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Opinion: Chris Matthews should be fired for his Offensive Interview of Bishop Tobin Comments

Matthews showed how inept he is as an interviewer, how misinformed he is as a Catholic, how rude he is as a person and how threatened he is by the Moral truth. Continue Reading

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  1. Brent Jindra
    5 years ago

    I am Pro-Life, a former Catholic and current Muslim and I still support the Catholic position, so Chris Matthews hosts Hardball ... not Softball ... he was well within his rights and was still respectful of the Bishop, although he was more aggressive than most would be with a Bishop. Both Matthews and the Bishop may want to humble themselves a bit more ... Chris ranted at the end and the Bishop followed up with an ultimatum of reflection.

  2. David
    5 years ago

    Unfortunately, Chris Matthews would not learn anything in R.C.I.A. I served as a Catechist in R.C.I.A and the Catechumen say anything and are allowed to keep whatever strange beliefs they had prior to Communion. R.C.I.A is unsupervised and even at times diabolical in what is allowed to fester there. I had the impression that they would allow anyone into the Church regardless of what Catholic teaching is as long as they were increasing membership and had another soul to put money in the collection plate. He would not learn anything in RCIA.

  3. Liz
    5 years ago

    Matthews deflected the issue. The issue was Kennedy and abortion, not punishment for women who have abortions. Think about it. The argument ensued when the bishop would not answer the question about what the punishment should be for women who murder their children in utero. Matthews went off topic to argue a moot point. Maybe he should be a lawyer.

  4. Catherine Mainvillecc
    5 years ago

    I am so proud of our Bishop! It's about time that our 'illustrious' congressman, the Catholic (?) be taken to task once and for all. If the congressman feels he cannot accept the basic, fundamental teaching and beliefs of the Church then it's time for him to change. Stop making a mockery of our faith! Aren't we supposed to be following Christ's footsteps? How do we show people that we are Christians when it's alright to kill the innocent? It has always appeared to me that certain politicians were exempt from our basic tennents. Good for you Bishop for standing up and for showing your flock what's right isn't about $. The Mass. Catholic heirarcy should take a cue from you. Thank you sir!

  5. MTS
    5 years ago

    Look, it's simple. The Bishop, any Bishop really, is a public figure. He has told a practicing Catholic that the way he carries out his duties as an elected official disqualifies him from receiving communion. He has voluntarily gone on national television to talk about what is, presumably, official Catholic doctrine about abortion. He clearly believes abortion should be illegal. It is therefore perfectly legit to expect him to say, at least in general terms, what he thinks the penalty is for something he thinks should be a crime. I wouldn't dream of going on TV (not that anyone would invite me, but then I'm not a public figure, let alone a bishop) and saying "X should be illegal" and not be prepared to say what I think the penalty should be. I would expect anyone questioning me to ask that question. As I said in an earlier post, by doing so, he's either being disingenuous, or he really hasn't thought the issue through. Either way, his appearance was a disaster. If Matthews hadn't asked that question, and pressed for a straight answer, he would have been guilty of professional incompetence.

  6. frank justice, jr.
    5 years ago

    It seems that mr. matthews favours certain ones whom he
    invites to appear on hardball.
    And shows his lack of concern for
    others he invites to be on his
    program. He should treat them all fairly. thank you, frank

  7. Chris
    5 years ago

    Abortion is murder of an innocent child. All women who seek an abortion of their own free will have committed a crime. Yes abortion is legal under secular law, however if it were overturned to illegal and recognized as a crime under the secular law the only sanction that is fitting for the crime is life in prison. Women who seek an abortion out of their own free will should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and sentenced to life in prison.

  8. dan
    5 years ago

    Chris Matthews was doing his job. He should be fired b/c you don't agree with him? Now that is arrogant just like the Bishop denying communion. It is nothing more than a power play. How about denying communion to the congressman that voted for attacking Iraq which killed innocent living, breathing people?

  9. Eugenia Slater
    5 years ago

    No, "jmparish." Matthews' questions were not legitimate. The bishop has every right as a citizen to support a ban on abortion while at the same time not have to come up with specifics on the legislation because that's NOT his job. That's why we vote for representatives! This is basic stuff. Otherwise, you yourself are not allowed to have an opinion on any issue either that you think should be legal or not because you're not a legislator either. Bishop Tobin is Kennedy's PASTOR! His job is to see we get to heaven. Hello!

  10. jmparish
    5 years ago

    Chris Matthews questions were tough but legitimate. The Bishop should have been able to answer them. The Bishop should be better prepared if he decides to do more cable TV show interviews. If the Bishop decides to step into the arena of national politics, he should not expect to be asked only easy softball questions. If the Bishop is proposing legislation at the Congressional level, he should be prepared to spell out the penalty for someone who breaks the law he is proposing. If he cannot stand the heat, he should stay out of the kitchen.

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