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Archbishop Timothy Dolan: Immigration Reform. Here We Go Again Comments

'And, here we go again!  Arizona is so scared, apparently, and so convinced that the #1 threat to society today is the immigrant that it has passed a mean-spirited bill of doubtful constitutionality that has as its intention the expulsion of the immigrant.What history teaches us, of course, is that not only are such narrow-minded moves unfair and usually unconstitutional, but they are counterproductive and harmful'. Continue Reading

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  1. Jered
    4 years ago

    To paraphrase St Ignatius: If what you see is white but the Church tells you it is black, then you should accept that it is black. Who am I to argue with a Saint? Who am I to disagree on an important issue with a man whom God placed in charge of a good portion of His flock?

  2. Philippus
    4 years ago

    Seriously? All this language for an immigration law that already exists on the Federal Level? I didn't hear this kind of language used against the government mandated health care package. Where were our Bishops who were supposed to say, "You cannot force a people to purchase a good they do not want"

    The USCCB and other individual bishops interpret the Catechism to their own liking. The CCC says nothing of embracing people who violate an already existing law of a state in order to live in that state. It does however say that if these people create a burden on a state, the state has the right to act in accordance, which it has done.

    Everyone talks about the rights of the immigrants...but they never talk about their being here illegally. Nobody addresses the crimes they are involved in or the fact that they are useful idiots helping the party of death to stay in office.

    Why doesn't the USCCB tell the Mexican bishops that they need to tell MExicans not to cause such burdens on a state?

    I am an immigrant. I came here the right way. It took my family and me a while to get fully settled and to get our papers in order, but we respected that law. And because of that, I can speak firsthand.


  3. Adam
    4 years ago

    I'm not sure why there is even a question about this. America and Catholics do love the Immigrant. Sure we are all immigrants but that is not the point. The law doesn't prevent people from coming into this country, it is in place to protect the people that are already here. Please tell me why having people come over legally is a problem?

    I feel like there is something else at play here.

  4. Johnny
    4 years ago

    To Glenn Huch, you must of forgot that before Ellis Island there was illegal Eurpeans coming to America and then some. Do you remember the history of Europeans having slaves and stealing America from the Natives? Almost killing off all the Natives? And spreading the good news at the same time? I still can't figure that one out.

  5. Christo
    4 years ago

    Some comments point to the legal and illegal difference. A possession of a federal visa number is the legal difference.
    But in human terms, all are laborers for the American entrepreneur if thats what they do.
    US invaded and demolished a country, Serbia, under the pretext of protecting the ethnic Albanians. Serbia was simply applying their laws against what their law considered illegal. Every Genocide and pogrom was carried by the legal authority against “illegal undesirables .
    As far as the Arizona state, (states have no constitutional power to determine foreign policy) these people are legal. But they will be braded illegal in a few months, and then pogroms will follow.
    And another thing about Federal foreign policy. (a sample) The USA has a huge trade deficit to Mexico that is growing, second only to China.
    That is because world companies have a big manufacture base in Mexico a country of good and cheap labor. If Mexico gets back the millions of “illegal” laborers from the US, it will be an advantage for Mexico.
    Does anybody else see why the federal government wants the illegals here?

  6. susan
    4 years ago

    Dear Archbishop
    LEGAL IS LEGAL, ILLEGAL IS ILLEGAL!!!! It has nothing to do with racism, loving thy neighbor etc etc.

  7. Larry
    4 years ago

    Unfortunately, the Catholic Bishops are doing what most liberals do - play the compassion card before they use the legal or ethical card - They won't even admit that multiple laws and rules are being broken - crossing the border not legally, making up or taking a social security number, maybe a false name, getting false documents, etc. all in the name of looking for a better life. Lots of people apply to get into this country from around the world and most are not admitted right away so others who don't get in want to come for a better life. This is a 1960s reaction to present problems. There are alreay federal laws in place that are not being enforced so nothing new really is being created - just enforcement. It's the problem of the way immigration is managed (out of compassion) why so many illegal immigrants are using social services and government services free of charge. Yes I know they pay some taxes, but they use far more than they pay in and just because they pay some still does not mean its right. Jesus said we follow the rules of the country we are in and he never decried many of the practices of the world he lived in specifically. That did not mean he condoned them but that was the life and he had other things he needed to work on. The immigration practices any country has changes based on conditions and needs: what's allowed in some centuries may not be allowed in other centuries. Same as what they church practice is and any large organization does. The bishops don't think of considering what effect illegal immigration has on the rest of the population, especially those who are here legally - what an insult to cut in the line and disregard the rules many others had to follow - how well would we all react if many people were cutting in a line to get into an event we were all waiting for. A few is ok, but when its many, then it's an abuse and an issue of justice. Even in our rule of law - first decide right and wrong, guilt or innocence - once that is decided and when a judgment is made, that is when compassion comes in about the price to pay. Focusing on the need of illegal immigrants ignores and is an insult to the rest of us who are here legally. The Arizona law from what I've read and heard follows the federal law - If the bishops want to protest a law, start with the immigration laws of Mexico, China and many other countries - talk about and protest them first, not here, the best country especially with regards to immigration. This is why many Catholics don't put much stock what the American Bishops as a group say at times. There are many other issues they don't address as a voice and seem to ignore - This is an easy hot button issue. Get a hint - we're in 2010, not 1960s!

  8. otto449
    4 years ago

    Nice of his Excellency to read the Democratic talking points. He is 100% WRONG on this issue. He certainly realizes there is a difference between Legal and Illegal immigration? Or does he think he is bringing more Catholics into the US? Is his excellency now encouraging breaking the laws of a validly elected government? If so, he is certainly in error and has sinned.

    Does the US not possess the right to its own sovereignty, with the ability to make certain that it's immigrants are not rapists and murderers or drug lords? Has the archbishop read what Mexico's immigration policies are? In the future, stick to the pro-life issues and other things the Catholic Church should be concerned with, because he certainly is clueless in this arena.

  9. Dick Bell
    4 years ago

    I love the catholic faith and support my church but I strongly believe that priests need to stick to the work of the church and stay out of the law business. Jesus did not encourage breaking the law.

  10. Ado
    4 years ago

    We love immigrants. We just want them to be legal!

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