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Archbishop Timothy Dolan: Immigration Reform. Here We Go Again Comments

'And, here we go again!  Arizona is so scared, apparently, and so convinced that the #1 threat to society today is the immigrant that it has passed a mean-spirited bill of doubtful constitutionality that has as its intention the expulsion of the immigrant.What history teaches us, of course, is that not only are such narrow-minded moves unfair and usually unconstitutional, but they are counterproductive and harmful'. Continue Reading

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  1. vsedriver
    4 years ago

    I think the Bishop is misguided. This isn't an anti-immigration law. It is a law enforcement law. I welcome all legal immigrants to the USA. And just to set the record straight, there is no such thing as a native American. We are all immigrants. Even the 'first nations' migrated across the Bering Straight.

  2. John Grimes
    4 years ago

    AndyO: It's nice to see you retreat so speedily from your defense of Mr.Pearce. Those pictures of him and the story of his relationship with ultra-nationalist/neo-Nazi groups are devastating, aren't they?

  3. AndyO
    4 years ago

    Good bye John Grimes your lack in maturity and of sound understanding of law makes it pointless to continue a conversation with you. Not once through out this entire comment section have you addressed the articles of the law as it is written, which reveals more about your knowledge of the law than the law itself. It profits no one to accept your comments with any intellectual integrity.

    Again I will pray for you and all of Arizona's law abiding citizens and for those who are not law abiding I pray for their change of heart to be an abider of law because without law there is only chaos.

  4. Patrick Vercher
    4 years ago

    getting off of a ship in new york, philly, boston, or new orleans and being screened for tb, weapons, or whatever, is not like crossing the border into arizona with automatic weapons and illegal drugs. and i know its not every immigrant but its enough to throw evrything into hyperdrive. the bishop is speaking with no real understanding of the problem. i dont hate mexicans, but they have a country, mexico. and we have laws about immigration weapons drugs etc, the church shouldnt turn its back on that in some misguided attempt at charity.

  5. John Grimes
    4 years ago

    AndyO: Wikipedia? Is that what one is reduced to these days to make things "fair and balanced"? (I suspect you have been listening to an infamous broadcast outlet too much. It seems to have infected your choice of slogans.) Listen, no one has challenged that photo of Pearce where we see him posing, all smiles, with J.T. Ready, an admitted neo-Nazi, and few believe Pearce's bilge about having sent out to his friends a neo-Nazi e-mail "by mistake" without ever having read it -- few that is except the eternally and willingly gullible. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck..... I suspect, though, that many who back the Arizona law really don't care much that Pearce 'pals around' with latter-day storm troopers.

  6. AndyO
    4 years ago

    The 8th Commandment says: You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.

    Below is a link to wikipedia that is fair and balanced to allow others to make their own determination on Mr. Russell Pearce in lieu of a site that is opinionated and fact challenged as previously posted.

  7. AndyO
    4 years ago

    John: I base my facts on the law as it is written. I am one that thinks for myself and I understand law and the meaning of words. My thoughts are not based on emotional rhetoric. Because you do not agree with the facts that I post and my reasoned stance on those issues, does not make me any less of a law abiding patriot. It is my right to post my understanding as it is yours, (within appropriateness). Though you may not agree, that is your right as I have a right to disagree with you. If I am in error you may correct me with with your supporting links. I have support from reputable sources those items I post. I do not believe all that is posted and I only challenge those posts that are fact challenged.
    Neither one of you have posted any facts to the issue of SB1070 only opinion based rhetoric. I have searched your local news organizations to support your claim of people being illegally detained, I found none. Believe me if there were individuals legal or illegal being held illegally the press would have posted these claims without hesitation. Neither one of you have posted which article in the law is unconstitutional. Neither one of you have stated one specific sentence I have posted as incorrect. I have posted they key article that addresses the issue of protecting civil rights. John you are one that stirs the pot without adding anything of substance only hateful name calling or insinuation. At least Azul had the courage to post her own thoughts (though they are not substantiated) and I thank her for that. I will pray for you and all of Arizona's law abiding citizens and for those who are not law abiding I pray for their change of heart to be an abider of law because without law there is only chaos.

  8. John Grimes
    4 years ago

    I checked Azul's suggestion about Russell Pearce, and she is once again on the mark. The senator's affections clearly run hard in the neo-Nazi direction. Isn't it likely that such a disordered brain would be capable of writing a racist law? Birds of a feather, after all...... Thank you, Azul, for enlightening me about this man's disgraceful past actions. And, Andy O., perhaps you too should take a look at the senator's record before you lecture Azul further on the kind of America you are "working for."

  9. AndyO
    4 years ago

    Azul: What do you not understand about this part of the law!


    You do not fight for me because you do not promote the type of America I work for. My America is where the rule of law and equal justice for all reigns, which means the law is the same for everyone. Where legal is legal and illegal is illegal. The fact that 80% of illegals in Arizona are Hispanic does not make this a racist law it means 8 of 10 of illegals are Hispanic. Emotion and name calling does not trump fact, reason and being moral (for the greater good of all). It only squelches through sheer volume and resolves nothing.

    I will pray for you and all of Arizona.

  10. Azul
    4 years ago

    Andy, your family has a proud history of fighting for our country in war..even the ultimate sacrifice that your grandfather gave giving his life. I imagine many here have similiar stories. My Dad fought in WWII, my husband is a vet from the Vietnam War period. My husband was named for an uncle he never met because he was killed in France fighting for our country during WWII. What this topic is about is what SB 1070 will and won't do. It won't do anything to close our borders. It won't prevent drug crimes or murders being done by illegal aliens. People who do crime can by law already be turned over to ICE if their citizenship is in doubt. What this law will do is to racially profile anyone who is 'brown'. The law doesn't go into effect until August but it is already happening. A Mexican American truck driver, with a valid CDL driver's license and a social security number was detained to prove his citizenship. The valid CDL wasn't enough. He was at a weighing station for his truck, doing exactly as the law and his job required him to do. His wife had to leave her work, go home and get BOTH of their birth certificates in order to get him released. They both lost time and money plus the embarressment of being detained when they are lawful US citizens. A woman was detained yesterday who was a manager of a McDonald's restaurant. My husband is a letter carrier. He heard yesterday of a native American being detained. Russell Pearce, who is the head of the AZ Senate and the author of this law is a racist. Do a google search and put Russell Pearce Nazi and see what comes up. As a native Arizonian, I am embarressed to have people like him in my legistlature. What I am trying to do is to fight for your right as a lawful US citizen NOT to be detained. This is a racist law.

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