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Opinion: Chris Matthews should be fired for his Offensive Interview of Bishop Tobin Comments

Matthews showed how inept he is as an interviewer, how misinformed he is as a Catholic, how rude he is as a person and how threatened he is by the Moral truth. Continue Reading

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  1. Jack Kennedy
    5 years ago

    It was another disgraceful display by Matthews. I think back to how much the level of conversation has coarsened even in my lifetime, and it's a lot. Compare the badgering Matthews, who loads up most of his questions with false premises, with Firing Line with William F. Buckley. Buckley actually tried to understand his opponent's point of view, while Matthews just hectors to get the guest to agree with him. His attempt to portray the natural and divine law forbidding the killing of unborn children with "Catholic" teaching is beyond silly at this point.

  2. Tom Kindlick
    5 years ago

    This is not surprising from Matthews - hi is, after all, in the media business where controversy = buzz = ratings = $$$. He is only doing as he was trained.

    Looking at this event strategically, it may become one of series of focal points around which Christians of all denominations may rally. The Manhattan Declaration was a good start at a wider conversation about secular humanisim in conflict with Christian core values and beliefs. I say 'bring it on', let us keep up a sane, values-based dialogue about these topics. It is a way to evangelize about belief in God and His ultimate control over all of our lives.

  3. Angela
    5 years ago

    I was dissapointed in Bishop Tobin's response to the questions, since the issue was not so much the penalty for women who had abortions. Tobin was brought to the show because he banned communion from Kennedy. Kennedy knows the Church's position on abortion and he continues to constantly vote contrary to Church teaching in support of the so-called "abortion rights". However, Kennedy cannot have it both ways. If he chooses to support abortion, he must refrain from recieving the Eucharist. It has nothing to do with the Church controlling politics, but the Church protecting both the soul of Kennedy and the blessed sacrament. You want to support "abortion rights"? Fine, but dont expect to recieve the Eucharist. The blessed sacrament, unlike the right to life, is not a right. Tobin should have directed the interview to this point rather than playing along with Matthew's distractions.

  4. RomanObserver
    5 years ago

    You conveniently slide over the central issue raised in this interview. Does the so-called "pro-life movement" intend to return this country to a time when abortion was criminalized and what penalties does it propose for the crime? If the Catholic rhetoric about feticide is to be believed, then the penalty should be similiar to that for murder or homicide or manslaughter -- take your pick. But the bishop was unable and unwilling to respond to the direct questioning, giving the lie to the bullying tactics recently employed by these hierarchs. And I might add to much of the pro-life fanatics.

  5. Marie
    5 years ago

    matthews was right and nailed "his excellence."

    Wasn't there another crowd once who thought they had nailed a man to the cross? How did that turn out?

  6. dn.
    5 years ago

    I am pro life but Wow! Can we have a modicum of intellectual honesty here?

    Matthews drew a sharp line between the role of the Clergy and Laity ACCORDING to Church teaching! Bishop Tobin agreed with him when the Bishop refused to tell Matthews how "write a law" or what the penalty should be, etc. saying that's not the Bishop's role.

    Then there followed tough, good journalistic questioning of the weakness of the Bishop's position in that, if abortion is really murder in fact, there should be no problem with saying that the same penalties apply for murder by abortion as they do for any other type of murder. The bishop refused to go there. Matthews pointed out that reluctance as indicative of the problem that Catholic legislators must confront in their duties.
    Matthews was not disrespectful in asserting his area of competence as a layman. Calling for his termination is way over the top and needs to be examined. Calling for an apology shows that we don't think the bishops should be able to deal as competent adults with other competent adults. The bishop was treated as other adults are on the show (except he was called “Your Excellency”!) And the show is called “Hardball”. Tough questions are the stock in trade for everybody. Deference and respect were shown Bishop Tobin. Undue deference was not nor should it be.
    Also, what does it say that there are 195 Catholic Ordinaries in this country and 188 (or so) of them that do not engage in the type of behavior exhibited by Bishop Tobin toward their local legislators? Could they too have read Vatican II and agree with Matthews on where the clergy ends and the laity begins?

    It was fair, intelligent questioning by a well educated Catholic layman. Bishops who want to be part of the rough and tumble should come up with a decent answer to Matthews questions. They will hear them asked again.

  7. DR
    5 years ago

    "I'd be curious to see Deacon Fournier's answer (or anyone else's) to the question Bishop Tobin kept dodging: what would be the appropriate criminal penalty for a woman who gets an abortion?"

    5 years worth of service at a Crisis Pregnancy center that helps women who love their unborn babies.

  8. Peter I.
    5 years ago

    Why should a woman not go to jail if she kills her baby?

  9. Fr. Mike
    5 years ago

    The lack of respect shown to Bishop Tobin is even more troubling due to Matthews' actual questions and accusations. Bishop Tobin could not answer the charges because they were both illogical and showed no concept of American law. We do not base our law on the negative aspects, but rather on the good that is to be done, to "protect the dignity and sanctity of human life." To base a law on the punishment that is to be received if you break it is absurd. Congress never creates a law with the proposal of the punishment to be given if broke, that is for the judicial system to decide. What Matthews want is for Congress to do the courts' job, much like the courts have been usurping Congress' authority in creating laws. It appears Matthews knows as much about his government as he does his religion.

  10. John
    5 years ago

    The charge for abortion should be MURDER. The intentional taking of another human life. MURDER! It has nothing to do with sexuality or freedom. No where else in America can a person just decide to kill another person. Why can women? God bless you and may He open your eyes so that you can see how rediculous you sound in your arguments. And if you fail to open your eyes God have mercy on you.

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