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Archbishop Timothy Dolan: Immigration Reform. Here We Go Again Comments

'And, here we go again!  Arizona is so scared, apparently, and so convinced that the #1 threat to society today is the immigrant that it has passed a mean-spirited bill of doubtful constitutionality that has as its intention the expulsion of the immigrant.What history teaches us, of course, is that not only are such narrow-minded moves unfair and usually unconstitutional, but they are counterproductive and harmful'. Continue Reading

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  1. Roger
    4 years ago

    Are the bishops advocating open borders and anything goes?
    Are they for illegal immigrates to become Americans just like that?
    Are they for anyone to come in this country uncheck, undocumented, and continue breaking the law?
    Are the bishops concerned about Americas sovereignty, liberty, and freedoms?
    The bishops got burnet on the health care scam and now they want us to agree with them on this issue?
    I believe that the bishops are watching too much media and saying that we are going to just infringe on someones civil rights or their constitutional rights. Arizona is going to enforce the law thats on the books now.
    Im for immigration but the word Im looking for is legal.

  2. Ahard
    4 years ago

    Jered, you said: If what you see is white but the Church tells you it is black, then you should accept that it is black.

    I could not agree with you more. That is our absolute duty as faithful Catholics. But the Church only demands that of us when we are so told by the Magisterium or the Pope speaking infallibly. Otherwise, we can have our own opinion.

    Archbishop Dolan's opinion is not of that level. It is his personal opinon and nothing else. The USCCB has no teaching authority and has no right to use Catholic money and the institution to promote a social policy that faithful Catholics can disagree with. They did the same thing with Obamacare ignoring the principle of subsidiarity which should be the starting point according to the teaching of the Church for every social program.

    Keep your eye on Christ and Our Lady. Ask for prudence and a sense of justice for all. Read the teachings of the Church. Learn the levels of certainty and speak out for justice for ALL.

  3. Jim
    4 years ago

    It's no wonder our brothers and sisters in Christ don't want to stay in Mexico, given the violence that they put up with! What about our country's insatiable appetite for drugs? Believe me, this is NOT just a "MEXICO" problem! Remember what kind of persecutions they endured in the 20's and 30's? What ever happened to the HUMAN aspect of existence? What about loving your neighbor as yourself?

    I don't think that Jesus was kidding when he gave us this commandment....

  4. JDS
    4 years ago

    I am encouraged that so many posters here disagree with Archbishop Dolan's views on illegal immigration. I also disagree with almost the entire article but let's just use this paragraph, where he says...
    "What history teaches us, of course, is that not only are such narrow-minded moves unfair and usually unconstitutional, but they are counterproductive and harmful."
    ...the "narrow-minded move" Dolan refers to is of course the recent AZ law SB1070, which only restates the federal law that has been in existence for some time. Of course the federal law has never been enforced and that is the reason that AZ enacted their own version of the same law. Now it may indeed be declared unconstitutional, for political reasons, but only on the basis that this falls under the federal jurisdiction, not the state's jurisdiction. It will not, can not be declared unconstitutional on any other basis because it is the same law as the federal law.
    How can any reasonable, intelligent person say that this law, state and federal, is counterproductive and harmful, when the law has never been enforced?
    Archbishop Dolan should exercise caution and restraint in his statements about the secular law; he represents the Church and his comments come across as seditious. This lack of support for federal and state law that Archbishop Dolan and the Church(see Cardinal Mahony et al) is much more of a scandal for the American Catholic Church than the priest sexual abuse scandal. At least there, the Church was ostensibly opposed to this illegal, immoral activity, whereas in this case the Church is actively supporting illegal activity.

  5. Michael
    4 years ago

    To all those citing that "things are different," I would cite two important caveats that Archbishop Dolan surely has in mind. The first is that you are right... things are different. The laws of the land has greatly changed since the times when our Irish, German, Italian, and other forebears entered the country. We were a welcoming society and stood with open arms to welcome the poor, tired, and hungry masses yearning to breathe free. Sentiments like those in Arizona were not reflected in the laws like they are now. Secondly, anti-immigrant fervor is still the same. If we are not anti-immigrant then why would we support a system of laws so cumbersome that they stifle immigration? We were once a beacon of liberty and freedom for the world and welcomed the disillusioned and disowned with open arms in order not to strengthen them, but to strengthen ourselves. Now we say we are such a beacon in name only. The sad thing is that we think this exclusion protects us when it is merely robbing us of our shared future.

  6. Lisa
    4 years ago

    When a citizen of our own country breaks the law intentionally, they are also separated from their families when they go to jail. Why is it different in this case? If you choose to break the law, then you take the consequences of your own illegal behavior. I agree that the Arizona law ought to be enforced, and I think Bishop Dolan is way off-base here. I have a family friend who has been waiting for his citizenship to come through and has gone through the proper channels to get his visa to work here. He is doing everything by the books. Why should these rabble rousers who intentionally defy the laws of our country take precedent over him or others who are obeying the laws? I'd rather have these law abiding immigrants come into this country than people who already do no respect our laws. There is nothing new in this law...the state has only taken the federal government's laws seriously and aim to enforce them. There is way too much political pandering from our bishops toward the left in this country, and I am sick, sick, sick of these "social justice" (which is simply marxism cloaked in Christianity) issues being taken up by the bishops and their joke of a USCCB when there are other more important issues like abortion that get swept under the carpet in an attempt to appease the left. Give me a break!

  7. TJ
    4 years ago

    So trying to enforce the federal immigration laws is now doubtfully constitutional? I respectfully disagree Archbishop. Even the Holy Father agrees that we have a right to enforce our own borders. He said what needs to be adressed are the injustices in Mexico and South America that are causing these people to have to flee in the first place. How 'bout speaking to that?

  8. Ann
    4 years ago

    "that has as its intention the expulsion of the immigrant"

    Wow. The bill in question deals with ILLEGAL immigrants. No one said immigrants are not welcome, we just ask that they come here legally and obey our laws while they are here. And yes, they are breaking laws while they are here in order to get driver's license, jobs, etc.

    The border states really don't have an option since the federal govt. refuses to enforce federal law. How ironic that when we WANT the federal govt. to intervene it doesn't.

  9. Samuel Hopper
    4 years ago

    Why don't the bishops speaking up on the Arizona illegal immigration law instead speak to the leaders of Mexico instead and urge them to get their house in order. If Mexico treated its populace with equality, fairness, justice and charity, its citizens wouldn't be compelled to flee their homes.

  10. Conerned American Citizen
    4 years ago

    I echo the same message as in others.. sounds like the Archbishop has not read the Bill, and needs to.
    Yes, we are for the immigrant, as many of us are decendants of them.. myself included; but they need to enter through legal means.
    Catholic. Org,, normally you do a better job of research and providing info on such controversal issues, but you did not do so here. You only presented this issue one sided. You too need to read the Bill and report ALL the facts. Tks.

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