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Are Lutherans Next? Lutherans Seek Full Communion with Catholic Church Comments

Pope Benedict XVI's first Papal message: 'With full awareness, therefore, at the beginning of his ministry in the Church of Rome which Peter bathed in his blood, Peter's current Successor takes on as his primary task the duty to work tirelessly to rebuild the full and visible unity of all Christ's followers. This is his ambition, his impelling duty.' Continue Reading

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  1. Alejandro
    4 years ago

    I saw this Lutheran group's website and I honestly see no reason why they still call themselves Lutheran. It's like some Anglo-Catholics in Britain that have Eucharistic adoration and the like, it's almost like they remain outside the Church to avoid episcopal oversight but in every respect they have embraced Catholic theology. I think that careful examination of doctrine and some of Luther's earlier writings can be enough for some serious Lutherans to see that there are good reasons to come back to the Church. That said, there is still something weird to me about Lutheran or Anglican groups that are so Catholic yet keep saying that they are grateful or proud of their Lutheran/Anglican heritage. The real Catholics didn't seem to have a gay ol' time when the Anglican church was ruling Britain and going after every "Papist" with a pitchfork and the Lutherans had no qualms about calling the Pope the anti-Christ. One may argue that Catholics have been guilty of these excesses as well but if one wishes to embrace her Truth then it must be recognized that it is not the same thing to persecute those who corrupt the Truth than to persecute the Truth itself. In any case, I pray that we all become One as Christ intended and I really hope to see the union of East and West in our lifetime.

  2. Earl
    4 years ago

    As a former Wisconsin Synod Lutheran who found my way back to Roman Catholicism, I believe there is hope for unification of all Christians. My former church's dogma included the belief that the Pope is the Anti-Christ. Since my own "conversion on the road to Damascus" I can only thank our Lord and Savior for opening my eyes to wonders of his church and I echo the words, of Saint Augustine that "I have loved you too late."

  3. Michael Keloisim
    4 years ago

    Interesting conspiracy theory: Pope Ratzinger os the only Pope in the last 500 years to real have a chance at healing the schisms of not only the reformation,but maybe the Greek schism as well. As soon as this became apparent the media started on the abuse scandal again(which needs to be told) was nothing new. Still claims from decades ago with most of the accused long dead. A bigger,united faith is not what the world powers want right now. We should pray for all the separated that they come back into communion. As for them beings priests or not that is up to the Pope. If he says Joe Lutheran with 12 kids and a wife is now a priest...well he is the Pope and Joe Lutheran is a priest.All must watch them self here...when they changed the mass from latin in the 60's some like the Pius X people used it as a excuse to break with the true faith.If you believe in the faith,the successor of St Peter,then what he says goes.

  4. Justin
    4 years ago

    Abp. Irl Gladfelter, I did not mean to come off negative about The His Holiness, far from it I support and pray everyday that the differences can be healed. Unfortunately many people do not even know of the Eastern Catholic or in my case Eastern Orthodox church, (which is itself is quite sad.) Until the majority of the Latin Church layman learn about the East, Unity will be but a dream.

    That being said...

    I just wanted to bring up the fact, that the viewpoint of many is towards a married priest is rather negative, and condecending, when many do not even know that at one point it was allowed, or even the reason why It's disallowed, and its more than just the spiritual reason. My best to educate people who do not have that knowledge, can across crass. So i offer my humblest apologies. if I offended.

  5. Abp. Irl Gladfelter
    4 years ago

    Justin, the Holy Father is trying to heal the Great Schism. Just because it has been going on since 1054 doesn't mean it was God's more than the later wounds man has inflicted on Holy Mother Church. In Gethsemane, Christ prayed that all his followers would be one. I do not believe God answered that prayer in the negative. That unity of all Christians in the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, in full communion with His Vicar on earth, the Successor to St. Peter, must become a lived reality once more. Please pray for the reunion of the Church, my friends.

  6. Justin
    4 years ago

    Listen, I hate to break it to you, but the Catholic church hasn't been One in over a 1000 years. Great Schism 1054 Ring a bell???. I come from the Eastern Orthodox, and I have no idea why some of you are against Priests getting married in the Latin(Shouldn't be called Catholic..damn Brits) church. Peter himself had a wife. All being married means is that you cannot become a Bishop, Archbishop etc. You stay as a priest, and for many people that's ok with them. You must be married before you receive Holy Orders though, once you receive Holy Orders, you swear to celibacy. If you want look in the Catechism my friends it explains it all there for both rites. My Church has a priest from Greece, he is married 25 years old, and he is full of the holy spirit like no tomorrow, but a lot of the Logic on here makes the case he is less of a priest for being married.

    I attend both masses my Byzantine(which all of you should go to Mel kite Church if you will count for you), and Latin. You all who have not attended an Eastern Mass as you call it should, hehe you might like it more..ya never know

    P.S. To the guy who wanted to Include Lutherans as the Fathers of the Church, it is clearly stated who are church fathers were, Martin Luther was a reformist, and that is it, he founded the first form of Protestantism, and from their the many denominations of Protestant Christianity.

  7. Bp. Edward J. Steele
    4 years ago

    I think perhaps it would be good, considering the many comments above, for me to clarify the Anglo-Lutheran Catholic Church's position on priestly celibacy.

    Those of us who are clergy and currently married in the ALCC, have already agreed, in accordance with the Church's teaching on priestly celibacy, to not remarry in the case of the death of one's wife. We have offered to do so in writing, and to have such a document be made legally binding prior to the Holy Father allowing us to enter into the Catholic Church. Additionally, any clergy not currently married and all men who have made inquiries to the ALCC have been told that celibacy is a requirement of all postulants for Holy Orders. I myself turned down a young man's request to begin studies for the ALCC priesthood because he was engaged, and would be married prior to him starting his education for the diaconate.

    As stated in our petition to Rome, dated May 13, 2009, "The ALCC's priority is reconciliation with that which Jesus Christ established - His Holy Roman Catholic Church." Additionally it states: "To do this we must, again I state, un-do the Reformation and restore the visible, corporate unity of Christ's One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. We in the ALCC have no ambition but to return to the Holy Mother Church."

    Simply put, our desire is to be fully Catholic, in accord with the desires and dictates of the Holy Father and the teaching magisterium of the Church.

    In Christ Jesus,

    +Edward J. Steele
    Director, Office for the Doctrine of the Faith
    Anglo-Lutheran Catholic Church

  8. Bulbajer
    4 years ago

    Cliff, I agree (with your 7/13 comment to be specific).

  9. Cliff
    4 years ago

    JOSH, it is very sporting of you to come to bat for Jason & Kirsten and that you feel empowered to be their spokesman. It is unfortunate that this thread has digressed to such vitriol and animus for fellow Christians. We have enough secular, atheistic enemies without throwing dirt on each other. We can cherry-pick all year finding faults, and direct this animus at each other, and feel justified in doing so. But is this doing the body of Christ any good? Where is the Christian compassion and love of Christ in all this? I think we need to dialogue on civil terms and forego post-reformation verbiage, which was pretty awful on both sides. Yes, I agree 100% we need to be unified, but what form that unity takes should be decided by God. Trash talking will not bring about any civil unity. May the Holy Spirit guide us to see His Truth, and not man-made dogma!

  10. Bulbajer
    4 years ago

    Terry Brennan, I agree.
    Leo X was not by far the most evil or corrupt pope of the Renaissance, but I think many of Luther's claims of abuse (if not all) were true. I have been reading A History of the Popes: From Peter to the Present by John W. O'Malley, S.J. The call for church reform did not originate with Martin Luther; it largely originated with Gregory the Great. The reform movement had fought, but was either unsuccessful in some areas by the time of Luther or successful at a time then weakened in other areas. Luther was the spark that the reform movement needed, and for that the whole of Christianity (or at least Western Christianity) should be thankful. I don't agree with much of what Luther came out with theologically, especially as his years of persecution went on, and I certainly don't support his violent turn against the Jews after they refused to convert. But I think Luther was more Christian than a lot of other Christians from the late middle ages on. I'm surprised so many people here are still in the reactionary spirit of 19th century Catholicism.

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