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Tyrant State? Nelson - Hatch - Casey Pro-Life Amendment Rejected in U.S. Senate Comments

We cannot cooperate in a moral evil such as the federally funded dismembering or burning to death of our youngest neighbors. Continue Reading

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  1. Paul
    5 years ago


    It's interesting that you call the Catholic Church a "fossilized cult." You are obviously one of those people who know very little about what they speak of. I can disprove you in one sentance: There are more than 1 billion Catholics worldwide, comprising roughly 17% of the world's population. Man, that's a lot of people for a fossilized cult. The rest much be Atheists, huh?

    Abortions do not occur naturally because abortion is the deliberate killing of the baby by the parents. If you are referring to miscarries, that is typically due to the baby not developing correctly to sustain his/her life.

    As far as "grappling with heliocentrism"...I mean, c'mon, is that the best you've got. The Church abandoned that idea with the rest of the civilized world with Galileo's scientific findings.

    And finally, where there are injustices, the Church never stands mute. You can bet on that. So, if you want to provide some sort of "scientific" facts on this board regarding the Catholic faith or your lack of it, I recommend you begin by reading and studying about the very thing you don't believe in.

  2. Max
    5 years ago

    @ John2: Since you believe in the teachings of a fossilized cult, as opposed to reason and the free expression of ideas, no one is giving a right to kill anyone. That is an opinion held only by people of religious persuasion, and few, if any, outside of that persuasion think that way.

    Since most abortions occur naturally and spontaneously, the very God you worship is the greatest abortionist in the universe. Sorry to bring up scientific facts, but that's what you have to do with a bunch of folks who are still grappling with the concept of heliocentrism.

    Your church stood mute when millions of living children are or were being slaughtered, and this obsession of yours is nothing more than an attempt to demonstrate what little relevance you have left in the public arena, which shrinks every day.

    You are not a moral example for anyone. Period. You don't like abortions, don't have them. Leave the rest of us alone.

  3. Jean
    5 years ago

    Just Mary

    Our country is only as goods as its Christian principles hold out as well. Otherwise people dont realize it but were headed for trouble.

    God Bless you.

  4. John2
    5 years ago

    Max, thank you for the stunning locution:

    “Too bad most people support a woman's right to choose and also understand that religious teachings have no place in civil law. Even most Catholics are pro-choice, so don't make a career out of this hand wringing.”

    1. It certainly is ‘too bad’ for those who support a woman’s nonexistent right to kill her child, and who persist in such error. It is similarly ‘too bad’ for all who participate. Every abortion is a forteriori ‘too bad’ for mankind considered as a whole. It is much worse than ‘too bad’ for the child.

    This particular error leads to no good; it is an intrinsic evil.

    2. ‘Most people’ do not support a woman’s fictitious right to kill her child. Or yours. Or mine. Or… well, you can see the point.

    3. Moral teachings do indeed belong in civil law; hardly anything else belongs there. Immoral teachings, of course, are the ones that do not belong in civil law. Perhaps you committed a typo. Maybe you don’t like moral teachings that correspond with religion.

    4. Pro-choice Catholics are opposed to clear and non-negotiable Catholic teaching. Deacon Fournier’s words are plain. In charity we call them ‘misguided’ or ‘obstinate’ or some such, but we will deal with that in another time and place. They oppose the teaching they claim to accept and follow.

    5. The insult about ‘hand wringing’ is not welcome, no, not welcome at all.

  5. Max
    5 years ago

    Too bad most people support a woman's right to choose and also understand that religious teachings have no place in civil law. Even most Catholics are pro-choice, so don't make a career out of this hand wringing.


  6. Vance
    5 years ago

    This article asks if we have tyranny. We have a ONE PARTY government. What's that? This is no surprise to me or many others. The Liberal Democrat Party has for decades fought tooth and nail to uphold legalized murder. Candidate Obama said, "It's above my pay grade to define where life begins". The questions I have are when are the Bishops going to come out to the streets with the Pro-Life people and demonstrate with them? and When are Catholics going to quit voting for Pro-abortion candidates?

  7. just mary
    5 years ago

    "...if ever America ceases to be good, it will cease to be great" - Alexis de Tocqueville . RIP America - I loved you once, but mourn you as dead now.

  8. D. Smith
    5 years ago

    I want some help to defy ANY govt. program which institutes murder. We need someone to guide us, to defend against this slime, this filthy , murderous satanic pkg which calls itself,"health care". WHAT A MISNOMER! We have good and moral minds out there. Any plans of action to propose? We need to hear them. We're tired of hearing diabolic plans which no country should ever adopt.

  9. Fr. Joseph Broudou
    5 years ago

    It is very sad. May be it is the death of the Health Care. Can those who voted for the amendment now vote to accept anything in the incoming plan to be adopted. The members of the House who voted for the amendment, should now make sure that the plan does not pass again.

    God protect us.

  10. Marie Bowers
    5 years ago

    I am so happy to see the Church being proactive. I was afraid they had sold out to government when Obama went to Notre Dame for an award and priests were jailed!I have already sent a letter to the White House saying I will NOT participate as a nurse but I don't want to participate in paying taxes to this immoral government either. I could say so much more but I will speak out elsewhere, too.

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