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They Do Not Speak for Me: These Catholic Sisters say 'No' to Health Care Bill Comments

'The Bishops´ position is the authentic teaching of the Catholic Church.' Continue Reading

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  1. Pam
    4 years ago

    Maria, I doubt anyone who is praying this Healthcare House Bill does not pass does not favor healthcare for those who do not have access to it. However, a bill cannot be supported that okay's the taking of the tiniest human life in their mother's womb . Certainly, we must also support the life of people who live in poverty and have inadequate medical care. But the taking of millions of unborn lives is a fundamental offence to Catholic values. Yes, the right to life does not end with the outcome if this health care bill rather it will continue and will not end until we see protection of life assured for ALL. With this in mind,I don't know what you mean by the following: "By fighting poverty and other risk factors for unplanned pregnancies through social justice and expanded medical coverage, we can fight abortion through prevention," when in every pregnancy God must surely say, as He has said in Psalm 139: 16 - "Your eyes beheld my unformed substance, in your book were written, everyone of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there were none of them." All the "littlest ones" that are aborted or contracepted are known by God and we are responsible for their well-being, as much as we can help!

  2. K.C.Thomas
    4 years ago

    The sisters who are against the Bishops' teaching may be asked to answer
    1 Do they believe in chastity ?
    2 Do they believe in premarital sex as permissible ?
    3 Do they believe that abortion is not wrong and sinful ?
    4 Do they want to be catholics under the Catholic Church with Pope as its head OR
    Du they want to propagate their own morals ?

  3. kim zurcher
    4 years ago

    I would like to know why this group of nuns along with all of the so-called catholic politicians are not being excommunicated! Also I would like to know witch orders these nun come from who support Oboma's health care bill. I will not be supporting them any longer! Thanks you!

  4. Query
    4 years ago

    Again, I ask the same question:
    Why, when the very last statement made on the CHA/Sister's letter to the Government was " The bill should ensure that the final, overall health reform package will provide no federal funding for abortion." is everyone saying CHA/Sister AGREES with the current bill?

    (You can read the entire letter on the CHA website. I wonder if all the posters here, elsewhere have actually read the entire letter and if they would not have my same question. Why is CHA/Sister being accused of going against the Bishops when they/she clearly stated in the letter to the Government that " The bill should ensure that the final, overall health reform package will provide no federal funding for abortion."

    What am I missing here?

  5. Dan
    4 years ago

    Sharon: if Pelosi does not believe that this bill in its current form will fund abortions, why will she not admit the Stupak-Pitts amendment? Please understand who you are dealing with. They are atheists. They learned long ago they couldn't be straightforward with religious simpletons like ourselves. They serve the god of the left and abortion is one of their sacred cows. Their prophet called the word of God and the living Church "the opiate of the masses". Think about that. We are zoned-out heroin addicts to them. When that is their view of us and their tacticians like Saul Alinski and Rahm Emmanuel clearly advocate deception and manipulation to control us, what in the world would make you think that they would be honest with us? God gave a you a brain. It came with the responsibility that you use it to further the good and never abet the evil.

  6. Maria
    4 years ago

    While I have the utmost respect and support for the Catholic Church’s strife for human dignity and the protection of human life, I support the health care reform whole-heartedly. Allowing 46.3 million Americans without health insurance (2009 Census Bureau) to suffer the pain and poverty of inadequate medical care, in order to protect 846,181 unborn lives (as reported to the CDC in 2006) is a fundamental offence to Catholic values. The right to life does not end with this health care bill rather it begins. By fighting poverty and other risk factors for unplanned pregnancies through social justice and expanded medical coverage, we can fight abortion through prevention and practice the love and servitude central to our faith. I pray that earthly politics and a short-term vision do not blind our Catholic leaders from their mission of justice and servitude for humanity, and I sincerely hope that the basic principles of Catholicism are not obstinately sacrificed for power and tradition. With love and prayer, a fellow child of God.

  7. Esther Ferencz
    4 years ago

    This is SCANDAL that the 57 sisters outright LIE..which is also breaking a COMMANDMENT!But the sisters who claim to speak for all sisters in the U S ought to be fully rebuked and not only that put in their place via their bishops.....BY the WAY SISTERS get your VEIL and HABIT back on..your VOWS did NOT give you LAITY rights as any regular woman..YOU ARE NOT YOU PROFESSED to be BRIDES OF CHRIST!FOLLOW YOUR VOWS!! OR GET OUT!

  8. Daniel Goecke
    4 years ago

    I say No to the Health Care bill, we will make sure everyone that votes for it will be out of a job soon.

  9. Knplam
    4 years ago


    You can check


  10. gerry boos
    4 years ago

    I would like to thank the Sisters who have the courage to stand strong with the Magisterium of the Church. Religious Sisters have always been the backbone of Our Church. God bless you all!

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