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Obama Moves away from 'Freedom of Religion' toward 'Freedom of Worship'? Comments

Since the initially strong language on religious freedom used in President Obama's Cairo speech, presidential references to religious freedom have become rare, often replaced, at most, with references to freedom of worship. A purposeful change in language could mean a much narrower view of the right to religious freedom. Does this change of language indicate a change of policy? As Catholics, this is an area where we must remain vigilant. ... Continue Reading

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  1. J Cyrus
    4 years ago

    Along the same lines of 'changing a single word to effect the definition of the original' there is another that is being systematically replaced in the various branches of government.

    The word 'representative' is rapidly being orphaned in the various houses of congress, and even in the white house itself.

    Instead of saying 'We were elected to represent the people of our state', or 'As a representative of the people', or 'We need to remember that we were elected to represent the views and desires of the voters', a new word is being used - and that word changes the basis of government entirely.

    That word, is 'leader'. Numerous political representatives seem to no longer see we, the people, as the leaders of our own political system. Rather, they now say 'I was elected to lead the people', or 'As leaders of our country, we need to make these decisions', and 'I am the chosen leader of the people'.

    Leader is not representative. It is the opposite.

    Stay tuned for even more wordplay as time goes by, I'm sure there will be more.

  2. Stephen Wagner
    4 years ago

    Freedom of speech is important. Let them say what they want, just get them out of public office ASAP. Clinton and Obama are a sad chapter in U.S. history.

  3. The_Pilgrim
    4 years ago

    Words mean things. We've all been raised to understand that. For instance, look at the words from the White House spokesman: "Obama, seeking to repair relations fractured by 9/11, is telling Islamic countries that America is not interfering with their internal matters."

    Relations fractured by 9/11? So, now it's OUR fault that Islamist terrorists destroyed our buildings?

    This Administration is the greatest threat to freedom in the United States since World War II. Except this time, the attack isn't coming from the outside, but from within.

    Quite frankly, when the final epithet of America is written, it will be in these simple words: Death by cancerous decay caused by liberalism - both political and religious.


  4. wes69
    4 years ago

    All member of religion need to oppose any infringements passed upon them by Obama and crew. The Bill of Rights says "freedom of religion" not freedom of worship. As for Catholics and Protestants, a big mistake was made in the last election. Religion is not pick and choose what you want to believe. You either accept it all or none of it. We say we are Catholic or Lutheran, but in truth we are not. I believe, this has lead to a decline in our morals and what we are willing to accept as the norm in our lives. Just look at current music, movies and television. At the same time, churches shouldn't tell us who to vote for, but they may point out which candidates are pro-anti-life. We have separation of church and state, and this is a good thing because it allows all of us, all religions toleration. I believe that many people did not study the candidates and their positions well enough in the last election. I believe that here came an articulate black man, who proposes hope, change, unity not division. He was/is the media darling. The media pumped up his campaign, not asking him the hard questions. They demonized anyone like Palin or Joe the Plumber who did. Since Obama assumed power, he has pursued policies that he said he would This is what the majority of Americans voted for. Now there seems to be a buyers remorse. More than ridding ourselves of these Progressives, we need to find our morals again. We need to stand for what is right, not what is convenient. We must respect all life from the unborn to the elderly. Freedom of religion, as our Founders believed, will help us get back onto that path

  5. oracle2world
    4 years ago

    If "freedom of religion" is offensive to Muslims ... tough noogies. Islam begins with "kill all the infidels" and kind of goes downhill from there. Given that just the very EXISTENCE of other religions offends Muslims, forget about any reaching out to them.

  6. Kevin
    4 years ago

    Seek God's mercy on our entire nation's behalf.

  7. Paul
    4 years ago

    Seems to me that most commenters here have an irrational fear of Obama. I suspect that is because he has a different background than the typical old white men in suits that we are used to. I doubt it will help you, but you should be aware that the president has much less power than you assume. No, he cannot single-handedly impose Sharia law on the United States, as some of you fear. Nor can he change the Constitution.

    Regarding the article, I think it is a bit overly hysterical too. None of the issues mentioned (abortion, contraception, marriage, the family, and gender) were ever subject to limitation because of so-called "freedom of religion." The Free Exercise Clause give you the personal right to practice your religion freely, but it does not give you the right to tell others how to live.

  8. Mary
    4 years ago

    All you Catholics who voted for this man should be ashamed. Especially when the church takes a huge financial hit from BO's new tax policy regarding charitable donations. Oh yes, and don't forget that we will now help to pay for women to kill their unborn babies. You can not be a good Catholic and support this man.

  9. Cowboy
    4 years ago

    Subtle changes in language aren't very meaningful when they come from a politician who lies outright.

    We were clearly and repeatedly told before the healthcare bill that no federal taxpayer money would go toward funding abortions. Obviously it was a total lie.

    We were clearly told that there would be no federal tax increases for anyone making less than $200K per year (or couples making less than $250K per year). Government lawyers are now in court arguing that the 'penalty' for not buying government mandated insurance is just a federal tax.Obviously this was another total lie.

    Even if Obama was still using the expression "freedom of religion", it would be meaningless.

  10. billmor
    4 years ago

    I don't care what emanates from the White House as far as redefining our basic Freedoms..Our Founding Fathers said it best in the Bill of Rights and that is what i will stick with...

    Freedom of Religion...Freedom of Worship....does worship of a rock, or planets, or a tiki mask, even remotely compare with worship within a religion with a set of beliefs ?..

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