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Tyrant State? Nelson - Hatch - Casey Pro-Life Amendment Rejected in U.S. Senate Comments

We cannot cooperate in a moral evil such as the federally funded dismembering or burning to death of our youngest neighbors. Continue Reading

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  1. Nevin Hammon
    5 years ago

    G.K.Chesterton once wrote:"Once you abolish God, then the government becomes God." God is the author of life and the author of the institution of marriage and the State has no authority to change it.

  2. Slick Hamilton
    5 years ago

    To Max:
    You display absolute ignorance. It has been said that "ignorance is bliss!" and you have it all!

  3. Nevin Hammon
    5 years ago

    In the practical order our country is not a democratic one, i.e. government by the people. Our country is governed by a few, namely the president who at times acts like he is a monarch of some sort, the congress and the senate. These people in the government believe that the eternal day of reckoning will
    never arrive, but they are so sadly mistaken. Christ said:"Not
    all those who cry our 'Lord, Lord' will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only those who do the Will of my Father in heaven!"

  4. CM
    5 years ago

    Commandment #5: Thou shall not kill. The word of God can never be downplayed and will never become obsolete. It cannot be added to, taken from, or changed for convenience sake. Therefore, no semantics can ever justify or remove the wrongness in the taking of life inside the womb.

  5. John2
    5 years ago

    Dear Max,
    You might ignore “the teachings of a fossilized cult” as I ignore pagan cults; but you don’t. I infer that you are interested in the church.

    But you don’t seem to know the church’s teaching. For quick insight, present your two posts in this thread to a priest or any catechized Catholic. They’ll fix you up in half an hour.

    Then you will understand the reactions to:

    1. “God... is the greatest abortionist in the universe.” God does not abort. You cannot be in your good senses and believe this.

    2. “Sorry to bring up scientific facts…” assumes a superiority you might not possess. Believers are, in many cases, well-educated and informed. Not like the media stereotype.

    3. “You don't like abortions, don't have them. Leave the rest of us alone.” This is long since refuted, and in many ways. For example, consider abortion from the child’s perspective. The fallacy is obvious, without any reading at all.

    Most importantly, ask yourself the driving question: Why do I respond as I do to this set of beliefs?

    No fossilized cult here.

  6. kambora
    5 years ago

    Every child born or unborn has a right to live. Abortion is an abuse of human rights

    5 years ago

    Abortion is an abuse of human rights. Every child born or unborn has a right to live

  8. Jean
    5 years ago


    I suggest you look into the March for Life in Washington that has been ongoing since 1973. Which I might add is censored by the general media. It is never covered. Wodner why.

    I also suggest you look into the story of Jane Roe none other than Norma McKorvey.

    I also recommend you check out the website Priests for Life before you make this assumption.

    I also recommend you check out the website Rachels' Vineyard.

    No on is stepping on your toes and rights but the unborn have rights to and people in Crisis Pregnancy are doing everything they can to change this human sacrifice for the betterment of society.

    Peace and Merry Christmas.

  9. Bulbajer
    5 years ago

    Max and everybody else, JUST QUIT IT! You are both wrong. The Catholic Church has never been perfect, is not perfect, and never will be perfect. In fact at times the Church has been far from it. It's better now, and we are the largest charity network in the world. The REAL reason to be pro-life is to believe that abortion (not miscarriage, which is the natural occurance Max refers to) is the killing of a living human being. A fetus may not be able to live on its own, but it is still a living human being. I'm not pro-life because the Church told me to be.
    Paul, I'm not sure what you ment by saying "The Church abandoned that idea with the rest of the civilized world with Galileo's scientific findings." The world, and especially the Church did not except heliocentrism for political and religious reasons until long after Galileo.

  10. Bjsteck
    5 years ago

    I think that each senator should
    have to witness an abortion before voting.

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