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Are Lutherans Next? Lutherans Seek Full Communion with Catholic Church Comments

Pope Benedict XVI's first Papal message: 'With full awareness, therefore, at the beginning of his ministry in the Church of Rome which Peter bathed in his blood, Peter's current Successor takes on as his primary task the duty to work tirelessly to rebuild the full and visible unity of all Christ's followers. This is his ambition, his impelling duty.' Continue Reading

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  1. Skip
    4 years ago

    Josh - very well put. While I am sure Luther was a man of his times, his actions split the faithful and these divisions continue to this day with new churches with new doctrines and means of salvation opening up each day!! While I am quite sure that was not his intent the results speak for themselves. We have many that are quick to criticize the Catholic Church and the postions it takes on matters of contemporary social concern at every opportunity, and I have certainly criticized clergy members for their horrific transgressions. Nonetheless, I have anchored myself to the Catholic Church which provdes me an island of stability in the midst of confusion during this stormy journey we call lfe!!

  2. Terry Brennan
    4 years ago

    Luther was a man of his times, and a superb biblical scholar. His churches have done much to clean up the corruption that plagued the catholic church in that day.
    Unfortunately, the large obvious issues like celibacy, abortion, homosexuality are mundane compared to the deep hatred and cultural differences that divide Christianity. Look at poor Northern Ireland. So much hope for lasting peace between Christians may go down the drain if the hard Orange and the hard Green don't stop their petty bickering and violence.

    Adding a few Lutherans won't hurt a thing, but the cost of the secular history that determines much of inter-Christian relations is not about Jesus or his teachings. It was and is about political power.

  3. Josh
    4 years ago

    Your comments reveal much about the tribalistic ideology that has kept Christians separated: it takes a certain determination to ignore the theological grounds (both scriptual and traditional) that demand unity. Its obvious that it's human nature that keeps us separated when I see you changing the creed, or Luther attacking the Biblical canon, or the ultimate irony of a Lutheran using "reason" as an argument against Catholics....
    A few of your quotes:
    1."Notice I have removed the 'One' [from the creedal formulation]?": You don't have the authority to do so, and I can't imagine any serious person making a case that this isn't heresy...even based on scripture alone.
    2."...does that mean the Catholic Church will declare Martin Luther a Father of the Church? ": Uh, no. When you tear four books out of the New Testament, and volumes of hateful quotes are available to anyone who cares to find them, you have little grounds for becoming a "Father", which btw, refers to an era he did not belong to.
    3. "Hopefully, reason will prevail over emotion in our educated age": 1400 yrs. after people like St. Justin Martyr made the case that "reason" is a vital element of Christianity, Luther has well documented unhinged diatribes against "reason the whore" as he called it. What irony, if only you could have been there to tell him that he was wrong!
    4. Sola Scriptura is the root of relativism and disunity within the faith, which perhaps elavates it to the greatest heresy in the history of Christian theoloy...not the stuff of "Doctors of The Church"
    5. See Father Richard John Nuehaus' reasons for becoming Catholic...I think your questions will be answered, and the only place left to go will slowly become obvious.

  4. ugo felicitas
    4 years ago

    may God be praised,the truth can never be silenced,and soon enough the truth will so big that the devil will be helpless as those trapped in the darkness he has created will be librated,welcome back my sepreted brethern,welcome and ma God guide through your catholic life because i tell you it is one filled with a lot of challenges and blind antagonism,once again welcome

  5. cliff
    4 years ago

    Vance, you say "welcome home to the Lutherans", does that mean the Catholic Church will declare Martin Luther a Father of the Church?

  6. cliff
    4 years ago

    JASON, your reasoning escapes me; you call the Holy Mother Church one when you have so much dissention and Judas's in your midst, then you tell me I am in the dark? Wow! I would agree we are in age of deep heresy, but your attitude is certainly one that does not shine the light of Christ. It resembles more the attitude of the Pharisees, who were very legalistic. There is another saying, "you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar" rings true. But of course it may be worthless reasoning with you as you already have your mind made up, and you will not allow the Holy Spirit room to guide you. Maybe it is you who should come out of the darkness?

  7. Jason
    4 years ago

    John "Sensus Fidelium" does not mean that the Church is a democratic institution. She is not. What previous bishops and cardinals have proposed is irrelevant. Previous bishops and cardinals have proposed all kinds of novelties.

    And Cliff, Holy Mother Church is indeed one and what the "reformers" said about Mother Church is also irrelevant. What you, in modernist pride call an "educated age" is actually an age of deep heresy and confusion.

    As I stated, nobody can force you to come out of the dark.

  8. vance
    4 years ago

    I say "Welcome Home" to the Lutherans. I say "Right On" Nino and Jason. The Lutheran clergy should be Deacons and not priests. This will be up to the Holy Father to decide.

  9. JeanCatherine
    4 years ago

    Jason, Jessica and to all of our Catholic Orthodox brothers and sisters in Christ.

    God Bless your faithful hearts. Thank you for keeping our tradition alive regarding the celibate priesthood.

    Personally I think its being attacked as priests always have been attacked since the Lord instituted the priesthood.

    Im for Rome and I think they still have what it takes to make moral judgments even though the smoke of Satan has passed through the doors.

    I have faith in Holy Father and first and foremost in the The Lord, The Father and the Holy Spirit.

    We will see what the truth will be regarding the Lord's Priesthood.

    He will guide us to a better priesthood in these coming days, years etc.

    May our Lord protect His Bride.

  10. Bulbajer
    4 years ago

    Kerstin Geiger and Nana, I agree. I think we're getting some good comments here.

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