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They Do Not Speak for Me: These Catholic Sisters say 'No' to Health Care Bill Comments

'The Bishops´ position is the authentic teaching of the Catholic Church.' Continue Reading

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  1. Mary
    5 years ago

    The Ancient Author of Lies "Satan" is raising his head in the Church, yet again. My dear Catholics,stand firm. This Ship of St. Peter has the Holy Spirit navigating it and the Powers of Hades from within or without shall never prevail upon it. I feel so sorry for those misguided nuns. What a wasted Religious life to be deceived by Satan as they approach their twilight years. Let's all pray for them

  2. Roger
    5 years ago

    Liberalism is so dangerous. See how it pollutes the mind? These sisters are pretty much calling the Bishops liars and we should follow their example.
    Pray for these women for their conversion and for them to put away their 1960’s mindset.
    Also, I looked up some of these websites of these sisters. All grayed hair women that will not produce new vocations. Maybe that’s a good thing but I feel sorry for them.

  3. Sharon
    5 years ago

    Please tell me what page and which bill expands abortion and will use Federal dollars to do so. Thanks for your help. God Bless.

  4. Ken Wiebke
    5 years ago

    Some clarification is quickly needed here. one media report (Hardball) gave the impression all catholic sisters supported the bill. Mr Matthews went on to praise two of his relatives the sisters. This set up the selfless nuns against the dictatorial bishops in the minds of the viewers.. Have a feeling someone favoring the bill set up or at least duped this group to be cover to catholic representatives who vote yes. Genuine investigative journalism needed here...but likely much of media covering religion at all will focus instaed on what Pope Benedict's assistant might have done in 1979 rather than this important story.

  5. Michael Luz
    5 years ago

    At least when the Catholic bishops decide to start cleaning house in their diocese, they will know where to start.

  6. John Gonser
    5 years ago

    It no longer astounds me to see nuns and priests supporting "abortion rights." Given the past events of priests' abuse of children and the cover-ups that we still see today it amazes me that sexual misbehavior in any form finds official condemnation anywhere. I applaud the bishops for taking their stand, but I think it will be many years before their leadership will be universally regarded as the voice of the Church. Look at how the youth disregard their faith. Look at misbehavior of the faithful. Remember that organizations take on the character of their leadership, and if that character is flawed, then the organization will be similarly flawed. The bishops need to be steady and strong, and not yield to popularity of opinion.

  7. Paul Primavera
    5 years ago

    I simply can't take up all the space here with my comments. So.....

    My comment on the CHA support of Obamacare is here:

    My comment on the LCWR support of Obamacare is here:

    My comment on the statement against Obamacare from the Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious is here:

    Praise the Lord for the Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious.

  8. Query
    5 years ago

    I am trying to understand why all the news reports claim CHA/Sister approves of the current bill. When I read the entire letter from CHA/Sister the very last statement made on the letter was " The bill should ensure that the final, overall health reform package will provide no federal funding for abortion."

    Of course I understand CHA should not claim they represent women religious, etc., which they do not. I do not understand why CHA/Sister is being accused of going against the Magisterium of the Catholic Church in protecting all human life when they/she clearly stated that they want to, again, ensure that the Bill, the final, overall health reform package will provide no federal funding for abortion? I am hoping for a (calm) clear explanation. Thank you.

  9. Edgar
    5 years ago

    We can not serve two masters. I guess this sisters have made their choice. But is their choice not mine I will be faithful to God and follow the teachings of the church. I am not impressed with the kodak moment.

  10. Ed Burke
    5 years ago

    As a person who knows good local community health centers, I have never heard of even one that supplied abortions on demand. I am also under the impression, feel free to correct me, that only two private abortion clinics still exist and operate in the US. So the 7 Billion for Community Health Centers certainly does open the flood gates of abortions, and will almost certainly all go for alleviating great huiman misery. I suspect the sisters already agree with me or they would not support the bill. After all they are Catholics, just like me.

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