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Vatican Demonstration Calls for Nancy Pelosi´s Excommunication Comments

The ten pro-life demonstrators will be standing at the Vatican fence in front of St. Peter´s Basilica. Continue Reading

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  1. Nan
    4 years ago

    I pray for her and I do believe that if Canon law 915 states she should be excommunicated then it should be done.

    How can one help the process along. How can we participate in this request?

  2. Favour
    4 years ago

    Abortion is no longer part of the law. Catholics should keep away from politics. That is why the press wants to destroy the church. Let us face our church business and leave politics for politicians. Catholic church needs our prayers now.

  3. BB
    4 years ago

    Nancy Pelosi also blasphemed St. Joseph the worker while abortion was in the bill. On the feast St. Joseph's Day, Mar. 19, 2010 she prayed to him for the healthcare bill to pass which several congressmen have said is a socialist bill and this goes against the standard of St. Joseph-- his work ethic. The standard of St. Joseph means going to work and earning a living and being independent and not depending on the government for free things. Socialized healthcare also is a form of redistribution of wealth which is the same thing as saying "though shalt steal", and when you socialize a society and kill off the middle class and create a welfare state it leads to breaking 4 of the 10 commandments. This is what Our Lady of Fatima warned us about, please don't forget her message and try to pray the Rosary to save the world from the evil of socialism and socialists like Nancy Pelosi.

    Also Our Lady of Fatima said that the majority of man would ignore this thinking (St. Josephs work ethic) and be mislead and corrupted not because of their intellect, but through their affections or feelings and emotions. This is where the sin of presumption comes into play, and people end up suckered into moral causes without thinking or questioning, and those that have thought and paid attention, know this healthcare bill is totally Marxist in nature.

  4. steve rainbow
    4 years ago

    One day the World will look back upon this Era with revulsion in that so many Nations actively approved of Abortion.

    As Men look back at Slavery with distaste and the Holocaust with horror;then all Humanity will query the many who walked upon the other side whilst the Innocent were slaughtered.

    Orphanages are full yet Fertility treatments abound in all their pseudo-scientific horror.Abortions by the million and the infertile are there longing to give Love.

    Heaven,truly,help us all.

  5. Louise Divine
    4 years ago

    To "STAN" Perhaps you could tell u s when and where people have died because of lack of access to proper and affordable healthcare. If they have it is their own fault because there is no need for that. Doctors will never turn people away, and emergency rooms, under law, must care for people unable to pay . Please don't fall for myths. Get the facts.

  6. Tony Stan
    4 years ago

    Perhaps the Church, should publicly excommunicate all those who steadfastly voted no on healthcare reform in the US every time an Americam dies due to lack of access to proper and affordable healthcare, People of all ages, not just the unborn, have a right to life. The CHurch should do more to separate itself from the ultra radical so-called pro-life believers who wish death or actually harm others who have a different belief.

  7. Nesbitt
    4 years ago

    Hey, Joe C., when did being a coward become charity? Are you afraid to defend the sacrament? Do you realize that the Eucharist is the "source and summit of our Christian faith?" When did it become charity to allow politicians to foment scandal at the expense of the Blessed Sacrament with impunity? When did the proclamation come down from heaven saying," Personal conscience is more important than obedience to the Holy Writ and Holy Mother Church. It is more important than anything else in Christendom, even Christ... no matter even if it is manifested in the form of heterodox." When did it become o.k. for Nancy Pelosi to make a mockery of the faith by profaning the Communion of the Saints, invoking the Patron of the Church St. Joseph on national T.V., to muster support for her political agendas, praying for a pretense to a bottle of St. Joseph's aspirin? She needs to be excommunicated and the Archbishop needs to be canned, too, if he can't follow the lead of the Pope and manifest the articles of the faith and orthodoxy.

  8. Colleen
    4 years ago

    When needing wisdom on a matter, consult scripture. Regarding Nancy Pelosi's behavior and what should be done about it here is what the bible says:

    "Those who continue in sin, rebuke in the presence of all, so that the rest also will be fearful of sinning. 1 Tim 5.20

  9. Colleen
    4 years ago

    The Catholic Church needs to reconnect with its backbone. Why is Father Flager still wearing a collar? Why is Nancy Pelosi not ex-communicated? Where is the moral leadership inside the Catholic Church? It is in the New Testament that if a person does not respond to discipline they should be cast out. Read your scripture.

  10. Cyril
    4 years ago

    As several people have already stated in response to this article and the comments by many who want Congressperson Pelosi excommunicated, Jesus will judge her not the "nay sayers" on this site. I am praying that when the Health Care Bill is finally implemented that it will provide coverage to all Americans. I also hope that the reports from other industrial countries about the impact that universal health care on abortion will happen in this country. Several reports indicated that the rate of abortions drop because many of the women who would elect to abort their babies will now realize that they can get the medical care they need to have the baby and to take care of it as it grows up. The sad fact of life about abortion is that even if it is outlawed it will still happen, as it did before "Roe vs Wade." Instead of all the negative comments that I read almost every day by these conservative, republican catholics it would be more Christian to pray for your enemy.

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