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Editorial: Stephen Hawking is Wrong. Church is a Defender of Life, Science and the Person Comments

Hawkings view of the insignificance of the human person is sad. His error concerning how the Church views the relationship between faith, science and reason is just plain wrong. It is one more example of the continual drumbeat against the Catholic Church in an increasingly hostile culture. What is needed are well formed Catholics who can learn how to defend the truth. Continue Reading

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  1. Sara
    4 years ago

    What is truth? If science does not assume to know truth how will it know it when it discovers it? how does it know that the methodology for discovery of this truth is in fact true?

    How will it know what it does not know?

  2. william
    4 years ago

    With his theory, Hasting could have been deemed useless and put down.

  3. Elizabeth
    4 years ago

    Could someone who knows Mr. Hawkins or any other atheist scientist or doctor please get some books into their hands about about the eucharistic miracles where the "bread" in the priests hands has physically changed into human heart muscle, about Saint Juan Diego's tilma with the miraculous image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, about the "miracle of the sun" in front of thousands at Fatima, Portugal, about Saint Therese of Liseux appearing to soldiers on the battlefield in her Carmelite habit, long after her earthly life had ended, about Saint Padre Pio bearing the stigmata, reading hearts, and bi-locating, about the saints whose bodies are incorrupt, etc. etc. etc.

    Let's hear a purely "scientific" explanation for MIRACLES!!!

    Through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, dear Lord, please bring about the conversion of all hearts!!! (especially doubting scientists!!! :-)

  4. robert
    4 years ago

    Sometimes I really wonder what planet exactly is it that Bill Donohue is from, and when he can get a ticket back. Why exactly he is arguing semantics with an old crippled scientist.... i have no clue. Why exactly he is making the catholic church look foolish, i also have no clue.
    It is a testament to the hostel direction of the church during this neoconservative movement that such statements can be made by someone of authority in the catholic church. Who apparently does not know the definition of science nor the definition of religion. A subject that while he claims great knowledge is sadly ignorant.
    So look bill, if your reading Science is a methodology for the discovery of truth. Religion is a human statement of what it believes truth is. Religion assumes that it knows truth, science does not. These are 5th grade definitions sir. Please go back to school before you embrace yourself further. The pointing out of these facts is neither pro or anti religion. Religion as it is has its own purpose, which is different then the purpose of science. Science gives us great technology. Religion gives us culture and art. From a scientific point of view, the earth and the human race is rather insignificant compared to the universe at large. That does not mean that our lives don't have meaning. It is no reason to get upset and start calling Stephen Hawking. It is time for the so called Catholic League to grow up or just shut up.

  5. Jennifer
    4 years ago

    Wow! I think it's important to remember that what unites both religion and science is that it's "people" doing both - and people are flawed and imperfect - and therefore their "science" is flawed and imperfect. Our poor doctor, however, prefers to focus on the flaws and the negative of religion, and NOT with the eye of a healer. It is obvious to me by his comments that he has never had the experience of Christ on a personal level - if he had, he never would have made those comments! I feel sorry for you, Doctor, that you are stuck in the utilitarian view of life and the world, for it will only bring you misery in your soul (not necessarily your ego - that may remain proud - as I've heard that PhD can also stand for "Piled higher and Deeper"). The Greek philosopher, Plato, said that one of the proofs for the existence of the soul is that man is never "happy" with material things over the long haul - we get bored and move onto something else. If, in fact, we were only material beings, then material things would satisfy us. Since they don't and we long for immaterial things, such as justice, beauty, love, and even "truth," it proves that we are "more than" material - we are "spirit" too. Open your mind to the possibility, dear Doctor! I shall pray for you!

  6. Melissa
    4 years ago

    Bulbajer, you seem to be as ignorant of Catholic history as you are of Islam. Before you blindly accept the anti-Catholic propaganda that we are inundated with in the English speaking world, please understand that the English speaking world has been anti-Catholic for hundreds of years. England has been profoundly anti-Catholic since the time of King Henry VIII and in particular since Elizabeth I. America was founded on anti-Catholic sentiment, as the Puritans, Quakers and the like tried to distance themselves from the Church of England, which they considered to be "too Catholic". (Articles have been written recently, documenting the long history of anti-Catholic sentiment in the USA.) I don't mean to over simplify things, but that's it in a nutshell, so to speak. There is a different perspective to the history of the world, than the one typically spouted in popular media in the English speaking world. There are plenty of excellent Catholic resources online (Advent Catholic Encyclopedia and Catholic Answers to name two) not to mention books, to enable every Catholic to educate themselves on the Catholic Faith and the history of the world. I realise that it could be said that everyone has a bias, but at least if you acknowledge that, understand where the author's bias lies. Why on earth would you assume that someone who hates the Catholic Church, truthfully reports Her history? Torture has never been sanctioned by The Church and if The Church has so often repressed the exercise of reason and science, then why on earth is Galileo the only reference ever cited and inaccurately at that? If you can't see why the Church opposes embryonic stem cell research then I suggest you learn your faith.

  7. JeanCatherine
    4 years ago

    Doctor L.

    Respectfully if you get the chance check out the Courage Apostolate and PeopleCanChange Website.

  8. Liz
    4 years ago

    Everyone needs to read, The Language of God, by Collins, who was a pioneering medical geneticist who once headed the Human Genome Project. It is an excellent read and most useful in defending against individuals like Hawking.

  9. JeanCatherine
    4 years ago

    Doctor L.

    How do you explain that a Catholic priest came up with the Big Bang Theory?

  10. John D
    4 years ago

    Bulbajer, your comments contain a few commonly held misconceptions regarding the Church/Galileo controversy. First, the Pope and Galileo were friends and knew each other for quite some time (before each attained their respective stations in life). Second, the Pope and most educated people (which were few at the time) knew the earth circled the sun, not vice versa. Third, the Pope, knowing Galileo was right, wanted him to print his observations and propose his conclusions as theory, which would be quickly accepted by those who were educated. The Church needed time to square away apparent biblical references to a geocentric universe so as not to upset the apple cart with a mostly uneducated and illiterate public. Galileo, in defiance, published his observations in the form of a dialogue with the character of Simplicio playing the role of the Pope/Church. This made the Pope/Church look foolish. This is what got him in hot water. He was kept under house arrest and was never tortured. It appears that Galileo lacked some finesse and political savy.

    I encourage you to read about it here:

    Lastly, the Pope was dealing with the Protestant Reformation simultaneously and had his hands full.

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