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Opinion: Why I Will No Longer Support Girl Scouts Comments

It's time for Catholics to carefully and prayerfully consider whether Girl Scouts still fits in the framework of authentically living our faith in the world. Continue Reading

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  1. Suzanne
    4 years ago

    Someone asked if GS was Catholic in the beginning. A couple of years after GS started, the founder went to the Archbishop of Baltimore and asked if she could bring the program to the girls in the parochial schools along the eastern coast of the US since that is where the schools were. You know, bring the program to those you serve. The archbishop gave his approval. For many years in the beginning, Catholic parishes sponsored more GS troops than any other organization. At last count, the Assemblies of God churches sponsor more, WHY? Is your parish welcoming? Do you have Catholic adults willing to be troop leaders? As our Diocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting, Vice Chair, I would put those up there as the top two reasons there is not more pressure on GSUSA to disassociate themselves with groups like Planned Parenthood. Let me be clear, I said they associate, NOT give money. As a non-proft you can lose your non-profit status by giving MONEY to another non-profit. GSUSA would be stupid to do that. There is absolutely NO PROOF that GS distributed any brochures at the UN meeting. In fact, the GS that were interviewed after the event said there we NO brochures of any kind distributed. Please C-FAM be responsible in what you report. You headline your article with .."GS distribute Planned Parenthood brochures...", yet in your article you say ..."Planned Parenthood distributes brochures..." This event was not sponsored by Girl Scouts nor Planned Parenthod and as such did not have access to distribute brochures. Now, according to C-FAM there were brochures in the room, I don't know, maybe yes, maybe no. For all any us know, C-FAM planted them in the room. The room was not locked before the girl participants entered. Anybody could have left anything in there. C-FAM, having the ability to post whatever you want on the internet does not give you license to use bad judgement in journalism. If you want to publish something based on heresay, inuendo and misinformation, please state that fact at the beginning of the article.

    If you look at the patch programs offered through GSUSA you will not find any badge that has anything to do with sex, sex-ed, abortion, etc. You can reach the highest level of scouting and never have anything on any of those subjects. Every parent has the right to question any activity their child is involved in. In fact, ANYTHING outside of the normal troop meeting room is required to have a signed parental consent.

    Catholics, step up and do your duty to God, get involved. Be sure you have the FACTS. If you forward inaccurate articles from the internet, you are just as guilty.

    My next statement IS NOT meant to slam Boy Scouts nor the Catholic Church. Yet, I read your comments about God and GS and realize how ignorant some people are in their statements. GS is not a religious organization. They cannot tell someone to believe in one true God. Boy Scouts as well is not a religious organization. Just so that you are aware, there are Muslim Boy Scouts. Do you honestly think they worship God or Allah and Mohammed.

    This brings me to Boy Scouts and the Catholic Church and pedophiles and child molesters. I don't hear you saying you are pulling your boys from scouting, nor leaving your faith. Yet you ARE tolerating the inappropriate actions of a few. Yet you are saying the entire GS is bad. That is pretty hypocritical thinking on the part of those individuals.

    How about becoming involved in GSUSA, BSA and ministries of the Catholic Church and help build up something that is not broken, but help make it stronger.

  2. Concerned
    4 years ago

    This 'article' leaves me with several questions:

    - What is your opinion on the Boy Scouts of America? Do you recommend
    parents to allow their sons to join this group? Personally, I am scared to death of my sons joining this group. But, I am also scared to death of allowing my children to serve as altar boys/girls.

    - Is it your inference that the sexual abuse occurring in the Boy
    Scouts of America is also occurring at an equal, but unreported level, in the Girl Scouts? This is the impression I got... but you don't offer any facts here, just conjecture.

    - Is it your belief that any groups containing homosexual members
    (open or not) are not groups that a Catholic should join? I think a little flexibility here is prudent... otherwise I'd have to abandon the Church, just because a good number of priests/nuns are homosexual... we're not naive here, you know.

    I would welcome seeing these topics addressed in a follow-up opinion article.

  3. Maria
    4 years ago

    Trillian, I know the affiliation between PP and GS I am trying to help a friend be more informed...are there articles that prove the two are affiliated...

  4. Bulbajer
    4 years ago

    Brian Keeley, I agree!

  5. brian keeley
    4 years ago

    Should I boycott the Catholic church because I disagree with the churches stance on how to handle pedophilia? No. Will I continue to support the Girl Scout and buy cookies? Yes. Both organizations do good and both are not perfect.

  6. Lisa
    4 years ago

    My Catholic school educated daughter has just finished her 7th year as a Girl Scout. Had I only known what a "terrible" organization it was perhaps she wouldn't be the strong, caring, and empowered girl that she is today.

    Our world has changed so dramatically and thank goodness the Girl Scouts organization has changed along with it to address the real issues that face our girls day in and day out. Girl Scouts helped my daughter learn and practice service to her community and helped in instilling the value of giving back and making service a priority. She learned that science and math could be mastered by girls. Yes, she learns math and science in school, but Girl Scout programs and camps have helped those abilities thrive. Girl Scouts has helped in giving her tools to safely navigate today's technology, and has helped her to become a positive role model for boys and girls in our community.
    What a "horrible" institution.

    We as Catholics have bigger issues to worry about...just look inside our own institution. We are not perfect either.
    Our school lost all of the funds raised for our school rec center as a result of paying off victims of abuse.
    Seriously, let's look at our own house before judging others'.

  7. mario
    4 years ago

    I had no idea that the Girl Scouts have become so progressive. Good for them! It would be doing the Girl Scouts a big favor if all of you intolerant, bigoted and hateful anti-gay catholics stay away from the Girl Scouts. I have a young daughter who expressed interest in joining the Girl Scouts, and I would prefer if she didn't have to associate with you reactionary idiots.

  8. Sandra
    4 years ago

    thanks for posting that Trillian, I was always a Girl Scout as a child but never knew that part of it.

  9. Misty
    4 years ago

    It is so wrong what they have done to Girl Scouts.. I agree with you Jennifer.

  10. trillian
    4 years ago

    For those wondering about the start of Girl Scouts, the founder (I heard) actually did ask the a Catholic Bishop to look over it and give his approval. Yes is was started with a Christian base.

    Second, yes, there is a Christian (pro-life) based Girl Scouting organization. The American Heritage Girls. The leaders need to be practicing Christians. We camp, earn badges, and are now are affiliated with the BSA. We are 15 years old and growing strong. In Louisville, we have 2 solid Catholic AHG groups.

    For those who doubt that GS is affiliated with Planned Parenthood, think again. This was starting in the 70's (first hand account). Also, some of the GS money does make its way to Nationals. Different Regional committies will also admit to making donations to PP.

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