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A Response to a Scientologist: The Truth Shall Make You Free Comments

Story on forced abortions within Scientology drew a letter from the Sacramento Public Affairs office of Scientology. My response. Continue Reading

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  1. Virginia Plain
    5 years ago

    Thank you for correcting the misconception about Anonymous being merely just a group of ex-Scientologists, as the Scientologists would like others to think. No, Anonymous is mostly outsiders who looked into the cult, and saw the depravity of that organization.

  2. Michael
    5 years ago

    As with any religion it should be observed that offenders who commit abuse are not really representative of that particular religion but, instead, are members that have, by virtue of their acts, renounced that religion if the acts are against the moral codes of that religion. David Miscaviage, by his acts of abuse, has changed the church of Scientology into a parody of itself and now the only place you will find Scientology faithfully practiced is outside the church in such groups of independent scientologists such as as ICAUSE and the International Freezone Association.

    International Freezone Association

  3. Jack Mitchell
    5 years ago

    I would like to offer a further correction based on the information from the associated press. Scientology has no where near the 12 million members it claims it's own website shows less than 500 churches and missions listed in the entire world. (some have recently closed down completely) And the most recent statistics show them to have 25,000 members in the US as of 2008 and shows a very large decline from 55,000 members in recent years. Countries such as Australia and the UK now report less than 2,000 members France less than 4,000.

    Associated press article from Nov 1 2009:
    Estimates in the US 25,000

  4. Valery
    5 years ago

    Never believe everything anybody writes & speaks.
    This is the fault of Scientologists they hang on every word Hubbard spoke & wrote.
    They take him being the source of reference for anything & everything.
    They have a BIG problem as mini Hubbards.
    Very boring & unoriginal people.

  5. Jenny Flowers
    5 years ago

    "Rather than continue to discount every witness as false, perhaps Scientology should allow a full examination of its practices in order to set the record straight."

    You are correct that LRH made himself a God, with alleged God like powers extant in his lifetime. And now DM is the God. There are no "full examinations" of a God... The God will not allow it. That's one of the things that makes this not a religion, but a sect.

  6. Giblets Murphy
    5 years ago

    Steve's comment about Scientologists staying out of jail is also interesting. Scientology is very good at fighting in the courts. Former executive Marty Rathbun says that they have a BILLION dollar fund for legal matters. There victims often have little. The governments, sadly, don't want to fight against an organization that is hurting very few people and people who are most often willing victims and perpetrators of similar crimes. Still, when they do the consequences are interesting. In the United States L.Ron Hubbard was named an "unindited co-conspirator" in a trial some thirty years ago. He would have likely gone to jail but he was in hiding at the time. He spent the rest of his life in hiding. His wife, Mary Sue, took the rap and went to jail instead. In Canada, Scientology is the only criminally convicted church in the history of the country. They also had to pay the largest judgement in the history of the nation for libel. In France they were called an organized fraud. Organized crime syndicates are very difficult to bring to justice as America's history with the Hell's Angels and Mafia will show. It would be even harder if those groups could scream "religious bigot" every time an accusation was made. The best they can do is claim that their accusers don't like Italians or good-old-boys. Scientology has a long history of being brought before the courts. Steve should investigate it. He would learn a lot.

  7. Elmo Rophansor
    5 years ago

    Scientology literature in 1970 said consistently that there were 15 million members worldwide. Today, they are claiming 12 million while also claiming to be the world's fastest growing church. I think that both numbers are picked out of the air. A more realistic number may be 50,000 members. Insider Marc Headley claims that the church of Scientology really only has about fifteen thousand members basing his claim on the number of people who show up at important events and the number of e-meters sold to cult members.

  8. Kierthos
    5 years ago

    Point of information: Paulette Cooper was not and never has been a Scientologist. Rather, she was the author of an article and later a book, both of which were critical of the Church of Scientology. Because of this, the Church of Scientology instigated "Operation Freakout", an attempt to frame Mrs. Cooper for crimes, harass her, or have her committed to a mental institution. It was not until the investigation by the FBI of the Church of Scientology's infiltration of the IRS and other federal and state agencies (which was referred to internally by the Church of Scientology as "Operation Snow White") that the extent of the pattern of harassment and criminal actions taken by the Church of Scientology was discovered.

    The Church of Scientology is a religion in name only. Other religions, including the various branches of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam will freely offer to teach you their beliefs. The Church of Scientology only lets you learn their "secret knowledge" after you have paid hundreds or thousands of dollars. They have a pattern of harassment of any and all critics, to the point of attempting to frame them for crimes, or tie them up in court for years.

    Name another mainstream religion that hide their religious doctrine behind trade secrets. Scientology does this. Can you name another?

    That's right. Didn't think so.

    5 years ago

    The Godless Cult of Greed has never had 12 Million members.

    There are now more Ex-scientologists in the world than present time active members.

    The ratio is about 5 to one. if they have 12 Million, we have 60 million ex-scientologists that all say the same thing:

    SCIENTOLOGY KILLS even its own people.

    Te cult is against all other REAL religions, by their own policy letters.

    L RON Hubbard is their GOD, and he was evil to the core. This has already been proven by their own policy letters brought out by the millions of us ex-scientologists.

    I am their worst critic and have first-hand knowledge of their scams and frauds.


  10. Husk
    5 years ago

    It is difficult for one religious community to accuse another of misdeeds. It takes courage and demonstrates responsibility for the Catholic church to own up to its own misdeeds and I congratulate them for it. The difference between misdeeds of the Catholic church were committed by those going against the teachings of Jesus. You see, Jesus did not have a separate set of policy letters for his apostles to follow different than what the followers of the church knew about. Scientologists are quick to point out the great things LRon Hubbard wrote, but either ignore, or do not even now about the upper level policy letters Hubbard wrote that deal with disconnection, forced abortion, slave labour, imprisonment etc.

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