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Opinion: Chris Matthews should be fired for his Offensive Interview of Bishop Tobin Comments

Matthews showed how inept he is as an interviewer, how misinformed he is as a Catholic, how rude he is as a person and how threatened he is by the Moral truth. Continue Reading

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  1. Bulbajer
    5 years ago

    Dave in PA and Laurie, it is indeed my political opinion of Glenn Beck that persuaded me to post that comment. I could probably write an editorial on how Glenn Beck is a horrible interviewer like Chris Matthews. However, I have as much right to post my political opinion on this site (when it is relevant) as anyone else. I know it must get annoying to see liberals do this, believe me, I get annoyed when conservatives do this, and there are a lot of conservatives here. I will try to identify my political opinions in the future, but I am about as weak at doing that as most of the conservatives here, so don't be surprised if I fail miserably :( Sorry I ticked you guys off. I agree, Chris Matthews should be ashamed of himself.
    Paul Primavera, too general... I'd say that there are roughly as many liberals that support abortion without any feeling of guilt (as opposed to those who feel that laws will only make abortions more dangerous) as there are conservatives who argue against hate crime laws for gays because gays are evil and don't deserve the law's protection (as opposed to those who oppose it for fear that laws will go too far).

  2. Dan
    5 years ago

    'by forcing them to have children'. At least some in the pro-abortion camp recognize they are advocating murder by recognizing a child. This is progress.

  3. Laurie
    5 years ago

    If Chris Matthews is right about the Bishop getting involved with laws of the land, lets just ask ourselves, would this same argument be applied to a person owning a slave? At one time owning a slave was not against the law. A white person had the RIGHT to own another person. Somehow, thank God, the people of this great country said no. This is morally impugnant to do.

    Laws were changed. What does "thou shall not kill" mean to you people? God did not create you differently than the child in the womb. Why are your selfish "rights" more important than the child's? Morality and natural law must be considered in the laws of the land. Why is killing the child inside you any different than killing one outside the womb?

  4. Anthony
    5 years ago

    I saw the interview and was every bit as angry at Matthews as you were. But, I was more disappointed with Bishop's Tobin's inability to steer clear of Matthew's line of reasoning. He fell into his trap. He should have redirected Matthews' insistent questioning on how he would rewrite the law. As he is not a lawyer or politician, he should have held firm with his authority to ban Kennedy from receiving the eucharist based on Kennedy's promotion of abortion which goes contrary catholic doctrine. The bishop blew an oppurtunity to make clear to the the liberal left media what it means to be a member of the Roman Catholic Church. Instead he let Matthews frame the debate in terms of separation of church and state, while describing the bishop's action as a "transgression". Don't be angry at Mathews. He did his job. Sadly Bishop Tobin did not do his.

  5. p
    5 years ago

    matthews was right and nailed "his excellence."

  6. Patrick O'Donnell
    5 years ago

    Chris Matthews is arrogant and obnoxious. I believe he shoud admit he is not Catholic in his beliefs and either leave the church or publicly state that he is wrong on the abortion issue.

    Patrick O'Donnell

  7. MTS
    5 years ago

    With the rarest of exceptions, "pro-life" leaders like the Bishop, who loudly and publicly denounce abortion as murder, adamantly refuse to say what the criminal penalty for this murder should be, or how anti-abortion laws would be enforced.

    This lends much credence to the idea that the "pro-life" movement is not about life at all, but about maintaining control over female sexuality and punishing women (by forcing them to have children they do not want and/or cannot support) for being sexual beings.

    Matthews was right to press the Bishop on this point, and the Bishop's waffling and attempts to dodge the issues were very telling.

    Further the Bishop all but said that Catholic politicians must simply vote as the Church tells them to. This is appalling. Politicians are supposed to represent their entire constituency, not just their Bishop. The Bishop is a living argument for stripping churches, at least the RCC, of their tax-exempt status.

  8. MajorEd
    5 years ago

    The biggest mistake was that the good bishop mistook Matthews for a journalist and his show for journalism. I hope the bishop and those who saw this segment for what it is, propaganda of a leftist political hack who has sold his soul and has sold out his Church. His use of "your Excellency" was Matthews' cynical way of ridiculing the good bishop and the Church.

  9. Dave
    5 years ago

    I agree that Chris Matthews should apologize to the bishop. However, I don't understand why Bishop Tobin would agree to be interviewed by Chris Matthews. The bishop should know that "journalists" like Matthews aren't interested in the facts, they just "want a soundbite that fits the story that is already written inside their heads."

  10. Liz
    5 years ago

    Christa, and other so-called Catholics who are dissatisfied with the Catholic faith: leave. No one is holding your feet to the fire. If you don't like what the church teaches - leave. PS: I understand the Episcopal church has lots of empty pews and their thinking seems to be right in line with what all of you seem to be spouting. One more PS: Christa, what you espouse is abortion equals birth control. You are not alone in this thinking unfortunately.

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