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Obama Moves away from 'Freedom of Religion' toward 'Freedom of Worship'? Comments

Since the initially strong language on religious freedom used in President Obama's Cairo speech, presidential references to religious freedom have become rare, often replaced, at most, with references to freedom of worship. A purposeful change in language could mean a much narrower view of the right to religious freedom. Does this change of language indicate a change of policy? As Catholics, this is an area where we must remain vigilant. ... Continue Reading

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  1. vance
    4 years ago

    I am enjoying most of the above comments. Many ask, "Why did most Catholics vote for Obama?" My answer is OUR LIBERAL CLERGY. Does aka Fr. Mike Pflager who was Obama's campaign man, aka Fr. Jenkins President of Notre Dame U, aka Sr. Carol Keehan endorsing Obama Care ring a bell? The list of liberal left Bishops and priests goes on and on. FormerLifeLongCatholic please come back to the faith. You did what the LEFT wants you, me and everyone esle to do. DROP OUT. Come back not because of them but inspite of them and fight them.

  2. jzk
    4 years ago

    If indeed majority of Catholics voted for Obama its because majority of the Catholics do not even believe in what they profess, they do not practice their faith as our Lord spelled it out in the gospels and gave authority to the church. Many Catholics are like zombies at church. Going once a week is not enough, saying grace is not enough, good deeds are not enough, being a 'good person' is not enough. Majority of the Catholics do not even believe in the real presence of our Lord in the Eucharist. Lets begin with that. If you are truly led by the holy spirit, he will lead you in the right path.
    "If Catholics truly believed in what they said, they would be on their hands and knees begging for it." - Anonymous.

  3. Bobby Steele
    4 years ago

    Considering all the people who consider Obama their 'messiah' - it should be clear why he uses the term 'Worship'.
    But to play devil's advocate - I dread the day that 'freedom or Religion' is used to both justify, and legalize Jihad. A balance needs to be set. Islamists make a mockery of Religion.

  4. Gary Sattely
    4 years ago

    After reading this article I believe it deserves another headline that sums it up perfectly..
    I believe that the mincing of words is to slowly create a populace who believes its only "religious freedom" IS in-house/church worship and that there is no "freedom" to spread the word, evangelize or form public opinions based on one's own religious dogma.
    And in time when the state becomes the official religion and it "gracefully bestows" your right to worship will people possibly, finally, realize what has happened to this great county.
    If the current play on words stays in effect for the next 6 years you will see a group of people who in everyday life will have unconsciously substituted the word "worship" for "freedom".
    As I am married to a teacher who has worked in both secular and catholic environments I urge all parents to watch your childrens history books over the next 6 years for the word "worship"

  5. barb
    4 years ago

    Just an observation. Glenn Beck makes mention of Catholic online yesterday.
    Wham here they come to make their phoney 2 bit criticisms of Tea Party, catholics, Republicans. Now I am waiting for someone to blast Sarah Palin and it will be complete.

  6. Lyvia
    4 years ago

    Marie, President Obama didn't "change the terminology of the Constitution." He used a phrase that other presidents, including George W. Bush (quoted and cited above) have used. Often. I don't know why the author of this piece only mentioned Democrats who said it, but other presidents used that very phrase and not infrequently. Why did no one accuse Bush of "changing the terminology of the Constitution?"

    I understand some of you have concerns about the president, but at least be fair. He said something other presidents, including Republicans, have said. If it's problem that he said it, then it's a problem that they said it.

  7. Steve
    4 years ago

    So Catholics voted in mass for Obama and got him. They pushed for Obama's Healthcare, and got it. They are pushing for environmental responsibility under the banner of "Cap & Trade" (but they don't understand what's really behind it). They push for "Social Justice" because it sounds nice (but they don't understand what's really behind it).

    I talk to Priests every week who are asleep at the switch with regards to history and where we could easily be headed. Too many people reading this article will go back to their TV and American Idol and will vote their Progressive Senators and Congressman back into office . . . and then they will wonder how they lost their freedoms?!

    Have Catholics been paying attention to what is going on? -- Because there will be a test this November and America's future depends on the right answer.

  8. Marie
    4 years ago

    We have freedom of religion now but will we have it in the near future? If this President is allowed another four years, no one will be able to recognize the U.S. as we now know it. Why does Obama feel a need to change the terminology of the constitution?. I'm sorry but I don't feel the need to make our Arab neighbors feel better. If it was up to them all Christians would be put to death. That is what Jihad is all about. No religion other than Islam is tolerated. All Catholics and other religions need to wake up before it is to late. The anti-christ may be coming sooner than we think. Any one who sanctions the killing of unborn babies and the euthanizing of the elderly because they might cost the nation a little more money can not call himself a Christian. Obama is not a Christian. All anyone needs to do is investigate his most recent membership in Rev. Wright's church. He was a member for over twelve years. He couldn't sit and listen to the man's rantings without being indoctriated.

  9. Elaine
    4 years ago

    Elwood (July 18, 2010),

    I could not agree with you more. Very well said.

    I am appalled at the the disrespect, blatent expessions of hostility and hatred directed toward our president that are being expressed. (Can you say anti-Obama Jihad?)

    Yes, yes, there is freedom of speech, but what I find to be most ironic and sad is the vitriole expressed by so-called "Christians." Woe to you hypocrites! Frankly i think that some of the comments should have been edited out by Catholic Online as being violative of their policies for civility and appropriateness of content.

    Regardless, I shall pray for one and all, including President Obama.

  10. Bulbajer
    4 years ago

    Ruben, nice point. I did not know that about the state constitutions.

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