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Archbishop Timothy Dolan: Immigration Reform. Here We Go Again Comments

'And, here we go again!  Arizona is so scared, apparently, and so convinced that the #1 threat to society today is the immigrant that it has passed a mean-spirited bill of doubtful constitutionality that has as its intention the expulsion of the immigrant.What history teaches us, of course, is that not only are such narrow-minded moves unfair and usually unconstitutional, but they are counterproductive and harmful'. Continue Reading

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  1. Heen Hawkins
    4 years ago

    My daughter-in-law has dual citizenship in Germany and England. She has a degree as a legal secretary and fluently speaks both German and English.

    The difficulties she has had with the INS in renewing and keeping her green card up to date are astounding. She is often put on hold for hours when making what should be a simple phone call to the INS.

    The fact that maintaining legal status is an extremely difficult thing for a highly educated person to do it must be nearly impossible for others.

    I am so glad that Bishop Dolan has made this stand. He truly understands the real drive behind the motivations of these unfair and unjust laws.

  2. Jennifer
    4 years ago

    With due respect to Archbishop Dolan, whom I greatly admire and appreciate, I find his words here terribly unfair and insulting. I don't believe the people of Arizona, or any other state, are determined to expel the immigrant or use the immigrant as a scapegoat. He characterizes them as hateful, fearful, unloving and unwelcoming, when they simply want the laws of our land enforced and obeyed. I don't hear anyone denouncing immigration. I hear people asking for law and order. He writes much about the "mean-spirit" that is supposedly behind this new law, and is quick to compare those who support it with the Know-Nothing's and the KKK, and then barely mentions in passing that every society has the right to protect the borders and monitor population. How, exactly, are we to do that? It seems to me that every measure attempted to bring security to our borders is met with charges of racism and inhumanity, so please tell me, what exactly are we allowed to do to enforce the law and protect our citizens? Citizens like Robert Krentz, the Arizona rancher murdered on his own property by an illegal immigrant. It's hardly mean-spirited for Arizonans to say, "enough is enough."

  3. Annely
    4 years ago

    Two points. One, God also gave you a mind and the ability to discern. Two, we are to listen to the Church on matters of faith and morals. When the bishops go beyond that, and delve into the political arena, we are NOT obligated to follow them on everything they say. Many Church leaders are very liberal and many, I believe, are Democrats and vote that way using the "seamless garment" excuse. I do not, of course, include Archbishop Dolan in this group. I would bet my house that at least half the bishops voted for our currect pro-abortion candidate. Should we blindly follow everything these particular bishops say?

  4. Sid
    4 years ago

    I have the utmost respect for the good Bishop. But where in the world did this come from. It almost seems that he read a press release from the President. It's very obvious that neither has read the bill. Bishop Dolan has condemned the law enforcement officers in Arizona by statting phrases like "hate", "mobs", "narrow minded", "stalking", "harassing". etc. He has condemned the law without reviewing the law. The Church is under attack and the good Bishop has just added unecessary fuel to the fire. The majority of illegals are trying to do better for themselves and their families. They are taken advantage of by by numerous people along the way and after they land somewhere in the states. Instead of throwing stones, why not contact your Congressmen and ask them why they are playing politics with these people and looking at them as potential voters rather than human beings? In this case I must say that I cannot follow the Bishop.

  5. Ferdinand
    4 years ago

    I agree with Archbishop Dolan. The law of men should be following the law of God. Love your neighbor as yourself. Archibishop Dolan is promoting LOVE as solution to such worldly problems. The Church embraces everybody whether men calls them legal or illegal; holy or sinners. Do join Church ministries/organizations that help the poor like Catholic Charities, Saint Vincent de Paul etc.. and you'll clearly see from your heart what Archbishop Dolan, Bishops, priests and the Catholic church are trying to say.

  6. Anna R. Daniel
    4 years ago

    I didn't even read the article all the way through. Just the first few sentences were enough. I do admire Archbishop Dolan, but he is way off base on this one. This is not a case of "blame the immigrant". This is a case of upholding the law of the US. We have procedures for coming into this country legally, follow them and no one should have a problem with that. Force your way into this country illegally and that is not something that any country should be expected to allow and still maintain any semblence of national security. Nice job of changing the subject right off the bat!

    No one should condone the unfair treatment of any person, regardless of whether or not they are illegal immigrants. However, as a taxpayer, I do have the right to decide whether or not I want to be forced to "donate" my hard earned money to a particular "cause".

    Every country has the right to protect it's borders, especially in such precarious times as these. Keep up the "bleeding heart" nonsense while terrorists blend in with the rest and infiltrate our country and you will see first hand what the phrase "you reap what you sow" means.

    A side note regarding "Native Americans". Technically, all inhabitants of the Americas are immigrants. If I remember my history correctly, the ancestors of the people we refer to as Indians or Native Americans migrated through Russia over the Bering Straits and down through Alaska. They may have been here longer than the Europeans who migrated across the ocean centuries later, but they are immigrants nonetheless.

  7. Maria P
    4 years ago

    You have got to be kidding. I'm a very devout Catholic. I agree with the church on everything except illegal immigration. It is wrong to be supporting the breaking of laws. Where is the common sense? The church cannot want to defend marriage on one hand and defend the break up of families on the other. Many of them come up here promising to help out their families back home and end up creating new families for themselves in this country. I know this is true because I've seen it. How is this right. Where is Mexico's responsibility in all this? Not just Arizona but the whole country needs to adopt laws like these. This has nothing to do with hate, it has to do with following the law. I really admire Archbishop Dolan but I cannot agree with him on this. Are things only wrong sometimes or all the time? They really are confusing the faithful on this issue.

  8. jsw
    4 years ago

    I love the Church and respect it. The only way the Church can set the example for the US is to let all the illegals into the Vatican City. This would be the true example that the Church needs to set. If they don't all fit....take a million illegals at a time. Please do not take this as disrespect...sometimes I think I have a good argument but I welcome a comment to help me see that I am wrong.
    God Bless

  9. James
    4 years ago

    I find the comments by the Archbishop very disturbing. Are we not all called to follow the law? Where is the compassion for the victims of crime? I think it is irresponsible to take a politically correct view of immigration rather than looking at the facts. I do not know of any American who is opposed to immigration. Once again the bishops are on the wrong side of the issue. Of course I don't see any outrage when politicians are allowed to support abortion and receive communion, why should we be surprised when they support other decisions that damage the body of Christ. We love the sinner...we just hate the sin. We are all called to follow the rules - even when we are hungry or homeless.

  10. RMBP
    4 years ago

    It is a tremendous insult to the 70% of Arizonans and the 60% of Americans in general who support this law enforcement bill to indentify them with anti-immigration bigots in the line of Know-nothings and the Klan. The vast majority of these supporters of a bill to curb illegal immigrants are in favor of legal immigration. Dolan distorts the whole issue and effectively demonizes a lot of Americans in the process. I am still waiting for the U.S. Bishops to tell us exactly what their concrete prescriptions are for curbing illegal immigration, protecting our borders, and safeguarding the rule of law. I am also waiting for a single instruction of the bishops regarding the sinfulness of lying and fraud when it comes to false documents used by many illegal immigrants, or do they consider this fraud morally justifiable in the circumstances.

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