticking your head in the sand.

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