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Legion of Christ Owned Southern Catholic College Abruptly Closes Its Doors Comments

Can you imagine the shock, the heartbreak, the utter outrage felt by the students? Can you even begin to fathom the thoughts running through the minds of the parents? The sudden closing of Southern Catholic College has set the Catholic blogosphere on fire! The manner of notification (by E-Mail from an absentee President?) does not help to quell the growing speculation. The students and the Faculty need our prayer.  Continue Reading

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  1. Michael Buchieri
    4 years ago

    Please read and understand that I believe in Father Shawn and all the GREAT things he has none and those which he is trying to do with your kids. Thank you Father!
    This will be short, because I have no fingers to point and to few facts to offer. I am a parent of a freshman at SCC. We had such dreams for SCC and the students! We believe in the outward story which SCC is bringing into this troubled world. I pray for those that were affected with the opening of the email (my family being one).

    You ask us to come to your table (SCC) and support. These things we did with open arms. The environment and the nature of SCC campus life were the goals which the world needs. What went on behind the curtain, speculations and facts, is just that, none of which address the fact that the kids are starting out in this world with a very poor model. I have dealt in government reorganization for nearly 30 years at all levels. What is unsaid is what you have done to keep SCC open. In all I have read I have read anything which would even place that option on the table.

    If it was known that SCC was doing poorly before it was obtained by LC, then why was it bought? If it was not known, then what actions were taken by the LC to improve the school situation? I have many questions, the speed by which things are happening seems to be closing more doors that opening at this time. In the military we had a word BLUF' (bottom line up front)! This BLUF seems to be short coming, other than the fact that SCC will close to the students in less than a week. No matter what the reason, this way and time was not good. Please pray for those effected and the meeting to be held at SCC Monday night (12 APR 10).

  2. jo
    4 years ago

    The shameful and tragic way in which (fr) Marcel was brought to open speak volumes about the wicked practices perpetrated by some priests in the church. It is high time that the Holy Father looks into the malady that has affected and the rotten way in which some priests function in the church.The so called disciples of Christ are to be removed from the church so that the truly spiritual continue in the church.

  3. Elizabeth
    4 years ago

    Dear Quenten Crisp,

    Regarding your accusation (Comment #2):

    Definition of Calumny: Injuring another person's good name by lying. It is doubly sinful, in unjustly depriving another of his good name and in telling an untruth. Since calumny violates justice, it involves the duty of making reparation for the foreseen injury inflicted. Hence the calumniator must try, not only to repair the harm done to another's good name, but also to make up for any foreseen temporal loss that resulted from the calumny, for example, loss of employment or customers.(Etym. Latin calumnia, a false accusation, malicious charge; from calvi, to deceive)

    From: Modern Catholic Dictionary, John A. Hardon, SJ., Copyright 1999
    Inter Mirifica, Reprinted and Published by: Eternal LIfe

  4. Andy Holland
    4 years ago

    In the synaxarian of the Eastern Church, there is a story of an ancient Saint who was a wonder-worker healer.

    One day a nobleman came and dropped off two children for him to care for. He begged the nobleman not to leave the children, but he got stuck with them. The wonder-worker molested one of the children and killed them both. He then went off to escape his crime. Along the way, he encountered a monk who told him of his crime, and told him he could not run away.

    As a penance, he returned to the scene of his crime, buried himself alive for two years and was in constant prayer for the souls of the children he murdered and molested. He then resumed his wonder working. He is remembered as a Saint.

    There was another Saint, a mother Teresa figure of her day in Rome who scandalized the Church several times by marrying and divorcing. When she died, a famous Saint (Jerome?) gave her Eulogy, and said he saw her soul ascending to heaven.

    God's judgment is complex and merciful - our sins are legion, and our repentance poor. God alone knows the full truth; but behind most Saints lies a sinner, and some Saints were very bigger sinners. The fullness of truth is not intellectually knowable, but love and mercy - and for most of us sins - are experienced.

  5. Jack Gordon
    4 years ago

    Those here who still put faith in the cult of the Legion or any of the other cults currently plaguing the Catholic Church (think of other formations within the Church with ultra-orthodox views and obsessive secrecy as their hallmark) need to read closely what Mallery writes above, the description of the lies and mishandling of money students and benefactors sent to this school. It isn't only the left-wing Catholic organizations so often chastised at this site who trash the Commandments regularly; right-wing Catholic formations also do it with frequency. The only difference between the two is that the latter tend to be more sanctimonious than the former.

  6. andy
    4 years ago

    I feel sad about this news. It is painful especially to the students and their families and to the workers who will lose their jobs. There's a great uncertainty out there. Where will they get their means to provide for their families, their own children especially. I pray that people will reconsider their decision and let the College continue to operate. This is not just vital to our Church and our faith but to the lives of those people who depend on the existence of this institution. Let the Holy Spirit guide and inspire the people who have the means to support this institution of learning. The circumstances regarding the founder of this religious congregation should not be used to curtail the promise of so many young people who are in this institution to learn for the future of their generation. Thanks

  7. Deacon Ray
    4 years ago

    I was quite surprised, Deacon Keith, when I read your expose on the closing of Southern Catholic College. I have read many of your posts over the years on various Catholic sites and I have always found your articles informative and well balanced. However, in this article you seem to want to say something that is being left unsaid. I detect a harshness in your tone that I believe is not warranted. I wonder if you wrote this article in haste without looking more carefully at the facts. I too having been following the Legion and the many crises our Catholic Church is experiencing. It is truly a very difficult and extremely trying time for the Church. However, opinions from those who have a wide ranging effect on others should be reported with discernment and prayer. I am not trying to excuse or side-step anything. I am simply saying that accurate reporting, and an unbiased interpretation of the facts is paramount in good journalism.

  8. Anne Marie
    4 years ago

    I do know that the Legion and RC is doing a lot of good in so many ways and that there are a lot of holy people within. Moreover, I don't think it is correct to call them a sect because they don't have the qualities of a sect.

    However, as we know, the founder did some horrible things and he has influenced the Legion is some way or another.

    Do you think that the Legionaries should know about all of this or is it okay that most of them only know the "basics"? I think my LC seminarian brothers do have a vocation to the priesthood and I don't want to disencourage them if this is where God wants them ... but how much should they know? They don't defend their founder anymore, but they defend their rules, constitution and congregation and don't want to hear too much about the whole subject.

  9. Mallery
    4 years ago

    I was a student at SCC, I stayed until my Sophmore year when I needed to leave for personal reasons.
    As one of the founding class, I can tell you we were all sold a very vivid image of what our years would be like at SCC. However, the product that was produced was a far cry from that.

    We were told they were going to break ground to expand the campus in the first year to build dormitories and classrooms. That never happened, and that was back in '05, they still had yet to do so. Instead, the students were forced to have class in the villas that were meant for housing and in a modular building that could not possibly accommodate the amount of students they were accepting. Originally, the first class of students was told that they would only have 2 to a room all the way through graduation as a sort of gift for being the founding class. This was changed almost immediately, instead, students shared with several school mates and bunk beds were put in their rooms. Sure this is what many students may be used to but it wasn't what we all agreed to.

    Many students left due to the hypocrisy shown by the actions of the school, others due to pregnancy (conceived on and around campus regardless of the fact that the dorms were to be same sex only), or because the programs they intended to major in were never offered to the students as promised.

    For instance, one of the programs a few friends of mine applied to was the teaching degree.
    They were forced to leave or change their majors to remain in the school even though the curriculum was promised to them. Teachers were never hired, classes were never scheduled. But still, the student's money was taken and applied to...well who really knows? Afterall they certainly weren't using the money to expand the campus or apply it to furthering the teaching curriculum.

    And what other option did the students have? They could leave, and that was pretty much it. I can tell you that I was told I would be able to transfer easily to North Georgia College and State University. I applied, and though I held a 4.0 and had recommendations from the faculty and even one from the president of the school it didn't matter. Why? Because the school I was trying to transfer from was unaccredited. No school I applied to would take me for this reason. You can imagine what it does to a person who made the dean's list and president's list, and put out 4.0 work to be rejected after all of the effort that had been put in.

    Aside from all I've written of, I've not even touched on the rape, drunken students on campus, drug use, or even the unfortunate death of a student by drowning.

    I, like many others went to the school because the staff seemed ready to produce a higher quality of life for their students, both spiritually, mentally, and physically. But what was promised and sold was not nearly the result the students and families received. To me, it seemed as if all the money the school was taking from it's benefactors, students, and other funding was evaporating and not being applied to better the student's experience.
    And while I do believe that many of their teachers were exemplary, that alone does not a college make.
    And after all of this, the ending of their school is sent via email? Unconscionable.

    I hope, for all the students that have attended that they find their path and become the valuable members of society I know they sought to become. And to their families, I am truly sorry that things have ended so poorly. I pray that all of you find peace at the end of this road and remember another is waiting for you.

    For those who feel lost and rejected, I can tell you with conviction and through personal experience since leaving SCC my life has flourished. If you have the motivation and drive you can harness that and channel it into a future that you can be proud of.
    Best of luck.

  10. John Cecil
    4 years ago

    I don't think this emotionally based article reveals the full story, but it is always interesting to see what people from the outside think. The narrative seems to promote an attack on the Legion (which I admit I know little about). However, my fiancee, who is a senior at SCC and worked in the administrative office, does not appreciate the limited, accusatory viewpoint of the author. The truth is that the school was going to shut down before the Legion purchased it. The fact that it stayed open this long (thanks mainly to the tireless effort of Father Shawn) is actually a miracle. In the end, the school was not closed due to 'evil, toxic' people, but rather bad management and lack of funding (in this case the withdrawal of major donators).
    I do agree with you on one point. We need to pray for these students and faculty. As a convert to Catholicism, I find it ironic that one of the few colleges founded on such a firm orthodox base lasts less than a decade. This is a testament to the giving and support of Catholic Americans, not the corruption of the Legion.

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