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Journalistic Icon Helen Thomas Abruptly Retires Amidst Controversy Comments

An attempted apology didn't dissuade those who felt Thomas should bear some consequences for her irresponsible remarks. Continue Reading

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  1. Brad
    4 years ago

    I loathe Thomas's statement. However, I also take into consideration the points of some commentators here that we must not forget that the Palestinians are God's creatures, too, and have certain basic rights to quality of life, health, happiness, sanity, etc. To that end I say, let their fellow muslims, Eqygt, open their own border with Gaza. If Israel is wrong, so is the neighboring state to Gaza's west, to keep Gaza physically hemmed within a sweltering, non-porous border. Case in point: why did the recent ill-fated flotilla of "activists" have to come from Turkey via international waters? They could not simply go via Egyptian land or water. The arab states care nothing about helping Gazans. They let them languish within the pressure cooker of Gaza, using them merely as proxy war street fighters.

  2. joselyn
    4 years ago

    Fact is there are alot of Palestinians that are Christians and being mistreated by the Jews in Israel, when will the zionist protestants get it? Go to youtube and put Jews attack Christians in Israel you'll find a bunch of videos. She wasn't being anti-Jewish she was telling like it is. So why ask her about Israel if you don't want to listen to an alternate opinion?

    This guy was looking for one sided stuff and probably hoping to slam those in desent which he did-congrats Rabbi.-end sarcasm I totally agree with what David said above well said!

  3. Jack Gordon
    4 years ago

    I don't know what the lady said in full and, frankly, I don't care; she never impressed me as intellectually interesting. I can say the same for other 'icons' of American journalism, those like Drew Pearson and Walter Cronkite. That said, the plight of the Palestinians is to be lamented, especially their oppression by the Israeli government and military establishment. To say this is in no way "anti-Jewish" since the fact of the current Israeli state and that of being a Jew are two entirely separate phenomena, pace the propaganda of the Israeli lobby in the US.

  4. Larry
    4 years ago

    So, the true heart of the liberal media in Washington and across the country is revealed in public - like the remarks that Middle America likes to hold on to its religion and guns Obama remarked before on different topics. Helen was just speaking her heart as many of her friends and colleagues think and feel. She may have had some distinction in her career but ended up unremarkable and just one more anti Jewish not pro American journalist among many of them. One less voice we have to hear. Another journalist similar to her will replace her since the Washington press corp chooses among their own who to let in. We need to listen to other voices and create more of our own!

  5. Mary Warren
    4 years ago

    I doubt very much Ms. Thomas is privy to more information than the general population in regard to the Palestinian/Israel conflict. The mainstream media has not been as blunt but holds her same opinion. Nor have they ever written a balanced report of the conflict. Whether subtle or blatant the articles are more editorial and opinionated than a true picture of both sides of the conflict.

  6. Binoy
    4 years ago

    While I appreciate (in earnest) the plight of the Palestinians, I have to admit nonetheless that most of the rhetoric surrounding the same is bloated and inflated to garner more public sympathy. I have to admit most of that which we see (images of Israeli aggression) is doctored or at least, not the complete truth.

    Hence while I do not support entirely the line taken by Israel, I cannot either admit that the Palestinians are all the poor miserable people as portrayed by the media.

    GOD knows the truth and their hearts - there is no cheating GOD.

    GOD Bless!

  7. David
    4 years ago

    It seems this is where the Enlightenment right to free speech comes into conflict with the notion of like Belam cursing the Jewish people and facing the wrath of God. I am for one not happy with the apparent fact that no one, even when asked as a private citizen can post any criticism of the Belfour Declaration and the settlement of Israel in the Middle East. These where the same Brits who won't allow a Catholic ever to sit on the throne of England ever again. The idea that the conversation can not be had, that a camera was placed in Helen Thomas's face and she was only allowed to give one answer be in favor of Israel. Anything that one says about Israel now is shunned as anti-Semitic even when they are professed atheists. There is this moral compass which most in the secular world defer but like the God they deny has never been seen. Perhaps it is Obama's moral imagination but no, I do not think that Israel is Zion. One thing is clear the creation of the State of Israel was a failure. It was easy enough to create but impossible to sustain without the help of the United States and possibly the United Kingdom. Helen Thomas simply said what is in the minds of millions of Americans, at least she did not say that God punished atheist Jews who approved of Karl Marx with the "Holocaust" because millions of us privately believe that as well.

  8. Teck Lian
    4 years ago

    Spontaneous remarks (and outbursts) often reflects the true feelings opf a person.
    May God forgive Helen Thomas.

  9. No Way
    4 years ago

    Hate to say it, but she said it like it is. After 60 years I'm sure she's more privy to information regarding that area than any of us. In that sense, she's correct. A rough way to say it, but she probably knows more about the insides of the conflict than we do.

  10. Brad
    4 years ago

    Sad to see a 90 year old with so much vitriol in her heart. I don't want to go out like that.

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